Masked ( Secrets and lies #2)/C1 Becca's body or save Jason
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Masked ( Secrets and lies #2)/C1 Becca's body or save Jason
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C1 Becca's body or save Jason

' What can I do right now? I need to decide quickly. I can stay in prison for years but I can't lose Jason forever. Iam thinks Iam in love with him within these short period of time' Charlotte thought to herself and called 911. Soon she reached the destination and the ambulance arrived before she did. She ran and came all by herself to see Jason's car on the edge of some edge. It's in a state of falling from the long heights. If it moved one inch, Jason's life is over.

" Jason" Charlotte screamed from the top of her lungs running towards the car while some men stopped her.

" Don't go there. It's not safe. The rescue team as already arrived." that stranger consulted her while Charlotte's sobbing continuously. She never cried like this in her life. Not even for their parents dead, or for murdering Becca.

The moon started to show up in the sky. The car is so invisible to other eyes to notice. If Charlotte doesn't call at the right time there will be a chance of losing him. Anyways, after many minutes of trying the rescuers succeeded in getting the car up from the bush. Charlotte moved forward and adjusts her eyes to the darkness that's when she saw Jason is unconscious and he got more injuries on his face and body. His head was bleeding. He was taken to the ambulance.

" Please, I need to come too," Charlotte asked a woman to give permission to come on the ambulance with Jason. She can't send him away. To know the truth, If Jason doesn't meet Charlotte he wouldn't be in this situation. That threatener is trying to hurt Charlotte by hurting Jason. She feels like it's all her fault.

" But madam..." The woman hesitated.

" Please let me in." Charlotte pleaded with more tears on her face. Her make-up is fully spoiled and she didn't give a damn care about it. Her eyes are red from crying. Finally, the woman felt pity for her and nodded impatiently cause the time is running away. They need to save Jason. Charlotte chosen to save Jason and she doesn't know what will happen in the school? Is Becca's body got found or not?

She took a seat next to Jason's unconscious body. She doesn't care about who's watching her. She acted like there's only she and Jason are alone in the ambulance.

" Please come back to me. I love you, Jason." she planted a kiss on his forehead and a small tear of hers landed on his unconscious face.


" So how many girlfriends do you have before me?" Caroline teasingly asked Daniel who is next to her in bed. They both are cuddling in the cozy bed enjoying their first moment as girlfriend, boyfriend.

"Um...I don't know. I had many and I never approached anyone. They all wanted my attention so badly." he calmly answered but Care is so jealous of thinking about his ex-girlfriend.

" Okay. I asked the approximate number but I think it's difficult to count. Nevermind. Forget my question." she tried to act cool but failed.

" I think someone is jealous. Didn't I told you, I never approached any girls in my life. You are the first one." He made himself clear and tried to kiss her again but suddenly there's a ringing noise.

" That's my phone." Care tried to take it but failed cause Daniel blocked her by giving a kiss. He doesn't want some phone calls to stop kissing Caroline. He thought it will be Bill again.

" Okay. Give me a moment." she broke the kiss and took her phone.

" Tell Bill that you are mine. Only mine."

" No, it's my sister Charlotte. Give me a moment." she walked away and picked it up calmly.

" Caroline, Thank god you took the phone. Everything's over. That threatener exposed the place where we buried Becca's body. Now Iam in the hospital seeing the live news of digging Becca's body. Jason involved in an accident. I will explain everything later. Please come right now. I will send the address." she pleaded and sobbed in the phone but she did everything in a whisper. No one should know about these incidents.

Care assured her sister and quickly sent a message about this to Chloe and Caleb. She told them to see what's happening in Roshord. Someone should be present in school to know what's going on there.

" Daniel, I need to go to the hospital right now. My sister's friend had an accident." Care panicked and spoke impatiently.

" Okay. Calm down. I will take you there." He didn't ask further questions but made sure that they reach the hospital as fast as he can. There's more tension prevails in Ferrari as they are on their way to see Charlotte.

" Thank you so much for driving, Daniel. I will go by myself. See you later." She nervously thanked him and he didn't want to accompany her. Caroline should be there for her sister. That's enough. Soon she searched and reached the room correctly.

" Care." Charlotte rushed and hugged her sister, wetting her sister with her crying.

" How is Jason? What happened?" Care got filled with all answers within moments.

" I already told them to go to Roshord high. Don't worry. Jason will be fine. That's important. We can think the rest of the issue afterward." Care consulted her even though she's afraid of what might happen next. What if the threatener mentioned their name in the note kept in Becca's mom's bag?

The doctor came outside of the room and looked up at Charlotte.

" Is he okay? How is Jason?" She asked praying for him.

" He's fine. You are right on time. Now you can see him, but don't talk much. It will be strainful for him. He just got some stitches."

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