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Martial Hero in Wasteland/C20 In front of the Grave
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C20 In front of the Grave

On the road, the wind blew and the grass rustled.

"Haha, brat, I finally found you. " A black-clothed person said with a laugh.

"Big brother, it's him. I've fought him before." The black-clothed man turned his head, "Big brother, this kid's Fist Technique is a bit strange."

"It's you." Zuo Yu also recognized the man. This man was the one who ambushed him the night he returned home the first time.

"Kid, you recognize me?" The man in black was stunned. "Hmph! This time, I can kill you openly, but I have never killed you before. And rewards. Haha, kid, accept your fate." The black-clothed man was somewhat excited. He had also heard some of Zuo Yu's achievements. However, he didn't take it to heart at all. How could those little brats be compared to their secret guards that had gone through hundreds of battles? Besides, there were so many of them, and their big brother was a peak Immortal Turning warrior.

"Who are you guys? Third Elder, Feng Yongnian? The thirty-fourth elder, Feng Wanjiang? " Zuo Yu said calmly.

"Humph! Go to hell and ask." The man in black smiled coldly.

"Alright, kid. It's your bad luck to bump into us. In your next life, your eyes should be brighter." The leader coldly snorted and said, "Kill him!"

"Kid, let me see how much you've improved." The man in black, who had spoken earlier, showed his killing intent and dashed out with his saber.

Zuo Yu took a step forward and kicked.

The man in black screamed and was sent flying. His face was filled with fear. "How could this be..." His heart meridian had been broken. He was killed in one move.

"Hmm? Be careful, get into formation." The leader's expression changed as he coldly shouted. At the same time, the weapon on his back entered his hands. With a twist of his hands, the two weapons merged into a long black spear. It leisurely stabbed out, fast and crafty.

Zuo Yu twisted his body and dodged, sending a person flying with a punch. The leader changed his spear technique and attacked again.

Zuo Yu took a step forward and dodged close to him. He quickly closed in and lifted his knee to sweep. He lifted his hand and grabbed the spear shaft. Then, he threw out his left fist. The leader's expression changed and he raised his fist to block.

The violent collision did not change Zuo Yu's expression. A portion of the opponent's Spiritual Force entered his body and quickly split up. His hand also snatched the black spear, but the leader continuously retreated. A sweet taste appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

On the other side, Qingqing was waving her sword, and she became more and more skilled. She also killed a few people in a row.

"So strong? The information was wrong. This is sending those kids to their deaths. I won't accompany them anymore. Retreat! "The leader's expression changed drastically, and he quickly retreated.

"You want to leave?" Zuo Yu waved the long spear in his hand, and the weight was appropriate.

Then the long spear moved and stabbed out at a rapid speed, piercing through one of the people who was running away.

Zuo Yu strode forward and killed another man with the spear once again. He changed his speed with big steps and leapt forward.

Seventy-two Road-Mountain Spears. Today, I will let you all experience it. Zuo Yu's family martial art was the Coiled Mountain Spear and the Stiff-Clothing Fist. The Coiled Mountain Spear was even more outstanding. It was just that the modern spear art had already left the stage of history, so it was not used much.

Zuo Yu's speed was extremely fast. The long spear in his hand was like a shadow, and with a slight movement, he took away a person's life.

Although the Coiling Mountain Spear only had seventy-two paths, it could be ever-changing. The exquisite part was that it was fast and piercing, and even the Sticky Clothing Fist had a lot of spear-like thrusting fists.

"Let's fight it out with him." When the group of people saw that they could not escape, they turned around one after another. Their fighting spirit had actually become even stronger, and they all charged forward without a care for their lives.

Zuo Yu's eyes narrowed slightly. He waved his long spear wildly, and spear shadows were everywhere. The spear shadows stopped moving, and the surrounding people also stopped moving. A bloody hole appeared in the throats of the surrounding people, and it was perfectly accurate.

The Eight Direction Killing Strike, the most exquisite move of the Coiling Mountain Spear, instantly pierced all directions.

"Hmph!" The leader's expression changed again. Seeing that he could not escape, his eyes hardened, and he swung his saber at Qingqing who was at the side.

Qingqing raised her longsword, and her elemental energy was like a tempestuous storm. The leader immediately retreated.


Just as the leader retreated, the black spear shadow followed like a shadow, stabbing into his throat in an instant. He didn't even have time to react. Zuo Yu's timing was incomparably precise.

"Thank you for your spear." Zuo Yu said calmly and left with Qingqing.

"Haha, good luck has finally fallen into my hands. Kill!" On the road, the group of five saw Zuo Yu and were extremely excited.

"Five people, one is at the ninth stage of the True Qi Realm. How dare you come here?"

Qingqing said in a low voice. Her knowledge and experience were also rapidly increasing.

"Let me do it." Zuo Yu said. He could feel that Qingqing didn't like to kill. She only killed for Zuo Yu.

Zuo Yu didn't even take the long spear from his back. He suddenly accelerated and threw five punches in an instant, ending the battle.

He had experienced this kind of thing many times, so he wasn't surprised by it. Not only were many people from the Feng family hunting him down, but many other experts from the Feng family's territory had also sent their men to hunt him down. It could be said that they were a mix of good and bad people.

"Kid, where did you run off to? This time, I can kill you openly, as well as reward you. Tsk tsk, this world is really amazing. " Cheng Jie was casually sitting on a grass patch. With his legs crossed, a group of subordinates followed behind him.

"Brother Jie, it will be a piece of cake." A young woman that Cheng Jie had gotten bored of said with a smile.


Time slowly passed.

Zuo Yu and Zuo Yu continued to fight and flee for another few hundred miles.

They often disguised themselves and changed their appearance, but the people who followed them had all kinds of methods. They were often recognized and hunted, never stopping for even a second.

On the small path, two farmers wearing coarse cloth clothes walked past.

"Young Master, ahead is the Eight Li Village." The woman said gently. It was Qingqing. "Should we go and take a look?"

"Eight Mile Village." He looked up at the small mountain village in the distance. There were mud houses, tiles, stone bridges, and flowing water. The fine willows shook slightly, and smoke filled the air. It was peaceful and peaceful.

This was the hometown of his previous self. It seemed that his father and mother were also buried here.

"That's good. Let's go and pay our respects," ___ said. Zuo Yu nodded and said.

"En." Qingqing replied.

The two of them slowly walked forward.

"They won't ambush us here, right?" Qingqing asked worriedly.

"I don't think so." Zuo Yu said, "Even if there are, they are just some mediocre characters." Smart people would think that they would not come here, because this place was too obvious. Today, they would do the exact opposite. This could be considered to have removed the concern of his previous self. From then on, he had completely cut off the subconscious influence of his previous self.

"We won't enter the village anymore. We'll go straight to the front of the grave." Zuo Yu said. These few days, he had truly witnessed the ruthlessness of the people here. He was truly afraid that he would implicate the entire village.


The two of them slowly walked forward. There were fields on the side of the road, quiet and natural.

Very quickly, the two of them walked to a patch of grass on the hillside.

A lone grave quietly stood there. The grave was covered with grass, and it was lush and verdant.

Zuo Yu looked around without batting an eyelid. This place was clear at a glance, but there was no one lying in ambush.

"Madam, master, Qingqing and young master have come to see you." Qingqing took a few steps forward and knelt down with tears in her eyes.

Zuo Yu stood there for a moment and sighed with emotion. In the end, he still walked up to them. "Father, mother, I have come to see you." No matter what, he could be considered to be on par with his previous self.

"Madam, wuwu..." Along the way, Qingqing felt as if she had found a place to vent her grievances.

"Be careful!" Zuo Yu was about to stretch out his hand to comfort her when his expression suddenly changed. A long sword had already stabbed into Qingqing's neck.

Zuo Yu stretched out his hand to pull Qingqing away. Qingqing was also shocked and quickly followed Zuo Yu's strength to dodge. However, the long sword flashed and still cut her neck, and blood instantly flowed out.

The long sword did not stop, and actually went straight for Zuo Yu's heart. The person who came wanted to kill her with one sword.

"Hmph!" Zuo Yu's heart was cold, and his killing intent was unprecedented. He didn't know how Qingqing was doing, but he had to get rid of this person in front of him as soon as possible.

Zuo Yu slightly turned his body, and the longsword pierced through his right arm. Without even blinking, Zuo Yu raised his left fist and punched out. The person was hit on the right shoulder, and continuously retreated.

"Qingqing." Zuo Yu panicked and looked at Qingqing who was beside him.

"I'm fine." Qingqing's face was pale, but she was fine. It was just a layer of skin. Although it was a bit deep, it didn't hurt her vital parts.

Zuo Yu raised his head coldly, and his killing intent was fierce.

The person who came was an ordinary young man, and he was wearing a straw raincoat.

"Ye Jian?" Zuo Yu coldly harrumphed. This man was another Immortal Turning Stage from the Elite Martial Disciple, and Ye Jian was also the popular candidate for the first place in this competition.

"Hehe. What a pity." Ye Jian grinned with an evil expression, "I heard that this girl is at the second level of the Immortal Turning. Initially, I wanted to finish her off first before we fight fair and square. You won't blame me for this, right?"

"No." Zuo Yu shook his head.

"That's good." Ye Jian chuckled, and a murderous aura slowly emanated from his body.

"I will kill you." Zuo Yu said in a calm voice and strode forward.

"Hehe, good." Ye Jian smiled evilly, "Let me see how powerful this Ninth Level True Qi Realm of yours is, to be able to kill an Immortal Turning Stage." While Ye Jian was still talking, he suddenly rushed out at an extremely fast speed, and a dense murderous aura burst out from him.

Zuo Yu's expression remained unchanged, and his killing intent was awe-inspiring. He stared at Ye Jian and suddenly threw out a punch.

Heaven Seizing Good Fortune! The heavens rumbled and the earth rumbled. At this moment, Zuo Yu unleashed his most powerful attack.

The two of them clashed. Ye Jian's evil expression changed and he quickly retreated. However, it was too late. He felt as if the evil Qi he released had been devoured. Then, he felt a pain in his chest and he was sent flying.

Zuo Yu dashed forward and swung his elbow at Ye Jian, who had just been sent flying.

Ye Jian's elbow was like a shadow, and he felt his vision blur. Then, his neck seemed to have been broken. His eyes were filled with disbelief. How could this be? He could even fight a second level Immortal Turning. Even a second level Immortal Turning warrior would be killed by his sneak attack, but now, he was no match for a ninth level true qi warrior!

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