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C4 Doubts

" Chloe, get up. Get up. I am here with you little sis. Don't cry," Chloe finally got up from the worst nightmare which doesn't seem like a dream at all.

She looked at Caleb who looked more terrific than her.

" Oh god, finally you woke up," he hugged her happily. She took a deep breath and tried to remember what happened after she tried to touch Becca's hand. But the part seems empty. Plus how did Caleb came inside when the door was locked. Did Becca was really there yesterday night?

" Did you got any bad dreams?" He asked her sitting next to her in her bed.

" Yeah, I did. I don't wanna talk about that but Iam happy that you woke me up," she told him with tears in her eyes. She's still crying. The night sky changed to morning and there's no need to afraid anymore.

" You should have called me if you are so afraid. I would have stayed with you in your room." He said getting up from the bed and ran a hand through his hair. After some minutes of silence, they both got relived. The birds chirping, morning vibes got them back to a normal state when they didn't have any problems. But it' not permanent. Now there life isn't the same. It won't go back until they find M.W.

When Caleb left her room Chloe's on her way to the bathroom. Her hair is so messed up. Suddenly she got sight of her desk where the drawing book is lying opened. The page where Becca's face was drawn is torn. It's gone.

" How's that possible? What if everything that happened is true?" she whispered to herself and something solid is touching her bare feet. She looked down to see a scissor lying on the floor. Suddenly the vision of Becca with a scissor appeared in her mind. It's the same scissor.

" What the hell?"


" Hi, Here's your breakfast. How are you feeling?" Care carried a plate with bread toasts and approached Jason who is lying in his bed. He's lucky that he's right hand in perfect. He's left hand is broken which needs more than a month to heal.

"Yeah, Iam good. Where is Char?" He expected to see Charlotte in the early morning.

" She's talking with her Scott about Roshord High," Care placed the plate on the table and took a seat next to him.

" Oh okay," Jason nodded.

" So what happened? How did you get into that accident?" She asked him to figure out something about M.W. No one knows what happened to Jason when he got into the accident.

" Um...I am always careful while driving but yesterday everything felt different. After I got my car back from service, the whole road was empty but suddenly someone appeared all of a sudden. I think it's a man. That person is fully dressed in a black shirt, jeans, and a leather jacket with a wolf mask on his face. The mask was so horrible that I can't even keep eye contact with him. I expected him to move but he stayed right there and I lost my control. Thank god, Charlotte called the ambulance, or I will be dead right now," Jason said everything like it doesn't matter. He's happy that he's alive but Care's whole body is shivering right now.

She and Caleb saw that Wolf masked person for the first time in a restricted house near the graveyard when she lost her Diary. Now the most essential thing has revealed.

M.W is a man. He's the one in that wolf mask. It's got to be the truth. Care needs to tell this to others.

" Caroline," Jason called her fifth time an she's back to present.

" Yeah,"

" I called you many times. What happened?"

" Nothing. I need to go," she rushed herself towards the door which made Jason Doubt on her. Every truth or lies can be seen through eyes and it's always pretty easy to identify.

" It's nothing? You are calm for a second. Now why are you running?" he glared at her. Whether she keeps a secret or not. that's not gonna affect Jason cause he never saw Charlotte's sister till now. But deep inside his heart, he wants to know about the wolf masked person.

Charlotte entered the room right at the time. Care has a 'help me' look on her eyes when she saw Charlotte.

": What's going on? didn't you ate your breakfast?" she calmly asked ignoring Care's look.

" No. I didn't. I was telling how I got into that accident but then your sister looked so terrific. I asked her about it and she's not answering."

" Jason saw a wolf masked person before he got into that accident," Care whispered to her silently.

" He's already got involved in it. Can we tell him or not?" she stupidly added. Charlotte furiously looked at her sister and turned to Jason.

" Don't bother about it too much. Care is too afraid after Ruby's death and Becca's murder case. She's taking everything too seriously. You can tell me what happened after eating breakfast. You really need to take your food correctly or I will make you do it," she didn't show any fear. She can't involve Jason in this. He's already been targeted by M.W. Charlotte can bear it if she lost Jason.

" Okay madam, I will take my breakfast." Jason took his bread toast and smiled at her bossiness. He totally forgot about Caroline.

" I will come after ten minutes." she smiled at him before closing the door.

" Anything you know, tell it later. It's too dangerous to talk here and never think of involving Jason in this. I want to keep my boyfriend safe and away from M.W or whatever the hell it is."

"I wasn't going to tell him. I was afraid. Understand it. I won't tell it but if he finds it by himself, then it won't be good. Iam still talking for you," Care warned her.

" I need to keep him safe. That's all I can think. You got a call from Daniel. Go and take it. That's why I came inside. For god's safe, I came inside or you would have given him more doubts," she left her after telling this.

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