Masked ( Secrets and lies #2)/C5 Unexpected things can happen
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Masked ( Secrets and lies #2)/C5 Unexpected things can happen
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C5 Unexpected things can happen

" Iam back Scott," Charlotte told him once she's out of the room.

" Yeah. So what was I saying?" He asked her after being distracted by his inner thoughts. He's been waiting for her so long in the hospital. A best friends know whenever their friend needs help or companion.

" I was about to tell you about Roshord high. It's closed." He said after she took a seat next to him outside Jason's room.

" Yeah. After Becca's murder case and finding her body, the school decided not to open it until it's over," He explained.

' That means the school will start once Iam in jail,' she thought to herself and smiled nodded outside.

" Thanks for coming, Scott. I really needed a companion right at this time. I can't able to bear Jason's accident. Now I regret one thing..." She trailed off holding his hands.

" What's that? Don't hesitate Charlotte. You can tell me whatever you have in your mind,"

" I... Iam sorry. I avoided you this year as Iam busy. But I should have done that no matter how much Iam busy. We aren't close friends like when we are in high school. Iam the one who talked with you rarely. It's my fault. I wish we could go back to how we are used to be." She confessed after having it in her mind for a long time. She misses her best friend. This M.W person not gonna let them live happily hereafter, at least she could spend the rest of the time with the person who cares about her. She even decided to be nice to her sisters. She always scolds them and acts harshly even though she cares for them inside.

At least she should chance herself now. Maybe she wanted to try.


After some days:

" So thank you for inviting me to your house," Bianca politely spoke to Caleb. This is the first time he invited her to his house. It's a rare thing even for him. The school closed. That's the reason he called her to catch up with his homework. Bianca knew that but she still decided to come over.

Chloe is sitting in the hall painting something. She started painting after she saw Becca is her dream. There's still no proof whether it's a dream or not. Anyways, she decided to keep it personal to herself. No one knows about that.

" So this is how it will be done." Bianca thought maths to Caleb. They both are studying for an hour but never uttered a word anything other than subjects.

" Are you using me, Caleb?" Bianca suddenly blurted while he is tapping his pen on his desk.

" What? Iam...not" He stammered and got shocked by her sudden question.

" Sorry for asking like this. I can't hold it anymore. The Last time you talked with me in Homecoming and you never uttered a single word after that. Seriously, I can't able to bear it." she said nearly close to tears. He never knows she cares about him too much.

"Iam... I never meant to do like that, Bianca. Iam under so much stress this day. I didn't even talk with Elliot most of the time. Iam sorry." He apologized. He only regrets his action now. Now he knows the way he acted was really equal to using her.

" It's okay. I know you were grieving for Ruby. But you can't be like that forever. If you don't like me you should have told me face to face. Why are you talking nicely with me for some days and avoiding me the other days? You are killing me. Don't you see, Iam falling for you." she said everything in anger. She's not about to cry anymore but mad.

" You are..." His voice got stuck. He can't able to believe what she's saying and doesn't know how to respond. He's still not over Ruby but he accepted that's fate. Now is he breaking some other girl's heart without knowing it?

" I never meant to admit it, Caleb. But if I kept it inside me, it won't let me like happily. I had a crush on you since I saw you in the Lacrosse team this year. I was disappointed when I know you already have a girlfriend. I decided not to see you again or tried to think about you. But then after months, you lost Ruby, and one day I asked you to come with me on homecoming. The days passed and no matter how much you ignored me, I can't stop myself from falling for you, Caleb." Bianca told everything in an angry and disappointing way.

" I never meant to hurt you, Bianca. I have no idea that you felt like this. I never saw any girl after Ruby. But Iam really sorry for hurting you. I mean it." That's how he apologized from his heart.

" I hope you won't avoid me again. But hereafter I can't hide anything I feel. You can take your own time but All I know is I love you." she said and kissed him without thinking. She didn't worry about how he will respond to her sudden movement. She's a little bit afraid that he will turn her down.

But that didn't happen. He kissed her back. This is the first time he's feeling girl's lips other than Ruby. He doesn't feel the same way he felt for Ruby but Bianca's nothing but a good girl. She kept her feeling all to herself just because he has a girlfriend. All her character melted his heart.

For a second he regretted why didn't he noticed this girl all this time. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. Neither of them didn't expect this day, studying in his home will end up like this.


" Iam in the studio. Where are you, Dan?" Caroline talked to Daniel on the phone while waiting for him in studio where there will a scene going to be taken today.

" Iam coming on my way Care. My dear girlfriend." He said smiling on the other side of the phone.

" You should not call me ' girlfriend' when you are outside. You know that right? My rules just for some months." she remember him.

" But who's gonna hear our phone conversation?"

" Many will. You are a celebrity." she simply answered and someone tapped her should all of a sudden.

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