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C6 Genius

Clank, clank, clank!

In the alley, Zuo Yu suddenly stopped in his tracks. A bright light flashed in his eyes.

There was movement in the house. Who was it?

Zuo Yu quietly approached and saw a delicate green figure in the distance. She was limping as she walked with a few pieces of firewood in her arms, as if she was going to cook in the kitchen. She walked with great difficulty, and with a sway of her body, one of the pieces of firewood fell off. She almost fell down. She tried her best to pick it up. However, her body fell to the ground, and the firewood fell to the ground. She did not give up and tried to get up again...

Zuo Yu froze for a moment. His heart warmed and he felt pain again. He quickly ran over.

"Qingqing, what are you doing?" Zuo Yu said and quickly supported her.

"Ah, young master, I'm cooking." Qingqing was startled. When she saw that it was Zuo Yu, she naturally smiled. She was still a little confused. I cook every day.

"You, you're already like this, why are you cooking?" Zuo Yu said, somewhat reproachful.

"I, I..." Qingqing lowered her head.

"I'm not blaming you, I'm just feeling sorry for you. You tell me, okay, don't do it anymore." Zuo Yu picked her up and placed her on the stone chair in the courtyard. "Rest here for a while."

Qingqing's face turned red. She stuttered, "But young master still needs to practice martial arts. How can he not eat?"

"Silly girl, we can go out and eat. I can also make it myself. I can starve to death." Zuo Yu said casually.

"Huh?" Qingqing looked over in disbelief. Her small mouth was slightly open, and her big eyes were wide open. She looked really cute.

"Alright, you can rest here. I'll do it today." Zuo Yu said.

"Young master, you can't go into the kitchen..." Qingqing shouted.

"Be good, wait, I'll let you taste my cooking today." Zuo Yu turned around and smiled.

Qingqing blushed and quickly turned her head. She secretly smiled. She was silly and happy.

Zuo Yu sighed in his heart. He thought of something else. Originally, Zuo Yu could have had a few servants in the Elite Martial Disciple, but because of some accidents in the past few years... This fellow's status had fallen, and his friends had become unfamiliar with him. His original opponents had taken advantage of him when he was down. All his servants had been bribed by his opponents, leaving only Qingqing, who had been following him around. He had always taken care of this fellow, but it seemed like this fellow had never cared about Qingqing. He only treated her as an ordinary servant. No wonder she was killed.

Time slowly passed.

"Come, Qingqing, try it." Zuo Yu also sat down. There were some simple food on the stone table.

"En." Qingqing didn't ask what this strange thing was and obediently ate it.

"This is a pancake, my mom made it the most." Zuo Yu said. As he spoke, he felt a little emotional.

"Ah? Has Madam done it before?" Qingqing was stunned.

"Hehe, how is it? Can I eat it?" Zuo Yu smiled and changed the topic.

"It's delicious." Qingqing said with a smile.

"Come, have some soup. You are still injured. Make it more nutritious." Zuo Yu said, "Eh?" Zuo Yu was stunned. "Qingqing, your injury seems to be recovering a little fast. No, that's not what I meant. Of course, I hope you recover earlier. But you were so badly injured yesterday, and you can leave today?" Zuo Yu was shocked. Was she still human?

"Hehe." Seeing Zuo Yu explain, Qingqing couldn't help but laugh. "I don't know either."

The two of them sat by the stone table, chatting and laughing. They were much closer. In this strange world, Zuo Yu was very comfortable with such a gentle and caring girl by his side. It made his messy thoughts calm down, and Qingqing only felt that her young master was treating her well. She was so happy.

Qingqing didn't notice anything strange about it. She had a weak personality. She had suffered a lot, and Zuo Yu rarely interacted with her in the past. It could be said that Qingqing wasn't that familiar with her, and this situation was too unbelievable. How could a pure girl like Qingqing know that the Zuo Yu in front of her was no longer her young master?

"Young master, are you going to the Martial Hall?" Qingqing asked.

"I'm not going." Zuo Yu said. He had to figure out everything first. "Qingqing, let's talk."

"Okay." Qingqing nodded.

Zuo Yu found that this fellow had given up on himself after his spiritual root was damaged three years ago. His memory was in a mess, and he didn't seem to know that much. Perhaps he was even worse than Qingqing. Qingqing often read books when she was at home.

Half a day passed, and Zuo Yu finally managed to sort out some things.

This continent was the Divine Martial Continent. Martial arts were popular, and those with divine abilities were respected.

According to the legends, the Divine Martial Continent was vast and boundless, and it was hard to see the end of it. This was the southern part of the Divine Martial Continent.

There were many powers in the continent, and it wasn't as simple as the book had described. There were also many unknown but extremely powerful experts and powers.

The strength of the experts in the continent was divided from low to high: Genuine Qi Stage, Immortal Turning Stage, Deification Stage, and True Martial Stage.

Each realm was divided into nine minor realms, the Ninth Heaven. Every breakthrough was extremely difficult, as if one was ascending to the heavens.

The Genuine Qi Stage was similar to the inner energy that Zuo Yu had cultivated before, but the spiritual energy here was abundant. If one's cultivation speed was faster and stronger, he would be able to open up half of the meridians in his body when he was only at the Third Level True Qi Realm. Sixth Level of True Qi opened up all the meridians in his body. Ninth Level of True Qi. True Qi was like liquid. He had derived elemental energy. Of course, not everyone could achieve something. It was unknown how many people could not cultivate zhenqi at all. Even if many people cultivated it, they would only linger in the first or second level of true qi. It was difficult to achieve anything.

Immortal Turning Stage, as the name suggested, had been reborn. It had shed its mortal body, and its strength had been greatly enhanced. His lifespan had also increased by a lot. A Immortal Turning warrior could split mountains with a wave of his hand, and he could even use some simple divine abilities. He was extremely powerful.

A Deification Stage warrior could already be an elder of the Feng family. As for how strong he was, the two of them had never seen him before.

As for what happened after that, it was said that he could fly into the ocean, but neither Zuo Yu nor Qingqing had any impression of him.

Currently, the Feng family was very powerful. It was said that the Feng family had a circumference of eight thousand miles. It was basically the size of a few countries. There were a lot of experts in the Feng family, and they had countless resources. There were even many small duchies and kingdoms in Feng family's territory. However, they were all controlled by the Feng family. In this place, the Feng family was the true king.

The Fresh Breeze City was where the headquarters of the Feng family was located. In fact, it was because of the geographical location of the Fresh Breeze City. Although it had been heavily built by the Feng family, it was still not the most prosperous city in the Feng family's territory. The reason why the headquarters was built here was because it was the ancestral land of the Feng family. Furthermore, this place was surrounded by green hills, which made it more suitable for some senior experts of the Feng family to cultivate in peace. Over time, the Fresh Breeze City could be said to be a holy land within the Feng family's territory.

The reason Zuo Yu was in the Feng family was because his father and grandfather were both elders with another surname in the Feng family, and had a very high status. The strength was respected here, and the status of the elder with another surname was basically the same. Of course, there were some rules that could only be seen by others. No one would really think that they were the same as the direct descendants of the Feng family. However, this also showed how high their status was. Unfortunately, they had all died in battle. Later, Zuo Yu's mother died of illness as well. Only Zuo Yu was left.

Qing Qing was picked up by Zuo Yu's mother in her swaddling clothes. She grew up in the Zuo family. Qing Qing had been very sensible since she was young. When her left mother died of illness, she asked them to take care of each other. After that, Qing Qing had been taking care of Zuo Yu.

Little Zuo Yu had inherited his father's talent and had a supreme grade spiritual root. He was regarded as a genius by the Feng family. When he was five years old, he and Qing Qing came to the Feng family and became the Elite Martial Disciple of the Feng family.

Within the eight thousand mile territory of the Feng family, there were only a hundred places where the Elite Martial Disciple focused on nurturing Zuo Yu. This showed Zuo Yu's talent.

Zuo Yu practiced martial arts, and his progress was very fast. He also made friends with some of his friends in the Martial Hall. Zuo Yu and Qingqing had always been on good terms. However, since they were eight years old, qingqing had two watermark birthmarks on her face, and she was called a monster. Zuo Yu was starting to dislike the ugly girl, and he gradually stopped caring about Qingqing. Instead, he fell in love with the bright and beautiful so-called fiancée, Feng Yutong. After that, he grew up just like that. Zuo Yu's strength improved very quickly. Qingqing, on the other hand, was often bullied, and her personality became increasingly weak. She rarely went out, and there was almost nothing between the two of them. However, Zuo Yu had never truly expressed his disgust towards Qingqing and wanted to drive her away. Just like that, they lived peacefully, and Qingqing had never complained...

Zuo Yu raised his head and looked at Qingqing seriously.

There was a strange water mark on Qingqing's forehead that looked like a drop of water. There were two large blue water marks on both sides of her forehead and cheeks. At first glance, it did not look very good. However, if one looked closely, the water mark looked like a flowing cloud. They looked like wings and petals, and they seemed to be symmetrical. However, it had a different flavor. It was somewhat bewitching, somewhat mysterious...

"Young Master, what are you looking at?" Seeing Zuo Yu staring at her, Qingqing couldn't help but blush.

"By the way, Qingqing, what's your current realm?" Zuo Yu asked with a smile.

"I have only cultivated the first chapter of the Essence Qi Method to the ninth stage." Qingqing secretly glanced at Zuo Yu, her voice like a mosquito. She sounded like a child who had made a mistake. "Qingqing didn't practice seriously. Qingqing will definitely work hard in the future..." As Qingqing spoke, she seemed to have really made up her mind. That way, she would be able to protect young master.

Zuo Yu was stunned and had nothing to say. This meant that Qingqing was already at the ninth level of True Qi. Zuo Yu, on the other hand, was only at the Sixth Heaven of True Qi, which meant that he was cultivating the better Mountain and Sea Chant. Qingqing was cultivating the Yuan Qi Art that Zuo Yu had casually given to her servants. Zuo Yu sat down and enjoyed the resources. He had never given it to Qingqing. Zuo Yu practiced martial arts every day, and Qingqing was just an amateur. Who was a genius?

Zuo Yu was speechless. This Feng family was really good at letting a true genius go. But then again, Zuo Yu was already at the sixth stage of the True Qi Realm three years ago. Three years ago, his spiritual root was damaged, but he had never made any progress.

"Alright, Qingqing, you are already very powerful." Zuo Yu said, "With your current strength, you will be at the top of the Elite Martial Disciple even if you join the Feng family's Martial Hall. Why aren't you going?"

"Ah?" Qingqing was surprised.

Zuo Yu understood. It seemed like no one knew Qingqing's realm, not even Zuo Yu's memory. A little girl was so powerful in a daze.

"Qingqing doesn't have any relatives. Qingqing only wants to follow young master." Qingqing lowered her head and said.

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