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C2 Little Star

"Yes, yes, yes!" Shen Yuan started the car and said in an eager tone, "I am going to the kindergarten to pick up the stars now!"

Lee Xue, who was on the other end of the phone, ridiculed her, "The kindergarten has been closed for a long time! I brought the stars back to your home and quickly go home! Otherwise, I will kidnap your daughter! "

Before Shen Yuan could reply, the person on the other side of the phone changed. A young and childish voice called out, "Mom!"

Shen Yuan's face could not help but reveal a pampering smile and her voice was very gentle. "Good star, have you eaten yet? Mom will be home soon. "

"I've eaten. " Star replied obediently and did not forget to remind her worriedly, "Mom, don't be anxious. Be careful when you drive. I won't be taken away by Auntie Snowy. "

"Star, you are too much! What's wrong with following Auntie Snowy?"

"Auntie Snowy is very good, but the mother in the world is the best!"

. . .

Shen Yuan couldn't help but laugh when she heard the two people laughing and playing on the other side of the phone. Her mood, which had become heavy and terrible in Shen family, also relaxed at this moment.

She wished that she could go back home and hug her little angel in the next second. Unfortunately, the traffic in the city was not good and it happened to be the peak hour after work. She had to block the road for an hour before she got home.

When she opened the door, she saw Stars hugging the doll and sleeping soundly in Lee Xue's arms.

Shen Yuan walked over and gently picked up the stars and placed her on the bed.

Raising her hand to tap the hair on the stars' face, Shen Yuan looked down at her with eyes full of tenderness.

She was now working at a large jewelry company in the country. She had just been promoted from a small assistant to a designer and was still in the probation period, so she was under a lot of pressure. It was common for her to work overtime and stay up late.

Luckily, Star had always been sensible. Every day, she would obediently not cry or make a fuss. She would even bring a glass of water when she stayed up all night.

No matter how tired she was at work, as long as she saw the stars, her mood would instantly improve. Her heart, which had become cold and hard when she struggled outside, would also soften into a pool of water.

"The kindergarten is playing games today. The stars are playing very happily. " Seeing that she closed the door of Star's room and came out, Lee Xue handed her a cup of coffee and smiled as she mentioned the matters of the kindergarten.

Shen Yuan took it and looked at Lee Xue with touched eyes, "Little Xue, thank you. . . "

This sentence of thanks was sincere. Lee Xue was a friend that she had played with in high school. Every time she did not have time to pick up the stars, she would help to pick up the stars.

Every time Shen Yuan was so busy that her feet did not touch the ground and did not have time to pick up the stars after school, Lee Xue would help her take care of the stars and solve a lot of problems for her.

"Stop, don't play sensational games with me. " Lee Xue smiled and patted her shoulder. Then, she put away her smile and was a little worried. "What did you and your dad say today? Do you really want to help Shen Xixi marry that Mu Shenghee?"

"Yes. " Shen Yuan nodded as if nothing had happened. She nodded.

"Your father is really not a thing!" Lee Xue cursed with hatred and fought for Shen Yuan's injustice. "He did not want to part with Shen Xixi. Why did he want you to jump into the fire pit!"

"He did not treat me as his daughter for a long time. " Shen Yuan smiled and there was no emotion in her lowered eyes. "At least I can get the shares of Shen's. I will not be at a disadvantage in this business. "

"But. . . "

"No matter what, I will definitely get the shares of the Shen's back. " Shen Yuan's tone was low but firm. She smiled at Lee Xue and comforted her, "Don't worry, I know what to do. "

Lee Xue wanted to say something but stopped herself. She was full of worry but she also knew Shen Yuan's character of not turning back after making a decision. She could only swallow her words of dissuasion, leaving her heart full of pain towards Shen Yuan.

In the Mu family's villa, the people of Mu family were sitting opposite each other in the living room. They were silent and the atmosphere was a little strange.

Finally, the middle-aged man sitting in the upper seat opened his mouth and said: "Shenghee, the meeting with the daughter of Shen family will be held at six o'clock tomorrow afternoon. You should prepare well. "

This was the current head of the Mu family, Mu Gan Guang. He was also the person with the most authority in the Mu family. No one could refute his decision.

As his voice fell, the Mu family looked at the man sitting in the corner in unison. Their eyes were mixed with ridicule, schadenfreude, contempt, and other emotions.

The man was originally reading a book with his head lowered. As if he had noticed these gazes, he raised his head and lifted his eyes to look at them one by one.

His appearance was extremely good, and the outline of his face was exquisite and profound like a knife. His perfect features seemed like a work of art that had been meticulously carved, and they revealed an exquisite and noble aura. His pitch black eyes were like cold stars, fierce and cold, causing others to not dare look directly at him.

If one only looked at his appearance, he would undoubtedly be considered a lucky person who had been blessed by the heavens. Even the most popular male star in the entertainment industry could not compare to his handsome looks.

However, his entire body was filled with a gloomy and cold aura, making people feel uncomfortable looking at him.

However, it could also be understood. After all, his legs. . .

His gaze was too cold. The people from the Mu family felt a chill in their hearts. They shifted their gazes away uneasily, and their gazes unconsciously fell on his leg.

Mu Shenghee was sitting in a wheelchair. He saw the expressions of everyone present, but his pitch-black eyes did not show any emotion. His thin lips curled into a mocking smile. "I'm just a cripple. What's there to be prepared for?"

"You do know your own limitations. "

Without waiting for Mu Jianguang to speak, the second young master of Mu family, Mu Hongyi, couldn't wait to ridicule him, "Although father originally took a fancy to the young lady of Shen family, Shen Xixi, you have to understand the Shen family. She spoiled her elder daughter, so she definitely won't be willing to marry you. "

Thinking of what Shen Tianlu said on the phone, Mu Hongyi felt relieved in his heart. The malice in his tone became even more obvious. "It's the second daughter of that family, a single mother and a cripple who can't bear children. They are a perfect match. "

"Alright. " Only when Mu Hongyi finished speaking did Mu Jianguang open his mouth to stop him with an indifferent tone. "Although Shen Yuan's reputation is not good, she is also famous for being a beauty in the circle. "

After he finished speaking, he stared straight at Mu Shenghee, not letting go of any of his reactions.

Mu Shenghee saw the vigilance and vigilance in his eyes and could not help but laugh in his heart.

This uncle of his was really cautious. It had been almost ten years, yet he still stared at him with such unscrupulous means, testing him, afraid that he would have a chance to rise up.

Although he felt disdain in his heart, Mu Shenghee did not show any expression on his face. He nodded indifferently. "Got it. I will go tomorrow. "

This was the promise of this marriage.

Mu Gan Guang let out a sigh of relief. The vigilance in his eyes also dissipated a lot.

However, Shen Yuan's reputation in the upper class was not very good after all. If he wanted Mu Shenghee to marry such a woman, he would have to give her a sweet date to taste.

He looked at Mu Shenghee and a smile appeared in his eyes. "I didn't agree to let you move out earlier because I was afraid that you wouldn't have anyone to take care of you. When you get married, I will naturally be relieved that you and your wife will move out and live in another house. "

"Okay. "

Mu Shenghee nodded slightly and didn't say anything else. He signaled his assistant to push him back to the room.

"Boss, he is too much!" Once the door was closed, the assistant Yang Wen said angrily.

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