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Martial Hero in Wasteland/C5 I Saw That Dragon Again
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C5 I Saw That Dragon Again

Late at night, Zuo Yu leaned against the wall and fell asleep. He had gone through too much and was too tired. Finally, he fell asleep.

The lake was filled with red leaves. Zuo Yu returned to his hometown...

However, all of this was just a dream.

Zuo Yu only felt a blur before his eyes. The surrounding environment became white fog again, like an immortal realm.

"Awoo!" A long howl broke the silence.

Zuo Yu turned his head and looked over, and his expression could not help but freeze.

He saw a five-clawed golden dragon hovering in front of him. That's right, it was this five-clawed golden dragon that had brought him here, and it was the main culprit behind all of this.

The five-clawed golden dragon had shrunk a lot, but it was still very majestic.

Zuo Yu didn't move, he just watched quietly.

"Kneel before me when you see me." The golden dragon raised its head and shouted.

"Who are you? Why did you bring me here? "Zuo Yu said calmly.

"I am the noblest five-clawed golden dragon in the world, and I am one of them. Kid, why aren't you cheering when you see me? " The golden dragon said proudly, "Kid, aren't you excited? Kaka!" The golden dragon circled a few times in the air, and it was very excited.

"Kid, are you shocked by this sovereign's domineering image..."

"Kid, quickly come and kowtow to this sovereign. This sovereign will teach you a move and a half..."

"Brat, say something. Don't tell me you are in love with this sovereign..."

" Awoo... "

"F * ck you!" Zuo Yu couldn't hold it any longer. He was already in a bad mood, but he had held it in because of the respect he had for the Divine Dragon. Now, he no longer cared about it.

"Kid, what are you doing?" The golden dragon was startled and couldn't react in time.

Zuo Yu went forward and grabbed the golden dragon's tail. At the same time, he threw a punch at the golden dragon's long face.

"Kid, how dare you hit me?" The golden dragon cursed and finally reacted.

Zuo Yu harrumphed lightly and threw out another punch.

"I... Awoo!" The golden dragon wanted to swing its tail and leave, but its tail was grabbed by the golden dragon. It received another blow, "Your grandfather's... bastard brat... Argh..."

Very quickly, the golden dragon turned around and grabbed Zuo Yu a few times. However, his strength seemed to be similar to Zuo Yu's, and he didn't have the advantage now that he had lost the initiative.

Zuo Yu changed his strategy. He grabbed his tail and threw it all over the place, "I'm so excited that you can f * * k yourself... I can't kill you, idiot. You're so domineering that even your mother can't recognize you..."

"Awoo, kid, stop, let's talk." The golden dragon roared wildly, "The two of us are on the same boat, I'm also a victim..."

"Tell me, why did you bring me here?" Zuo Yu asked, but his hands didn't stop moving.

"I'm here to save you, stop it now!"

"Awoo! I'm going to fight you to the death!" The golden dragon roared. It took the opportunity to turn around and wrap itself around Zuo Yu. For a moment, the man and the dragon rolled on the ground and started fighting each other.

"It's done." Suddenly, a leisurely voice was heard. An old man with a white beard appeared without any warning. He waved his hand and separated the two of them.

"What, big..." The old man smiled as he looked at the golden dragon.

"Don't call me by my nickname." The Golden Dragon shouted with an ugly expression.

"Hehe, are you alright?" The old man smiled and changed the topic.

"So-so." The golden dragon said unhappily.

Zuo Yu looked at it indifferently. He now understood that this might not be the real world.

"Hehe, not bad." The old man turned his head and looked at Zuo Yu.

"Who are you? Where is this place? "Zuo Yu asked with a frown.

"You will know in the future." The old man didn't say much. His body changed and turned into a strange weapon. Some looked like a knife, some like a sword, and even some like a halberd. It was like the shadow of a weapon that Zuo Yu knew about. Moreover, this weapon was incomplete. Only half of it was still a child.

The strange weapon moved and appeared in front of Zuo Yu in an instant. Zuo Yu wanted to dodge, but he could not. He could only watch as the weapon stabbed into his head.

Ah! In the yard, Zuo Yu, who was sleeping against the wall, suddenly woke up. He felt a sharp pain in his head, but this time the pain quickly disappeared.

Heaven Seizing Spell! Seizing the fortune of heaven and earth, developing the profound mysteries of one's own body, devouring all things, opening the spirit aperture, tempering one's body with a divine ability... His entire body was like a god, immortal and imperishable.

Zuo Yu discovered that a set of cultivation technique had appeared in his mind, it seemed very mysterious. It was very powerful. Zuo Yu recalled what had happened earlier. That damned dragon and that mysterious white-bearded old man. Could that strange weapon be this Heaven Seizing Spell?

The Heaven Seizing Spell was really in his mind, just like his memories, complicated and profound!

Spreading knowledge in his dreams? Zuo Yu was a little dumbfounded.

Time slowly passed. Zuo Yu shook his head vigorously.

He would talk about this in the future. If he continued sleeping, it would be best if he could give that stupid dragon a good beating. He needed to understand too much. Just thinking about it gave him a headache. Zuo Yu felt like he was about to break down. He might as well not care about anything else. It was better to have a good sleep first.

The moonlight gradually faded, and the night sky became darker and darker. It welcomed the darkest moment of the day.

Suddenly, a black figure slowly approached the courtyard wall. Then, with a light leap, it landed in the courtyard. The figure looked to his left and right and quickly disappeared into the darkness. Soon, the man in black arrived in front of Zuo Yu's door. He gently pushed the door open and a crack appeared on the door. The man in black seemed to be surprised that the door wasn't locked.

"Hmm?" Zuo Yu, who was sleeping against the wall, suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes sparkled. "Who is it?"

The man in black was about to enter the house when he jumped in shock. He jumped into the yard. Then he jumped out of the wall. He never thought that there would be someone outside the courtyard. Could it be an expert from Elder Zhou's faction? He didn't know that it was all because he didn't walk an ordinary path. Otherwise, he would have bumped into the sleeping Zuo Yu in the courtyard. However, this couldn't be blamed on him. What he did was a shady business to begin with. How could he walk on the main road in broad daylight?

Zuo Yu moved his feet and chased after him.

The man in black instantly arrived at an alley outside the courtyard, and his speed was very fast. However, just as he landed on the ground, Zuo Yu had already jumped down from the wall. He used the force of his punch to hit the back of the man's neck.

"Hmph!" The man in black snorted lightly, then turned around and raised his hand to block.

When Zuo Yu landed on the ground, the man in black also took a few steps back.

"It's you?" The man in black was stunned for a moment, then he sneered, "How dare you chase after me? You're courting death!"

Killing intent flashed across his eyes. He pulled out his blade and lunged forward, slashing at Zuo Yu's neck. The blade light was flickering, and its power was astonishing.

Zuo Yu turned around and moved forward. He slightly dodged the attack, then he swung his elbow at the empty ribs of the man in black. The man in black changed his attack. Zuo Yu followed behind him and attacked continuously.

For a moment, the man in black was a little irritated. He let out a soft roar. He felt that the battle was not a pleasant one. He was good at making big moves and crushing his opponents, but at this moment, he could not use his hands and feet.

Pak pak pak. Zuo Yu's attack was extremely fast. He threw a punch to the side of his ribs, and his elbow hit his heart. The man in black roared angrily and hit Zuo Yu's shoulder. Both of them separated temporarily.

"Eighth layer of True Qi, Mountain Breaking Blade?" Zuo Yu's expression did not change as he said coldly. Eighth layer of True Qi was released from his body, and he could not use brute force.

"Hmph! Die!" The black-clothed man's expression changed slightly, and his killing intent became even stronger.

Bang! Zuo Yu dodged the attack, and threw out a punch. This time, the black-clothed man did not dodge or evade. Hit! He attacked with his saber again. Zuo Yu turned around and dodged. He raised his knee and swept across. The man in black swung his saber almost at the same time. The light of the knife flashed. Zuo Yu hit the man in black, and his shoulder was hit by the light of the knife. He followed Zuo Yu and kicked the man in black back.

The two of them separated once again.

"Quick, over there." A guard from the Feng family rushed over from afar.

"Hmph! You won't be so lucky next time." The man in black's facial expression changed drastically. With a flash, he fled into the darkness at high speed.

Zuo Yu's eyes sparkled, and he turned around and left as well. He had just arrived here and there were people who were hostile to him. He had to find out who his opponent was first.

In a corner, Zuo Yu stopped in his tracks. The man in black had already disappeared.

The man in black had more profound skills than him. In terms of Light-body Technique alone, he was much faster. Furthermore, it seemed like he was extremely familiar with this place. Zuo Yu had lost him. However, he finally knew some things. The black-clothed man had disappeared in the direction of the south city. The south of the city was where the elders of the Feng family lived. There were only a few people who weren't on good terms with him or Zuo Yu's father.

"Elder." In a manor, the man in black went to a study room.

"How is it?" A calm voice was heard. It should be a middle-aged man.

"That kid is still at the Sixth Level True Qi Realm, but he seems to have learned a strange Fist Technique..."

Zuo Yu walked back.

Zuo Yu thought of something and felt his True Qi. It was still at the sixth level. It had even dropped from the peak of the sixth stage to the early sixth stage. In these three years, the so-called spirit root had been damaged. Although his previous self had been cultivating crazily, his power had declined instead of improving.

However, there did not seem to be anything wrong with it? Where had it been damaged? Could it be that after he came over, his spirit root had recovered just like the fatal injuries from before? Zuo Yu thought randomly.

The people here did not seem to have any gravity skills. He could use the exquisite adhesive fist to fight a seventh level expert. However, he would not be able to enter the eighth level. If the black-clothed man had fought for a while longer, he would definitely have lost.

Zuo Yu thought about some things and slowly walked towards his home.

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