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C4 Back Then

"Brother Mr Yu, hehe, what happened to you?" Feng Yutong's laughter became even louder when she saw Zuo Yu observing her. She even puffed out her chest, and suddenly, there was a huge wave.

Without waiting for Zuo Yu to speak, Feng Yutong looked towards Zuo Yu's arms. "Hey, Brother Mr Yu, why are you hugging this servant girl?"

Qingqing also woke up. Her small face couldn't help but change, "Young master, I'm fine. I'll go back by myself."

"Alright, I'll take you back." Zuo Yu said, then turned around and left.

"Hey." Feng Yutong had a look of dissatisfaction and blocked the way in front of him. "Brother Mr Yu, why are you like this? I am talking to you."

"You lowly servant, what is going on? Why is Brother Mr Yu still injured? How did you take care of Brother Mr Yu?" After Feng Yutong finished speaking, she turned around and scolded Qingqing. She even reached out and threw it over.

Zuo Yu hugged Qingqing and dodged behind her. "Who are you?" Zuo Yu frowned and said. He was thinking about this person quickly, but every time he was interrupted, he was unhappy, and now he was even more unhappy.

"Huh?" Feng Yutong was stunned. "Brother Mr Yu, you don't know me anymore?"

Zuo Yu finally remembered. No wonder he felt so familiar. "Feng Yutong, fiancee? Hehe, sorry. I still have something to do. Let's talk another day. "

Zuo Yu did not have a good impression of her at all. He turned around and left.

Feng Yutong's mouth was wide open. She was very surprised. Why did this guy change his attitude?

Feng Yutong moved her feet and her movement technique flashed. She blocked him again. "Brother Mr Yu, are you alright? You are injured. I have some healing medicine. Let's go. I will apply the medicine for you."

"No need."

"Zuo Yu, what is wrong with you? Is this young lady inferior to this lowly servant?" Feng Yutong seemed to be angry.

"Can the two of you compare?" Zuo Yu smiled faintly.

Qingqing's face darkened, but Feng Yutong suddenly smiled sweetly.

"By the way, I remember we went to the Deep Swamp Mountain together. We were hunted together. Have you been back for a long time?" Zuo Yu said quietly.

"Brother Mr Yu, are you angry with me? I just came back. I was also injured and had just taken medicine." Feng Yutong said pitifully.

"Really?" Zuo Yu turned around and left.

"Brother Mr Yu, by the way, let's go to the tea ceremony together?" Feng Yutong followed him again and even stuck to Zuo Yu. "Let's go. Don't worry about her."

"I'm not free." Zuo Yu was very impatient. He searched for information about this person and instantly noticed something. There were two incidents that happened to this Zuo Yu, both with this woman. Moreover, this woman didn't seem to like him. Every time he did this, nothing good would happen to him.

"No, if you don't want to go, I won't let you go." Feng Yutong blocked in front. Her strength was actually not weak either.

Zuo Yu turned around to let her pass. Feng Yutong actually slapped him with her palm. It was full of momentum. She was either crippling herself or trying to kill Qingqing.

Zuo Yu was a little angry. He quickly moved back.

"Hehe, Brother Mr Yu, good movement skill. Come again." Feng Yutong giggled, but her hands were extremely ruthless.

Zuo Yu turned around and took a step forward, moving close to her. He took the opportunity to push her to the side with his shoulder and strode forward.

"You!" Feng Yutong's face changed. Her eyes were flickering. She actually reached out to grab the snake bone whip on her waist.

Zuo Yu walked and actually felt a trace of danger. Was this fellow's memory outdated? Could this place really kill people openly?

"Feng Yutong, what are you doing?" At this time, a delicate shout sounded, and a blue-clothed girl walked over. The woman was very delicate and pretty, even a little cold.

"Hehe, I was just joking with Brother Mr Yu." Feng Yutong said indifferently.

"Humph." Zhou Qing snorted lightly and walked straight towards Zuo Yu.

Zuo Yu frowned slightly. "Zhou Qing?"

"Let's go. Daddy asked me to bring you some medicine and some food." Zhou Qing said calmly.

" Oh. Thank you, and also help me thank Uncle Zhou." Zuo Yu said with a smile.

Zhou Qing ignored him and walked towards the courtyard.

Seeing the three of them leave, Feng Yutong's expression became ugly and she hurriedly left.

When she returned to the courtyard, it was very cold and cheerless. The courtyard was not small but there was not a single person.

Zuo Yu placed Qingqing on the bed, while Zhou Qing sat by the table and poured a cup of water for herself.

"These are all you need. You can use them yourself. I'm leaving." Zhou Qing said and left immediately, "Oh right, you better stay away from Feng Yutong in the future. Since Uncle Zuo is no longer around, your marriage will no longer exist. Don't always... Okay, you might as well treat Qingqing better. Look at how much she's hurt because of you." After taking two steps, Zhou Qing turned around and reminded.

" Oh." Zuo Yu nodded gloomily.

"Hey, wait." A moment later, Zuo Yu shouted to the outside of the courtyard, but there was no one there.

Zuo Yu went back to his room. With the new bandages, he had to change the dressing for Qingqing. In fact, there was nothing on her body, but they did not seem to think so. It made Zuo Yu feel quite awkward.

"Well, originally... Qingqing, what happened to you?" Zuo Yu wanted to explain, but he realized something was wrong with Qingqing and asked.

"I'm fine." Qingqing said in a low voice, a little sad.

Zuo Yu frowned and quickly recalled. Suddenly, he thought of something. Maybe it hurt the pride of the little girl. Zuo Yu smiled. "Qingqing, are you angry with me? I said you can't compare with Feng Yutong. Actually, she can't be compared with you at all. That... Hmm, your legs are longer than hers, and your waist is thinner than hers. You're taller than her, your hair is prettier than hers, your chest... Well, compared to her, I have never actually seen it before... Also... your face is also more beautiful than hers..."

"Pfft." Qingqing had covered her head long ago, but she still couldn't help but laugh. Her pretty face was extremely red. Why did gongzi say it so directly? It was so embarrassing.

"You are my saviour, and she might be the one who harmed me." Zuo Yu felt a little emotional at the end. He really didn't know what kind of taste this guy with the same name as him had.

"Ah?" Qingqing came out in surprise.

"Alright, let's not talk about this anymore. I'll change your dressing first. Your injury is really not light. Now, take good care of it." Zuo Yu said.

"I... I'll do it myself." Qingqing lowered her head and said.

"Can you do it? Alright, once is fine, twice is fine too. Come on." Zuo Yu finally understood the girl's character. She was very gentle and had no opinions.

In the room with the flickering lights, on the soft bed, it was completely different from the white grass at this moment. Qingqing's heart kept beating, and she didn't dare to raise her head.

Time slowly passed.

Aiya. Zuo Yu stretched his back comfortably. It was finally over. He naturally walked to the table, poured a cup of water, and drank it all in one gulp. Speaking of which, he was also injured, but for some reason, it didn't seem to be that serious anymore. It was just that there was more blood stains.

After opening the bamboo basket, there were vegetables, meat, and soup. Zuo Yu unceremoniously started to eat.

Soon, Zuo Yu thought of something. He picked up a bowl and poured a bowl of soup for Qingqing. "Come, drink some before sleeping."

Qingqing looked over in a daze.

"Does the wound hurt? I'll feed you?" Zuo Yu was a little puzzled.

"No, thank you, young master. I'll do it myself." Qingqing blushed and quickly said.


After eating some food, Qingqing was indeed tired and gradually fell asleep. Tonight might be the most peaceful night she had slept in these days.

Zuo Yu was also very tired, but he could not sleep at all.

Zuo Yu came to the steps of the courtyard and sat down. The moon was still about the same, but it was probably not the moon of his hometown anymore. What was going on?

Zuo Yu recalled what happened that day.

He was originally an ordinary graduate student on Earth. Perhaps the difference between him and an ordinary person was that he had been forced to learn his family's martial arts, the Kindling Fists, and the Coiling Mountain Spear since he was young. The old man said that it had been passed down from the days of the Brotherhood. At that time, many people had died. A lot of martial arts inheritances had been cut off, and our family's ancestors were lucky enough to escape disaster. The Fist Technique Spear Technique was passed down as well. He had been forced to spar with them all the time. In fact, it was just to beat himself up. As he thought of this, Zuo Yu revealed a warm expression.

In his early years, he was still considered rich for three generations, but soon his family business went bankrupt. His grandfather had also passed away. His father was not good at doing business, and he did not like doing business. Thus, he moved back to his hometown with his mother and sister, and started a farmer's life where he got up early and returned late. His hometown was Red Leaf Village. It was located at the foot of Red Leaf Mountain. The scenery was beautiful, and the family liked it very much. His father also said that it was more suitable for boxing.

On that day, his girlfriend, who had been in love for two years, begged for help. He ignored her and ran for a few miles in the rain. Finally, he pulled her out of the car and knocked down two bodyguards.

After he left with his girlfriend, his girlfriend was also very touched. But later on, it seemed that the commotion was too big. The police rushed over and investigated the car. In the end, they actually found drugs. He didn't even know about these.

On the third day, he just returned to his hometown. Many special police came to his hometown and surrounded the small courtyard. Then, they handcuffed him.

Finally, he figured it out. It turned out that they suspected that he was carrying the drugs and framing them. Moreover, the quantity was very large. It was almost enough to shoot him to death. He also said that the young master of the Zuo Corporation back then might have gotten drugs. What he didn't believe the most was... His girlfriend actually testify, saying that she personally saw him put it in gloves.

At that time, Zuo Yu had an impulse to go berserk.

His father told him to be clean and not give up.

The police car left. His father, mother, and little sister stood at the entrance of the village, watching him leave. At that moment, she really wanted to cry. Her father and mother's hair had already turned pale. There were also many wrinkles. There was still a difference between sleeping in the countryside and living in the wilderness in the early years. And he had not paid too much attention to it when he was out for a long time, and there was also his little sister, Fei'er... He saw her crying...

How could he forget?

His mother used to sew clothes for him. When he grew up, he went to college and his mother personally sewn the blanket for him. His hands were already full of calluses.

His father always urged him to practice martial arts and teach him how to be a good person. It was as if every time he came back, he would beat him up a few times. It was called a friendly spar. But since when did his father stop beating him? He was no longer a match for him. His back was no longer as straight as before.

Fei'er, you've really grown up, you've grown up...

The police car sped forward, and when it reached a stone bridge, the weather changed. It was as if a bolt of yellow lightning had appeared in the sky, flashing by. It was unknown whether others had seen it clearly, but Zuo Yu had seen it clearly at the last moment. The lightning bolt arrived in front of him with a swing of its tail. It was a Divine Dragon. It was a real five-clawed golden dragon. Then, the police car seemed to have exploded into water. As for the bridge, Zuo Yu had no idea. The golden dragon seemed to have winked at him. After that, he lost his intuition. When he reappeared, he felt a splitting headache. He and Qingqing were being pursued.

On Earth, he should be considered to have died by accident, right? What would happen if dad and the others found out?

Their figures flashed in Zuo Yu's mind once again. Loneliness, helplessness, and anticipation!

No, I have to go back. I have to go back. I have to go back. Since I can come, I have to go back!

When he went back, he looked at his parents and little sister, saying that they were safe.

On Earth, a piece of news appeared on the internet. Someone took a picture of a dragon-shaped lightning flash in the sky, quickly appearing on the headlines, attracting a large amount of attention and speculation... However, it was quickly replaced by a beautiful picture of a school flower.

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