Master Mu Becomes New Daddy/C10 I'll Take Care of the Shop
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Master Mu Becomes New Daddy/C10 I'll Take Care of the Shop
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C10 I'll Take Care of the Shop

Maybe the shocking price shocked Shen Xixi. In an instant, her expression changed. She could not hang on any longer.


Who would have thought that this dress would be so expensive?!

It was ten times more expensive than the ones she usually bought. . . .

Now, no matter how much Shen Xixi liked this dress, she couldn't buy it because she didn't have that much money in her card.

When she was so flustered that she didn't know how to end it, her eyes suddenly turned and a plan arose in her heart.

Then, she smiled and said to Shen Yuan, "Younger sister, since you also like this dress?"

"Then I will give it to you. "

Shen Xixi's attitude seemed to have changed into a different person, but the ridicule between her eyebrows fell into Shen Yuan's eyes.

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone in the shop looked at her as if they were watching a good show.

Shen Yuan sneered in her heart. Did they make up their minds that she could not afford it?

Her slender and fair index finger and middle finger held a black card between them. She handed it to the clerk's younger sister and said lightly, "Help me wrap it up. "

When Shen Yuan took out the black card with golden edges, everyone in the shop immediately widened their eyes and stared blankly at the card.

The shopping guide's younger sister only remembered her job after more than ten seconds. Trembling, she took the card from Shen Yuan.

This is. . .

A black card!

There are only ten black cards in the world that you can't find the eleventh one no matter how hard you try!

As far as she knew, the only person who had a black card was the young master from the Mu family, who was sitting in a wheelchair. . . .

"Shop owner, this. . . After the clerk's little sister received the black card, it was as if she was holding a precious treasure in her hand. She usually swiped the customer card without blinking. She stood in place and did not dare to move. She cast a pleading look at the middle-aged woman.

"Impossible! This must be a fake!"

Shen Xixi called out at this moment.

When Shen Yuan took out the black card, she was in disbelief in her heart and completely forgot about Mu Shenghee having the black card.

She only knew that Shen Yuan could not possibly have the black card!

With Shen Yuan's current salary, it was impossible to buy this dress!

The only explanation was that Shen Yuan was simply charging a large sum!

Shen Xixi, who had a storm in her heart, smartly saw through Shen Yuan's little trick. "Tsk tsk," she said, "Shen Yuan, stop pretending. If you can't afford it, then you can't!"

After hearing that it was fake, the salespeople who were about to flatter Shen Yuan stopped and immediately put on a dirty face.

"Miss. This is boring. You actually used a fake card to blackmail us. . . "

Shen Yuan looked at the new drama because of Shen Xixi and was somewhat speechless in her heart. She only wanted to buy a piece of clothing to change into but it was so difficult?

As for Shen Xixi who was looking at her with an overbearing expression, she was even more speechless.

Whether it was true or not, wouldn't she know after brushing it?

Could a fake card really be used?

Just as Shen Yuan was speechless to argue, a deep and magnetic voice sounded in the shop, "She can't afford it, but I can. "

Shen Yuan raised her eyebrows when she heard the familiar voice.

Mu Shenghee sat in the wheelchair and was slowly pushed in by Yang Wen. The two saleswomen looked at each other with a dumbfounded expression.

What kind of fantasy day was today?

They had heard that Young Master Mu was crippled at any time, and could be peerlessly handsome. He could even sit in a wheelchair in public places.

The man in front of him had handsome facial features and his entire body was emitting a scorching light. The aura of a superior person flowed between his brows.

He must be the legendary Lord young master Mu, Mu Shenghee.

"Mu. . . Young Master Mu. The clerk swallowed her saliva and tried calling out.

The man's expression was cold and solemn. His thin lips were tightly pursed and he did not reply.

The tour guide's little sister was so scared that her soul almost flew out. Does this mean that. . . Did he tacitly agree?

"Cough cough. " The shop owner cleared his voice and gave the shop assistant a look. In his heart, he scolded her for being blind.

"Young Master Mu, you've suddenly come to our shop. It's truly our shop's honor to have you!" Only then did the shop assistant react. She excitedly went up to the shop assistant and used the official word official.

Compared to the salesgirl's enthusiastic and fake smile, the cold smile on Mu Shenghee's face made people feel extremely cold.

Mu Shenghee silently sneered. He raised his eyelids and the corners of his mouth lifted up slightly. "From Miss Shen's words, I, someone's wife, can't afford a dress?"


In an instant, the two salespeople in the shop gasped in shock.

Young Master Mu had just said that this woman was his. His wife?!

Even Shen Xixi, who knew about the family's marriage, could not help but feel surprised in her heart. When did Shen Yuan become Mu Shenghee's wife?

Could it be that the two of them had already received the certificate?

"Young Master Mu, that's not what I meant. . . . " Although Mu Shenghee couldn't stand and walk like a normal man, Shen Xixi did not expect him to be so handsome after seeing him today. . . .

At that second, Shen Xixi admitted that she was tempted.

This kind of god-like man. . . If he was disabled, even if he could not marry him. . . It wasn't that he couldn't. . . .

Shen Xixi's heart thirsted for a man's body. At the same time, she could not help but think that if nothing unexpected happened, this man would become her, Shen Xixi!

Shen Xixi completely forgot that it was clearly her who was unwilling to marry a man earlier, so she attributed all of this to Shen Yuan.

"Then I'm afraid I will disappoint everyone. " Mu Shenghee saw that everyone present was silent like cicadas in winter and held Shen Yuan's hand, "My wife not only bought this dress, but she can also cover the entire store. "

As soon as the man finished speaking, the two salesgirls in the store were stunned.

What did Young Master Mu mean by this?

Could it be that he wanted to. . . . . .

"You've been fired. "

Mu Shenghee said calmly, as if he was talking about something as simple as eating and drinking.

"This shop belongs to my wife now. "

The man kept calling her 'wife', which made Shen Yuan's face slowly turn red.

As for the two salesgirls and Shen Xixi, their faces turned green.

She really did not expect that the ending would be like this. The young salesgirl pulled her face bitterly and wanted to cry but had no tears.

She had just found a job, and she lost it in less than half a month. . .

However, no one dared to disobey Mu Shenghee's words. They could only watch as the woman picked up her clothes and left the shop with Mu Shenghee.

Seeing the two of them walk further and further away, Shen Xixi felt more and more indignant.

Mu Shenghee originally belonged to her!

Thinking that he would actually carry Shen Yuan on his back and suppress her, Shen Xixi, who had always been arrogant and domineering, was filled with jealousy in her heart.

Her sharp nails pierced into her palm but she did not seem to be aware of the pain at all. Her face, which had been carefully put on makeup, was now repulsive and distorted.

After a long while, she gritted her teeth and spat out a sentence, "Shen Yuan, just you wait!"

After they left the shopping mall, Shen Yuan followed Mu Shenghee back to the car.

The car started to drive, but the atmosphere in the car was cold. Shen Yuan and Mu Shenghee did not speak, as if nothing had happened.

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