Masked ( Secrets and lies #2)/C2 Someone else involved in the murder
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Masked ( Secrets and lies #2)/C2 Someone else involved in the murder
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C2 Someone else involved in the murder

" Thank you, Doctor." Charlotte rushed inside while Care waited outside giving her some time alone with him.

" Hey, How are you feeling?" she asked holding his hands lightly. There's a bandage on his right hand and his head. She's at least happy that the threatener didn't kill him.

" Iam good now. " He smiled weakly. He's too weak to speak but he's hesitating to tell something. Charlotte looked at him still with tears on her face.

" Did you cried, char?" he asked slowly trying to sit.

" Maybe I did." she lied trying not to show it. She never cried like this before. It's even unbelievable for her.

" You don't need to lie, Charlotte. Please don't cry. Iam perfectly alright." he assured her even in that difficult situation.

" I know. I know but not perfectly alright," she said wiping her tears.

" Then I will be perfectly alright soon and I heard what you said in an ambulance." he looked at her to tell those words again. Charlotte looked confused. He's unconscious. How come did he hear it? She kissed his forehead and said 'I love you'.

" I was nearly in an unconscious state. I can't able to move my body but I can hear everyone's words and your words gave me courage. I wanted to wake up just for you. I got no one in Roshord. Iam living all alone until I meet you. I don't feel alone anymore. Can you say those words again." Charlotte's heart melted my his words.

" I love you, Jason," she said and moved forward to kiss him softly on his lips.

" I love you too, Char" he kissed back and looked into her eyes. The first time he saw her, her make-up is spoiled by falling in the water and yet he adored her and now it's spoiled by her tears. For him, she looks beautiful no matter what.

" Iam happy that I got into an accident." he laughed happily.

" What? no one will be happy about this."

" If it's not for this accident, you wouldn't have proposed to me today."

" I thought you are unconscious but anyways I did it." she hugged him and relieved that he's with her, next to her, alive.


" We reached the destination. Now, what's next?" Caleb talked to Care on the phone while he and Chloe reached the school. Someone needs to be in school to know what's happening. Caleb and Chloe are the only ones to do this. What's done is done. Now she needs to plan the next step to escape from this murder case.

" Just note what's going on there without getting caught. Then come to the hospital. We can talk about other things later. Today Char and I will not be returning home."

" Okay. Trust me, we will do it." Caleb hung up the phone and looked up. There are uncountable reporters, detectives wandering in the ground. There's no CCTV in Roshord high, so the four can't get caught for now. The place they murdered Becca is crowded. It gives shivers down their spine to Chole and Caleb. They both brought up the courage and sneaked in near some reporter to hear something usual. They mingled between everyone and no one bothered to notice them.

" This girl is stabbed five times. It's murder for sure. Who can do something like this? " a reporter complained to another one. Both of them didn't want to see Becca's body. When they realized the principal is approaching a detective near them, they sneaked out of the school fastly.

Now it's confirmed for them that they aren't the ones who murdered them. Charlotte only hit her once. But the reported told it's five times. That means someone else is secretly involved in it. Caleb and Chloe looked at each other.

" This case is getting more and more complicated," Chloe muttered.

After an hour both of them breathlessly reached the hospital and found the right room where Jason is admitted.

Charlotte is seated on a chair keeping her hands on her head. Care is looking at Charlotte's mobile nervously.

" Hey, we are here. Where can we talk?" Caleb whispered. He can't talk Becca in public. They need to find some secret place to discuss. Nothing will be safe than their home.

" We can't go anywhere. Tell now?" Care silently demanded nervously. Chloe noticed what's she's seeing on her phone. It's the message Charlotte got from the threatener. She's not fully clear of what happened some hours ago. Now she read the message fully. Jason is surely got into an accident planned by the stupid threatener. They can't stupid, much more intelligent than them.

Caleb silently told them about what they heard in school. They may be heard more about the case. But this information gives a lot and lot of information.

" Somehow Iam relieved I didn't kill her all by myself ." Charlotte tried to assure herself.

" That's not the point now. We are the once who buried here now Iam having some doubts." Care flooded her hands against her chest, lost in thoughts.

" What's that? " Chloe asked expecting something worst.

" What if this threatener did involve in this murder? There may be a chance for it. That idiot is trying to blame everything on us." Care silently said but four of their phone's ringed with a notification one by one.

" It's from Ruby. I mean... that threatener." Caleb stated. Everyone's breath stopped for a minute.

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