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C18 Killing Command Order

Feng Yutong looked terrified. Her hair was messy, and she ran back to her manor like a madman.

"Miss." The guard at the door was shocked and looked at each other.

Feng Yutong did not pay attention and quickly ran inside, "Dad, save me..." Ever since she saw Zuo Yu chasing after her with killing intent, she was really frightened. He didn't even know to ask for help and ran all the way back to his home.

This also gave Zuo Yu quite a bit of time.

"En? Tong Er, what's wrong?" Feng Wanjiang was shocked by his daughter's appearance. Usually, his daughter cared about his image the most.

" Dad, he's dead, dad, he's dead... " Feng Yutong cried when she saw her father.

"Your dad isn't dead yet." Feng Wanjiang's face darkened. What was going on? However, he also realized that something had happened. "Let's talk about it properly. Who died?"

"It's Senior Brother Yang and the others. They're all dead. It was Zuo Yu who killed them. Zuo Yu had gone mad. He still wanted to kill me. He has been chasing after me..." Feng Yutong looked back in panic," Father, you must kill Zuo Yu, kill this beast... " Feng Yutong said fiercely, somewhat hysterically.

"What did you say?" Feng Wanjiang was shocked and thought he misheard, "Zuo Yu could kill them, didn't he also have Mu brothers?" Obviously, he knew about this matter. It seemed like he had contributed to the matter of the Sacred Wind Token.

Very quickly, Feng Wanjiang found out the whole story.

"Humph! How dare you! No one will be able to save you now! Hehe." Feng Wanjiang sneered and said, "Tong Er, you stay at home and rest. I will go and kill him now to prevent him from escaping."

Feng Wanjiang left as soon as he said that. His figure flashed and disappeared from the room.

"Zuo Yu, humph! You are dead for sure!" Feng Yutong said fiercely. She was jealous. He was obviously a trash that she had abandoned. How did he become so strong in just a few months? She was furious. Why did the fellow who had been trying to please her offend her over that maidservant? Although she had never liked him, she hated him and wanted to kill him. She was so scared that she almost fell into deviatory psychosis.

On the street, an ordinary carriage was moving quickly.

Zuo Yu was also a little confused. Was the Feng family really that slow to react? There was still no movement. What he didn't know was that Feng Yutong didn't go to the headquarters of the Martial Disciples as soon as possible. Instead, she ran back home and wasted a lot of time.

In the yard of Zuo Yu's house.

A figure quickly appeared. It was Feng Wanjiang.

There were corpses all over the floor, mixed with a faint smell of blood. Feng Wanjiang looked around. He smiled and said, "You ran pretty fast. Mr Zuo, you really gave birth to a good son. But he was a little impulsive. He actually killed Feng Zhengyang. Hehe, no one could save him now. Don't worry, your family will soon reunite underground. Hehe. "

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The alarm rang nine times. The entire city was on alert!

The city gates were locked. Unfortunately, an inconspicuous carriage had already left the city fifteen minutes ago.

Not long after, a group of people chased out of the city.

Very quickly, another wave came.

"They really ran out? Which way?"

"There are so many roads here, how would I know?"

"There are new tire tracks here, chase after them."

"No." A group of people caught up to the carriage, but it was just an empty carriage.

In the center of the Feng family's Martial Hall, in the vast square, a huge crowd was gathered there, all of them solemn. All the Martial Disciples and Martial Disciples were gathered here, and there were a few elders in front of them. Feng Wanjiang was among them.

"This is what happened. Zuo Yu is a treacherous man, he deserves to be killed! This servant girl, Qingqing, shall be killed! "said the Third Elder, his face expressionless. His voice was filled with hatred. "All of you will immediately set out to hunt down Zuo Yu and Qing Qing. This is the test of this year! There will be no more martial arts competitions this year. We will follow the actual combat and your contributions. Evaluation. Whoever kills two people will be the first in this year's exam. The highest reward will be doubled. He will be nurtured by the Elite Martial Disciple for the rest of his life. If he kills one person... if he hurts one person once..."

"I must kill one person."

"That's right. Even if I can't kill Zuo Yu, I will still kill that servant girl. She is just a servant girl. I must become the Elite Martial Disciple."

"Tsk, you think you can fight with me?"

Many people became excited when they heard this, especially those martial arts students who couldn't make a name for themselves. All of them had set their sights on Qingqing. This was an opportunity for them to reach the heavens in a single bound.

"You can form your own group. I suggest that there should be at least three True Qi expert at Ninth Layer in one group..." Feng Yongnian spoke again.


"He's so powerful?"

Some of the martial arts students, including the martial arts students, were not convinced.

"Then call my big brother over."

"That's good to note..."

Some people also began to plan.

"I'll give you the time it takes an incense stick to burn to form your own team. You can ask for external help. The martial artists can even mobilize the guards of the Feng family. After the preparations are done, we'll use the Green Scaled Eagle to send you out of the city. You can search everywhere. We will wait. A few elders will be patrolling on the Green Scaled Eagle. " Feng Yongnian said.

Feng Yongnian was in a bad mood. Initially, when he received the news, he didn't believe it. In order to nurture his son, he had put in a lot of effort and effort, and finally, he had raised his son into an expert at Ninth Layer. But now, how could it be possible?

The conspiracy was planned by him. Since the last time he discovered Zuo Yu's strength and saw Zuo Yu's feelings for Qingqing, he had a plan. The Sacred Wind Token was also requested by him and a few elders. He thought that once the Sacred Wind Token was issued, Zuo Yu did not dare to resist at all, because if he was in his shoes, if the Sacred Wind Token was issued, he wouldn't dare to resist even if he killed his wife. Let alone a kid.

When the time came, he would order Jiang Youcai to do something, which would make Zuo Yu even more unwilling to give up. It would be best if he could create a mental devil in his heart. He wouldn't be able to perform well in the competition, and he wouldn't be accepted as a disciple by a senior elder. After that, he would have plenty of ways to deal with this kid.

Even if Zuo Yu dared to resist, he would still send the two Mu brothers. The two of them were stronger than Feng Zhengtian even if they joined forces. They would definitely be able to kill Zuo Yu using this as an excuse. Zuo Yu was not as good as Feng Zhengtian the last time. He didn't think that Zuo Yu would make any progress in the next few days. In fact, deep in his heart, he still hoped that Zuo Yu would resist, even though he thought that it was impossible.

However, if this really happened, Zuo Yu would really be so crazy. Moreover, it was a sneak attack that killed his son. It made him hate him so much that he wanted to eat his son's flesh and drink his blood.

"Kid, with such an inescapable net, let's see where you can run to!" Feng Yongnian thought with hatred. In fact, even so, he felt that it was a little too much of a fuss. According to what he said, he had already personally led his men to chase after them. He wanted to make both of them suffer a fate worse than death. However, this was the Great Elder's intention. The Sacred Wind Token could not be insulted. He was also willing to accept it, not to mention that the one who died was his son. Furthermore, he had already sent people to chase after him.

"This year's martial arts competition has actually turned into hunting. Interesting."

"If that's the case, then I have hope as well."

"Is that kid really that powerful?"

"Tch, shit. I've already heard that kid suddenly attacked and killed the Mu brothers and senior brother Yang. "

"That's right."

" Haha, let's go, let's go together... "

"Did this kid really run out of the city?"

"It should be. Otherwise, why would the higher-ups make such arrangements?"

The more someone spoke, the more excited they became. They had already been overwhelmed by the rewards. They had forgotten that even though Zuo Yu was the one who ambushed the three people, there were still a few other experts who were at the seventh or eighth level. Moreover, they were killed in the Martial Disciples' encampment. In the end, they didn't even send out a warning.

As the saying goes, the more people one has, the greater one's strength. Sometimes, the more people one has, the more courage one has. This was how it was now. No one doubted that so many people wouldn't be able to kill two people. It was just that they were robbed by someone. Everyone was full of confidence.

Several Green Scaled Eagles flew out in succession, carrying groups of excited people.

On the main road outside the city.

"Elder, let's stop here."

"I also feel that they won't be able to go far."

That elder nodded indifferently. The Green Scaled Eagle spiraled down. Immediately, a few more people started chasing after Zuo Yu and the other elder.

On the small road dozens of miles away, two ordinary wandering martial artists were riding on horses and galloping at high speed.

"Qing Qing, are you alright?" It was Zuo Yu and Qing Qing.

"En." Qing Ling nodded her head in agreement.

The two of them quickly left.

In the evening, the two of them temporarily stopped and ate some dry food.

"We have to escape as soon as possible. It's best if we can escape from Feng family's territory." Zuo Yu raised his head and looked into the distance, but was it really that easy? The Feng family's territory was too big and too far away. Furthermore, he knew that there were Green Scaled Eagles in the Feng family. It was extremely fast.

"Perhaps I was too impulsive. Qingqing, I have implicated you." Zuo Yu sighed slightly. But the Holy Wind Token had already been issued. Could it really be salvaged?

"No, it's all Qingqing's fault. It was Qingqing who implicated young master." Qingqing looked up, her big eyes flashing with a faint mist. "If gongzi agrees to their request, they won't..." Qingqing knew in her heart that it was a capital offense, but gongzi still attacked without hesitation for her sake. Her heart was already in a daze.

"Alright, how can I let you marry that old bastard Jiang Youcai?" Zuo Yu waved his hand and said.

The Sacred Wind Token was sent out, and it was irreversible. For Qingqing, he would never regret it until his death. Hehe!

Zuo Yu finally understood what was going on, and he chuckled.

Zuo Yu looked at Qingqing, who also looked at Zuo Yu. One of her eyes was like a spring breeze, while the other was as tender as water. "Then let's live and die together."

"En." Qingqing's big eyes curved and revealed a smile.

Time slowly passed.

"All of you, stop!"

Zuo Yu and the other man walked, and a group of people blocked their way.

"Have you ever seen a man and a woman walking past? The man is wearing white clothes, and he is about the height of..."


Zuo Yu said without changing his expression. They had already changed their appearance, but none of them could recognize him.

"Let's go."

"That's not right, Brother Tong. Previously, Zuo Yu was walking on the street with his maidservant in his arms. I remember that I saw him when I passed by. The birthmark on the face of the maidservant named Qingqing was very unique. Although it was not obvious on the face of the woman just now, they might have changed their appearance."

"Now that you mention it, it's true. I saw it at close range last time too."

"Hm?" Brother Tong was stunned. "Chase!"

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