Masked ( Secrets and lies #2)/C3 Chloe's worst day
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Masked ( Secrets and lies #2)/C3 Chloe's worst day
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C3 Chloe's worst day

The four of them shared the silence and finally looked at the phone.

Ruby: I know you all been thinking about me. You all need to be happy that I didn't tell you are the murderers to anyone. But don't doubt for a second that I killed Becca. That's such a stupid thought, Charlotte. Anyways, you will probably be wondering how Iam. M.W is my short name. Find me if you can. It's not that hard to find me when you all can murder and bury a girl. I will be waiting for the day when you uncovers me, but that would be your last day. Have a good day with me in your dreams.

" We can never get rid of this threatener but Iam not afraid of him. If I ever find him, I will kill him before he kills us," Charlotte snarled.

" Keep your voice low, Charlotte. The threatener must be somewhere near us. M.W knows everything. We can't talk here." Caroline firmly said. How did M.W know everything they talked a few minutes ago?

" Fine. We will go home. Caroline, are you coming?" Chloe asked and broke the tension. They can't think about the message. They can rather die than dealing with some life-sucking threatener.

" Iam staying with Charlotte," Care confirmed and laid her hand on her sister's shoulder.

Charlotte must shrug it off but right now she's more sad than angry. Jason's life was saved is a miracle. Caleb was having a hard time in the beginning and now it is Charlotte.


" Good night, little sis. We can face any upcoming problems if we stayed together. Just have hope," Caleb told Chloe and gave a little smile to lighten up her face. For Chloee this is all new and difficult to deal with. She was just like Ruby, so afraid and innocent and now she's changing herself according to the world she's living it. Life never stopped bringing problems to them.

She closed the door and changed into her pajamas and rain started to pour. She stood next to the window. The outer view from outside is creepy to her. She's glad that she didn't see Becca's body after weeks of the homecoming day. If she has seen it, it will haunt her triple times than now.

She finally closed the window and something weird caught her eyes.

Her painting book.

She didn't touch it for weeks. She slowly approached it and the page which caught her eyes is Becca's face painted in the book. Chloe's hand trembled from seeing that face. It's a pencil sketch of Becca's face. Becca has a fierce look in that drawing. Who drawn this picture when she didn't touch it for weeks. She didn't even take that book to school. Did someone enter her house? Is it M.W? or is it drawn by herself without her knowledge? Everyone wondered that she's a psychic.

" Can't you just go away from my life, please," she silently pleaded and thrown the whole book in the dustbin? She turned off the light and slept with her blanket covering her whole body. She's so afraid to pop her face up from the blanket. Becca's face is still in her drawing book.

Finally, she slept peacefully. But that didn't lose long. She started sweating and opened up her blanket and she suddenly saw someone sitting on her bed showing their back. She closed the door. Who could it be? She's sure it's not Caleb. It's a figure of some girl.

Chloe wished she's dead or having a nightmare. She closed her eyes but nothing changed. Her heartbeat was loud enough to be felt by herself without keeping her hands near her heart.

She wanted to ask " who are you?" but her voice got struck. All she does is move many feet away from her bed.

" Did I woke you up?" The girl asked and turned, facing Chloe. Even in the dark Chloe is sure that is Becca's face.

How the hell is that possible?

" Becca..." Chloe kept her hands on her mouth. She's sure that voice belonged to Becca. What the hell is happening in this world.

" It's me. Long time no see, loser. How are you?" Becca asked holding a scissor and playing with it.

" You are alive? It's not possible."

"So you want me to be dead. Aren't you happy that Iam standing in front of you?" she asked walking towards the dustbin. She's still the same dress she has worn for her homecoming. Everything's the same except she's perfectly alright. She took Chloe's drawing and keenly looked at her face.

"I never wanted you to be dead. But now I wanted you to be dead. You are the one who locked me in the locker. You are the reason for my misery. What are you? A ghost? Don't play with me?" Chloe sobbed.

" Oh loser, please don't cry. I should be the one to be crying right now? But anyways Iam alive. See for yourself." Becca stepped towards Chloe and smiled which she never did when she was alive.

" No, you are not. It's got to be a nightmare," Chloe repeated the words wishing she would wake up from this terrible moment.

" If you don't trust me. Then touch me," Becca lifted her hands to let Chloe touch her. The voice and face may belong to Becca but the way she smiles is weird and didn't suit Becca.

" Okay, But please don't kill me," Chloe muttered while bringing her hands slowly.

Please disappear

Please disappear

Please disappear

Chloe muttered to herself and finally, she's about to touch Becca's hands.....

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