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C7 Martial Hall

Zuo Yu walked towards the Feng family's Martial Hall.

His master led him in. His cultivation depended on himself. He was already seventeen years old and had learned everything he needed to learn. He didn't need to go to the Martial Hall every day to learn.

The Feng family's Martial Hall was a place where geniuses were nurtured in the Feng family. There were Elite Martial Disciple and ordinary martial arts students. The Elite Martial Disciple's Martial Hall was a place where geniuses were nurtured. There were only a hundred people from the age of five to twenty, and fifty-six of them were adults above the age of sixteen. Everyone had outstanding talent, a bright future, and a much higher status. In front of the general managers of the Feng family, they were on equal footing, and the amount of resources they could enjoy was also very different. This ratio was also because the talent requirements for the youth group were extremely high, and some of the adults in the adult group were the ones who caught up to them. The competition was very intense, and if one did not advance, one would fall behind. However, if one was to withdraw after twenty years old, they would usually enter places like the Wind Guard that were even stronger.

The status of an ordinary martial arts student was much lower. The age of a martial arts student could be relaxed to forty years old. Many martial arts students would be given the title of chief steward or something like that. In short, everything depended on one's strength.

The rules of the Martial Hall were very simple. It only depended on one's strength. In this place, as long as one had the strength, he or she would be heavily nurtured, regardless of whether or not one was a member of the Feng family's main clan.

Zuo Yu followed the route he remembered and walked forward. The Martial Hall of the Feng family was really huge. It was basically an academy. There were rockery, flowing water, grass, and flowers. The winding paths led to a quiet place, and the scenery was beautiful.

Suddenly, a figure stopped in front of Zuo Yu.

"Zuo Yu, long time no see. Why didn't you greet your old friend?" The person who came was a thin man. Behind him were a few people with a cold smile on their faces.

Zuo Yu frowned. "Who are you?"

"Zuo Yu, your brain is really broken. Even I don't know you anymore. Haha..." Lin Yan laughed and said, "I am your master. Come, call me master."

The few of them burst into laughter upon hearing this.

"Lin Yan?" Zuo Yu recalled that this guy was an ordinary martial arts student of the Martial Hall. His status was lower than ___'s. His father used to be his father's subordinate. He had been following ___ to suck up to him, but his spiritual root had been damaged three years ago. Lin Yan had turned hostile.

"Get lost." Zuo Yu didn't have a good impression of this kind of person.

"What did you say?" Lin Yan paused, and his expression began to turn ugly, "Zuo Yu, do you still f * cking think that you are a genius from back then? This year's martial arts competition, I will definitely become a martial arts disciple, and you... Humph, it's already good enough that you can become a martial arts student, and perhaps even become a servant. When the time comes, you can choose to follow me. Hehe, I'll take good care of you. " Lin Yan once again led his men to stop Zuo Yu. He even let out a strange laugh as he spoke. It was as if he had already seen a happy ending.

Zuo Yu couldn't be bothered with him, and just walked straight ahead.

"You want to leave? Today, this young master will teach you how to behave." Upon seeing this, Lin Yan threw a punch at Zuo Yu.

"Whirlwind Fist?" Zuo Yu slightly twisted his body and received another attack from Lin Yan. The Fist Technique was extremely fast.

"Humph!" Lin Yan sneered.

Zuo Yu took two steps back and grabbed a gap in the air. He turned his body and took a small step forward. Before Lin Yan's old strength was completely exhausted, he had already slammed his shoulder into Zuo Yu's chest.

Lin Yan didn't get knocked away, but his body swayed and fell into the pool beside him.

"Idiot, Seventh Level True Qi Realm, you are worse than my Qingqing. " Zuo Yu glanced sideways and strode forward. The rest of them didn't dare to stop him. They were all martial arts students, and they didn't have the strength of Lin Yan.

In this world, strength was more important than skill. However, this Lin Yan was stronger than the man he had killed in the forest, who was also at the Seventh Level True Qi Realm. Those few people were completely unorthodox, but the Revolving Wind Fist that Lin Yan had learned in the Feng family was quite powerful. If he was stronger, he might not be able to win. If it was ten thousand Jin, would it still work? After that, he would be able to cultivate divine abilities, which would be even more powerful. It seemed like the martial arts skills in this world could not be underestimated.

He also had to improve his realm. Zuo Yu made up his mind.

"This guy really came back. I don't think he's hurt much." A young man in embroidered clothes said in a pavilion in the distance.

"His strength seems to have increased. Could it be that his spirit root has recovered?" Another charming woman said. She was dressed in red, and she was Feng Yutong.

"I don't think so. He is still at the sixth level of True Qi. If he had recovered, with his accumulated experience over the years, perhaps he would have broken through long ago." The young man in embroidered clothes, Feng Zhengyang, said. His father was the Third Elder of Feng family, Feng Yongnian.

"It should be because Lin Yan was careless. I will try it out myself later." Feng Zhengyang said, then he lost interest.

"Hehe, Brother Yang is right." Feng Yutong giggled and almost fell into Feng Zhengyang's arms. Feng Yutong was from a branch of the Feng family and originally lived in a remote town three thousand miles away. It had been a long time, and she didn't have much to do with the direct line of descent of the Feng family. It was also because his father had broken through to the Deification Stage that he came to the Feng family.

At this moment, Zuo Yu was standing in a corner, staring blankly at the scene.

Zuo Yu was a casual person, and he had never deliberately looked into a mirror. However, when he saw his own appearance in the water, he was really shocked. It was exactly the same as his previous life. How could it be? What was going on? He desperately wanted to know. Could it be that this Zuo Yu was his previous or future life? This was ridiculous! Or was it like the movie's saviour, where he had merged with something... Zuo Yu was a little confused.

But thinking about it carefully, there was nothing wrong with it. His body was completely his. It was just that he had some extra memories. How old was he then? This Zuo Yu was seventeen years old. And he was twenty-five years old in his previous life. Right, this Zuo Yu's spirit root was damaged at that time, and he had suffered a fatal injury. But he was completely fine, and there was nothing wrong with it...

Fortunately, no matter which one it was, this brother was a martial arts genius!

After a long time, Zuo Yu came to this conclusion and left with satisfaction.

"Eh, Zuo Yu is here."

"I heard that this guy was assassinated. Why isn't he dead yet?"

"F * ck! He still came to our elite group? What a disgrace!"

Zuo Yu came to the martial arts hall. There were already some people inside, but no one came to greet him. A few people even glanced at him with disdain.

The martial arts hall was very big. It was not much bigger than the indoor gymnasium in his previous life.

There were still a few people sparring in the distance. Zuo Yu took a few glances and found that they were all above the seventh level of True Qi.

The ninth level of the Genuine Qi Stage was a big gap between the third level and the last level. There was a huge gap between the sixth level and the seventh level. Many people were stuck here, and the elite adult group was actually all at the seventh or eighth level of the True Qi Realm.

Soon, more people came one after another, but still no one paid any attention to Zuo Yu.

Zuo Yu also fell into silence. He came here mainly to see what he could learn, and to ask some questions at the same time.

"Zuo Yu." A faint voice came. Zuo Yu looked up.

"He's here." Zuo Yu revealed a smile. The person who came was Zhou Qing, who he had seen the day before. She was at the peak of the eighth level of the Genuine Qi layer. She wore a blue dress and walked past. Zhou Qing was Zhou Yuanshan's daughter. Uncle Zhou and his father were good friends and had worked under his grandfather's command all those years ago. Now that Uncle Zhou was the Fifth Elder of Feng family, he had taken good care of Zuo Yu. He had always wanted to heal Zuo Yu's internal injuries, and he was also the only elder who truly cared about Zuo Yu.

"You've recovered?" Zhou Qing asked.

"Yes, they are all superficial wounds." Zuo Yu said.

" Oh." Zhou Qing replied. She frowned slightly and thought for a while. "Actually... you shouldn't have come."

" What do you mean? I am still a martial disciple now, right?" Zuo Yu was stunned. He thought he had made a mistake.

"Forget it." Zhou Qing said, "Call me if you need anything." After Zhou Qing said that, she left on her own accord.

Zuo Yu touched his nose. He seemed to have understood a little. The family competition would be held two months later. This kind of competition would be held once a year. Survival of the fittest was also a competition. Three years ago, Zuo Yu was at the sixth stage of the True Qi Realm, and was in the lead in the youth group. Although each year was not as good as the last, he still managed to preserve his position. However, he was over sixteen years old this year, and was about to compete in the adult group. And the weakest of the adult division in the Elite Martial Disciple was also at the peak of the seventh stage of the True Qi Realm. He was still at the sixth stage of the True Qi Realm. If this continued, he would definitely be demoted to an ordinary martial arts student. He would not even have the upper hand in the adult division of the ordinary martial arts students. Moreover, Zuo Yu's spiritual root had internal injuries. If his cultivation was useless, his combat strength would also decrease. He would have to leave sooner or later. Why did he have to come here? He might even be bullied.

"Hello, Senior Sister Zhou."

"Zhou Qing, here."

"Senior Sister Zhou has already reached the peak of the eighth level of the True Qi Realm, and her Frost Sword Technique has even reached the Mastery Stage. I'm afraid that she will be able to enter the top ten in this competition."

"She will definitely be able to."

"If Senior Zhou can take another step forward, she will be able to enter the top five with her Frost Sword Technique."

Zhou Qing was extremely popular, and many people greeted her warmly. Zhou Qing, on the other hand, had the same expression. She nodded lightly and walked to the side of a few girls.

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