Master Mu Becomes New Daddy/C4 Recruitment Certificate
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Master Mu Becomes New Daddy/C4 Recruitment Certificate
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C4 Recruitment Certificate

When Shen Yuan heard this, she was stunned for a few seconds. When she understood, her face turned red. She was angry and embarrassed in her heart.

What did he mean?

Mu Shenghee calmly looked at the woman in front of him, who was clearly angry and angry, but still held back her calm appearance. He found it funny in his heart.

This appearance was much more pleasing to the eye compared to the aggressive and astute manner just now.

"Young Master Mu!" Shen Yuan endured her anger and her pair of watery eyes became brighter because of the anger. She avoided Mu Shenghee's words and directly asked him, "If Young Master Mu does not have any other opinions, then let's be a little more straightforward and go to collect the certificate tomorrow?"

She had already guessed Mu Shenghee's current situation. A young master who was not favoured and had a disability. If he wanted to continue living in the Mu family, he had no right to resist the patriarch of the Mu Family.

As for the patriarch of the Mu family. . . He obviously didn't care who Mu Shenghee married. If she wasn't wrong, he wouldn't have the right to oppose the patriarch of the Mu family. Compared to Shen Xixi who was favoured, he should want Mu Shenghee, this nephew, to marry him who was not favoured and had a bad reputation.

Therefore, Mu Shenghee must marry her!

Looking at her determined and domineering attitude, Mu Shenghee could tell what she was thinking with just a glance.

However, the only thing she didn't expect was that he wasn't afraid of Mu Gan Guang. In fact, as long as he wanted to, he could destroy the Mu family. But now. . . Wasn't the time yet.

A trace of coldness flashed through Mu Shenghee's eyes. A terrifying coldness was emitted from his body. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman in front of him. Without batting an eyelid, he nodded slightly. "Alright. Tomorrow at three o'clock in the afternoon, I will send the driver to pick you up. "

Although she knew that Mu Shenghee would definitely agree in the end, Shen Yuan still heaved a sigh of relief when she really heard him agree. A big stone in her heart fell to the ground.

Watching Mu Shenghee leave, Shen Yuan immediately relaxed her back and straightened her back. Only then did she realize that her back was covered in cold sweat.

This man's aura was really strong. The pressure he gave off did not seem like a disabled person who sat in a wheelchair all year long.

Although Mu Shenghee had agreed to get his certificate the next day, he and Shen Yuan had been promoted at the same time in the company. There was also a female designer. It was said that there were relatives and the company's supervisor in the family who knew each other.

Shen Yuan was competing with her for a new project. At this time, every day she applied for leave was to give her opponent something to use against her.

So she still worked for half a day and only had time to collect the certificate in the afternoon.

She arranged the time just right. When she arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau, she was just ten minutes away from three o'clock, and Mu Shenghee had not arrived yet.

Shen Yuan stood at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau, waiting for Mu Shenghee. Suddenly, her phone rang. When she saw the caller ID, her heart trembled.

Why did Lee Xue call at this time? Could it be that something happened to the stars?

She quickly picked up the phone and Lee Xue's anxious voice came from the other side, "Shen Yuan, quickly come to the kindergarten. The stars are fighting with other people. The parents here are not going to let this go. . . Sigh, this parent, calm down!"

The phone was suddenly hung up in a hurry and Shen Yuan quickly called again. It was already turned off.

Stars fighting with other people? How is this possible?

Shen Yuan's mind went blank and her heart was in a panic. Once the stars were involved, she could not care about anything else. She continued to call Lee Xue and ran to the side of the road to call a taxi.

Sitting in the taxi, her hands were trembling, afraid that the stars would get hurt.

After arriving at the kindergarten, Shen Yuan ran straight to Lee Xue's office. Before she opened the door, she heard the crying cry of the stars. "I am not wrong!"

Shen Yuan's heart was clenched. She pushed open the door and saw the stars standing in the corner. She quickly ran over and grabbed her to check up and down. "Are you hurt?"

"Mom!!" When Star saw Shen Yuan, it was as if she suddenly had a backbone. She hugged her neck and cried loudly.

"Xingxing, be good. Don't cry. Don't cry. " Shen Yuan's heart ached but seeing that Xingxing did not seem to be in trouble, her heart also calmed down a lot.

"Ha! She is not injured at all. The one who is injured is my son!" A sharp and piercing female voice suddenly rang out from the side, filled with dissatisfaction and anger.

Shen Yuan then let go of the stars and looked around the office. She saw a middle-aged woman covered in pearls looking at her fiercely and harshly. Beside her stood a little boy with a few scratches on his face.

Lee Xue who stood by the side helplessly introduced, "This is Xuan's mother, Wu Li. This is the mother of the stars, Shen Yuan. "

"Hello. " Shen Yuan greeted Xuan's mother. She looked at the little boy and asked with some hesitation, "This is Star Seizer?"

"What do you mean? Who else could it be other than her?" Wu Li heard Shen Yuan's question and immediately shouted. She stared at Shen Yuan with a face full of anger, "As expected, the son of a mouse knows how to dig holes. A daughter hitting someone will not admit her mistake and the mother will also not admit it!"

"I did not deny it. " Shen Yuan frowned and was somewhat disgusted with Wu Li's words. She only knew Star's character and would definitely not hit people for no reason.

Shen Yuan bent down and touched Star's head. She softened her voice and asked her. Star, did you scratch Xuan's face? Why did you fight with him?"

There were still tears on Xingxing's face as she cried. She held Shen Yuan's hand tightly and her dark eyes were filled with tears. She looked especially pitiful and nodded her head in grievance. "I caught it, but I did not do anything wrong!"

"You uncultured thing. You scratched my Xuan's face like this and you still refuse to admit your mistake!" Wu Li's eyes widened when she heard Star's reply. With a malevolent expression, she loudly cursed.

Shen Yuan stood up straight and her originally calm expression became cold. She looked at Wu Li and said with a cold expression, "Miss Wu, pay attention to your words! I believe that my daughter would not hit someone for no reason and also believe that she would not lie. The matter has not been clarified, you better calm down!"

"How do you want to clarify it?" Wu Li was frightened by Shen Yuan's expression for a moment, but she pulled Xuan to the front and raised her voice. She shouted in disdain and anger, "Are you blind? Can't you see the scratch on my son's face? You want to deny it? And you want to be shameless!"

" I. . . "

"Xuan Xuan was the one who scolded me first!" When Xingxing saw Wu Li scolding Shen Yuan, she suddenly took two steps forward and cried loudly at her.

Wu Li stared at Xingxing. "What did he scold you for? Are you going to catch him like this? "

Hearing her question, Xingxing turned around and threw herself into Shen Yuan's arms. She hugged her tightly and cried loudly. "Mother. . . He said that I am a bastard child, a child without a father. . . "

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