Master Mu Becomes New Daddy/C3 An Interesting Soul
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Master Mu Becomes New Daddy/C3 An Interesting Soul
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C3 An Interesting Soul

"Mu Gan Guang is clearly using his marriage to suppress you. That Shen Yuan has no status in the Shen family, and she has a five-year-old daughter whose father is unknown. Everyone in the upper circle knows about this. He really doesn't take you seriously by asking you to marry such a woman!"

There was no one else. Mu Shenghee's gloomy and cold temperament in front of outsiders instantly dissipated. His eyes were still cold and indifferent, but they also seemed to be clear-headed and wise. A dangerous aura lingered around his body, like a cheetah hiding and enduring. He only waited for the right time to reveal his sharp claws to everyone.

He picked up the information on the table. It was the detailed information about Shen Yuan and Shen Xixi. From birth until now, everything was listed on it.

If this information was seen by Mu Gan Guang, he would definitely understand that Mu Shenghee's current power had far exceeded his understanding.

Mu Shenghee flipped through the document, his eyes dark and unclear. When he saw the design of Shen Yuan's new drawing, the corner of his lips lifted slightly, and a playful smile appeared on his face. " This time, I'm afraid that Mu Gan Guang might have misread it. This Shen Yuan is much more interesting than Shen Xixi. "

Probably to take care of Mu Shenghee's leg inconvenience, the two of them met in a coffee shop not far from the Mu family villa.

Fortunately, Shen Yuan had just finished a case in her hands, so she could get off work on time and arrive at the place at the appointed time.

This marriage was a business deal to her. If she deliberately took a leave of absence for this business deal, it was really not worth it.

One had to know that the jewelry company she worked in didn't lack anything. It was a small designer like her. Moreover, if she took a leave of absence right after her promotion, it was inevitable that people would gossip about her.

Shen Yuan ran to the entrance of the coffee shop and took a look at her watch. After making sure that she was not late, she calmed herself down and opened the door. Her eyes scanned the coffee shop and then fixed on the man sitting in the corner.

Although she had never seen Mu Shenghee before, he was the only person in a wheelchair in the entire coffee shop. It was really easy to recognize him.

Shen Yuan walked over in her high heels and sat in front of the man. When she saw Mu Shenghee's face clearly, she could not help but be slightly stunned.

Before she came, she imagined that Mu Shenghee should be a thin and thin man with a strange temperament.

However, the man in front of her was not thin. On the contrary, she could see that he had a strong body through the suit. She really did not expect that Mu Shenghee, who was rumored to be worthless by the outside world, would actually be so handsome.

Shen Yuan was surprised in her heart, but she quickly reacted and revealed a polite and polite smile. "Hello, I am Shen Yuan. "

Mu Shenghee narrowed his eyes and did not say anything. He looked at her from head to toe.

Shen Yuan needed to go to work today, so she did not specially dress up. She only wore her daily work attire, a white shirt and jeans. There was light makeup on her face, but it could only be seen that her lips were covered with lipstick.

Although her dressing was simple, her face was really worthy of the words beauty from Mu Gan Guang. Her pair of big eyes were like autumn water, charming but not enchanting. Coupled with her neat and experienced aura, it was exceptionally attractive.

"She is indeed not bad looking. " Mu Shenghee spoke faintly, but his tone revealed a bit of casual ridicule. "No wonder she has the confidence to marry me when she has a child. "

He directly pointed out the matter of the child. Shen Yuan could also hear his disdain and ridicule from his tone, but before she came, she was prepared to face these things, so she was not angry.

But she also did not plan to admit defeat.

"Young Master Mu, is your leg really not going to be cured?" Shen Yuan lightly smiled and calmly asked this heart piercing question.

As soon as she finished speaking, Mu Shenghee's face instantly turned cold. His eyes revealed a terrifying coldness, and the atmosphere instantly became stiff and strange.

His aura suddenly became powerful, causing Shen Yuan's heart to slightly shrink. Her entire body couldn't help but stiffen, but she pretended to be calm and looked at him without dodging.

Her meaning was very obvious. She had a child, but he was a disabled person and did not seem to have the qualifications to dislike her.

After marrying Mu Shenghee, even if she had to do face, she had to live with him. If she was at a disadvantage now, then her future life would definitely be even worse.

Shen Yuan could bear everything, but she would not let the stars suffer.

"You are quite bold. " Mu Shenghee's face was gloomy, and his tone was filled with ruthlessness. He looked at Shen Yuan as if he was going to tear her apart in the next moment.

Shen Yuan clenched her wet fists and took a deep breath to maintain the smile on her face. Her eyes were clear and she tried to negotiate with him without showing any fear. "Young Master Mu, you should have known that I have a child long ago. But if you had the right to choose, you would not have come to see me today. "

This woman was quite smart. Her words hit the nail on the head.

Mu Shenghee's eyebrows moved slightly, but he didn't say anything. He narrowed his eyes and sized up this woman.

He understood this woman's background, as well as her goal and ambition.

Last night, his subordinate sent him a message. This woman had made a deal with Shen Tianlu, and used her marriage with him to exchange for the Shen's's shares.

At this time, she should be eager to convince him to agree to this marriage, but her words were not willing to let him show any weakness. Instead, she chose to attack his weakness.

This was a smart, powerful, and scheming woman.

It was very to his liking.

Shen Yuan felt that Mu Shenghee's eyes were strange and unpredictable, like an abyss that could not see the bottom. She could not see any emotions from it, so she could only bite the bullet and continue.

"I heard that you were injured in a car accident. . . It is unlikely that you will have children in the future. If you are worried that I and my children will share the Mu family's property, then you can rest assured that we can sign the pre-marriage agreement. Besides, we can divorce at any time when you don't need this marriage. "

As she spoke, she wanted to say something but stopped halfway. Her eyes drifted downwards, and the meaning behind it was self-evident.

Mu Shenghee knew that in other people's eyes, he was a cripple who could not give birth, but when he saw Shen Yuan looking at his abdomen with her pair of charming peach blossom eyes and vaguely pointing at him, "No. " An indescribable restlessness inexplicably arose in his body.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and lazily leaned back on the chair. A wicked smile appeared on his lips. "Where am I hurt? Can I have a child? How would you know if you don't try?"

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