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C1 Rage

"Shen Yuan, don't be too greedy! I will definitely not share the company's shares with you!" The middle-aged man slammed his hand heavily on the table, his face full of anger.

The young girl sitting opposite him did not care about his anger. She stood up from the sofa, her eyes as cold as ice: "Then don't think that I will jump into that fire pit for your elder daughter. Mu family won't be willing to marry a corpse into that fire pit. "

"Stop right there!" Shen Tianlu saw that she was about to leave, so he quickly asked her to stay.

Shen Yuan did not leave a trace. She knew that Shen Tianlu would keep her. The date of marriage with Mu family was imminent. He had to persuade her to marry as soon as possible.

"How is it? Have you thought about it?" Shen Yuan stopped and looked at Shen Tianlu with a sarcastic expression. "As long as you give up some of the company's shares, someone will marry your beloved eldest daughter to the young master of Mu family. This business is not a loss to a good father like you. "

The smile on Shen Yuan's lips was polite and cold, as if the person in front of her was not her father, but a target of the deal.

Obviously, Shen Tianlu did not put his daughter in his heart. Hearing what she said, his eyes were filled with disgust as he stared at her. "Shen Yuan, a person like you is only worthy of being with that cripple young master Mu. Being able to marry into a wealthy family like the Mu family is already a compliment to you. Don't give me face and be shameless. "

His words were too direct and unpleasant to hear. Shen Yuan's hand that was placed beside her clenched into a fist, and there was a sharp pain in her palm.

She restrained the smile on her lips and retorted without any hesitation, "Why don't you give this face to Shen Xixi? A wealthy family like Mu family is not suitable for your spoiled elder daughter. When she marries over, she will have endless wealth and glory. Other than being a widow, there are no shortcomings. "

The word widow was emphasized by Shen Yuan. She knew that Shen Tianlu would not let the beloved Shen Xixi marry because of this.

After Shen Tianlu heard it, he did not say anything. He gritted his teeth unwillingly and fell into deep thought.

Shen Yuan was right. Everyone in the Mu family wanted to marry. However, the prerequisite was that the person to marry was not Master young master Mu, Mu Shenghee!

Mu Shenghee was the young master of the Mu family in name, but in fact, the current leader of the Mu family was his uncle. It was just that his parents died early and were adopted.

Therefore, Mu Shenghee's position in the Mu family was very awkward. He was considered a peripheral figure who had been neglected. In addition, this young master had been in a car accident when he was young. His legs were unable to walk and he had also lost the ability to reproduce. Therefore, he had become eccentric and eccentric, and few people could get close to him.

If it was any other time, Shen Tianlu would definitely be willing to marry the daughter of the Shen family after hearing that the Mu family wanted to marry the daughter of the Shen family. However, if the target was Mu Shenghee, he would naturally be reluctant to marry his precious daughter, Shen Xixi.

"Alright!" Shen Tianlu hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth, and agreed. He looked at Shen Yuan with a gloomy and angry look. "Go and meet Mu Shenghee tomorrow. As long as you can settle him, we will sign the equity transfer contract. "

He was angry in his heart. He looked at Shen Yuan with an unfriendly look. He looked at her with disdain and added in a disdainful tone. "But according to your means, it should not be a problem to deal with Mu Shenghee. "

"That's right. " The corner of Shen Yuan's lips curled into a mocking smile. There was not a trace of a smile in her eyes. "But as long as you have a conscience as a father, you will not let your daughter settle a man. "

After she finished speaking, she no longer paid any attention to the sudden change in Shen Tianlu's expression, and turned around to leave.

She didn't want to stay here for another second!

"Shen Yuan!"

Just as she walked out of the Shen family's gate, a female voice suddenly called out to her.

Shen Yuan turned around and expressionlessly looked at the woman in front of her, who was obviously waiting for her here - Shen Xixi's mother, Lee Hongmei.

Lee Hongmei walked closer to her and her charming face revealed a disdainful and jealous smile, "Have you made a deal with your father? Mu Shenghee should be a good choice for you. After all, not everyone can marry into a wealthy family like the Mu family. You should thank Xixi. . . "

" Then why not let Shen Xixi marry herself? " Shen Yuan impatiently interrupted her, her eyes filled with coldness and sarcasm.

What a joke. Shen Tianlu and Lee Hongmei married into the Wealthy Class one by one, as if it was such a good thing, but they were also unwilling to let their most beloved Shen Xixi marry into the Wealthy Class.

She could tell what they were thinking with one look. It was because they did not want Shen Xixi to marry Mu Shenghee to live as a widow, but they were jealous and unwilling to let her marry into the family. It was a rich family like the Mu family.

Lee Hongmei choked on her words and her face sank. She lifted her chin and said with a sharp and harsh tone, "How can our Xixi marry a cripple? But you, an unmarried woman who doesn't even know who the father of the child is, just so happens to be a match for that disabled young master from the Mu family. "

"Oh, that's right!" Lee Hongmei suddenly thought of something and covered her mouth. She sneered with malicious intentions, "I heard that Master young master Mu cannot give birth. It just so happens that he can be that cheap father of that little b * tch. "

Shen Yuan's eyes instantly turned cold and her entire body was filled with an oppressive and cold aura. She stared at Lee Hongmei with a cold and sharp gaze.

Lee Hongmei was startled by her gaze and could not help but take two steps back. But she immediately raised her head and said firmly, "What? Did I say something wrong?"

"Huh. " Shen Yuan sneered. Her cold tone made people's heart palpitate for no reason. She looked at Lee Hongmei with disdain and hatred in her eyes. "No matter what, I am still more noble than a woman who is Mo's wife and the illegitimate daughter that Mo gave birth to. "

"Who are you calling Mo!?" Lee Hongmei seemed to have been stabbed in the leg and her face instantly became distorted. She raised her voice and shouted with a sharp voice. "I knew your father earlier than your mother! We are the true love!"

True love?

Shen Yuan only felt that it was ironic when she heard that. Her mother fought with all her might to help Shen Tianlu set up the company for the sake of Shen Tianlu and the family. In the end, when she was seriously ill, she was barged into the ward by Mo. She proudly declared that she was the true love.

Furthermore, she even brought along a daughter who was older than her.

Only then did they know that before Shen Tianlu married her mother, Shen Tianlu and his university girlfriend Lee Hongmei, who had already broken up, had rekindled and even gave birth to a daughter that was even older than Shen Yuan!

For the sake of the company's shares, Shen Tianlu had always kept it from them. It was only when her mother was at her last breath that Lee Hongmei could not help but appear and flaunt in front of the main wife.

If this was the so-called true love, then it would be too disgusting and disgusting.

Thinking of the past, Shen Yuan's expression became even colder. She looked at Lee Hongmei and her heart was filled with hatred.

What Lee Hongmei and Shen Tianlu owed her mother, she would bring it all over sooner or later!

"You better not be so eccentric in front of me anymore. " Shen Yuan was extremely annoyed, and she warned her impatiently, "Don't forget, Shen Xixi is still waiting for me to marry Mu Shenghee on her behalf. If you annoy me, then just wait to pack Shen Xixi up and send her to the Mu family!"

Lee Hongmei's expression changed drastically, "You. . . "

The phone rang and interrupted her words.

Shen Yuan took out her phone and looked at the caller ID. Suddenly, she patted her head in annoyance. She no longer paid attention to Lee Hongmei and ran into the car while answering the phone.

"Shen Yuan! Do you still want your daughter?!"

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