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C6 It's Cool

"But. " Mu Shenghee's tone was slightly raised, and his cold voice seemed to carry a trace of a smile. "The little guy is quite fierce, and he did not lose out in a fight at all. "

Hearing his reminder, Shen Yuan suddenly remembered this and immediately frowned. She turned Star's body to herself. "Star, no matter what, fighting is not right!"

"He was the one who scolded me first. " Star pouted and did not want to admit his mistake. Her eyes were red with grievance.

Shen Yuan thought of those words and also felt her heart ache. But she could not let Xingxing use violence to solve problems, not to mention the fact that she could not let Xingxing use violence to solve problems. She was a girl. If she fought, she would definitely suffer.

Thinking of this, Shen Yuan's expression became even more serious. Her tone could not help but have some anxiety, "Star! He scolded you. You can tell the teacher or mother, but you can't hit people, understand?"

"Why can't you hit people?" Mu Shenghee, who was standing at the side, suddenly snorted.

Shen Yuan did not expect him to interrupt and could not help but be stunned.

Mu Shenghee pulled the star in front of him and looked at her and asked, "You are called Star?"

"Yes. " Stars nodded and curled their lips. Finally, they could not help but shed tears.

She felt very wronged. It was clearly Xuan who first called her a bastard. But her mother said it was her. No, that's not right. But if she told the teacher, then the children in the kindergarten wouldn't play with her.

Besides, the teacher might not help her. She only knew how to comfort her. It was useless.

"Star, if anyone bullies you next time, hit them back hard. " Mu Shenghee's face was serious, and his words were evil. "Only if you hit them back, they will not continue to bully you. "

The stars looked at him blankly.

Shen Yuan was also stunned, but she immediately reacted. She was angry and anxious. "Mu Shenghee! What are you saying?"

"Isn't it?" Mu Shenghee raised his eyebrows slightly, and his ink-black eyes were filled with coldness. "When she was bullied, could you guarantee that you would be there to protect her? Can you guarantee that I can seek justice for her after this? Can you guarantee that she won't be raised by you to swallow her anger and swallow her anger, and that she will only complain behind your back? "

His tone was clearly very calm and did not press on, but three promises in a row made Shen Yuan speechless.

He was right, she could not guarantee.

"Then what if she is injured?" But Shen Yuan still did not agree with his view. In her view, the health and safety of the stars was the most important.

Mu Shenghee scoffed lightly, disapproving of it. "If she did not fight back, she would only be bullied even more fiercely. Sooner or later, she would suffer even more serious injuries. "

His tone was full of emotion, as if he had experienced these things.

Shen Yuan pursed her lips. She could not compete with Mu Shenghee, so she could only mock him angrily. "Do you think everyone else is like you, having the capital and background to bear the consequences of counterattacking?"

Just like today, if Mu Shenghee had not come. . . The management of kindergarten would definitely be biased towards Wu Li. After all, this was a world where the strong prey on the weak. It had already appeared since kindergarten.

Without a backer, no matter how reasonable you were, you would become unreasonable. This was reality.

Mu Shenghee looked at the woman in front of him who was angry and unconvinced. He found it a little funny.

This woman had a fearless attitude in front of him yesterday. Why was she so afraid of his hands and feet when it came to her daughter?

"Shen Yuan. " Mu Shenghee called her lightly. The corner of his mouth curled up into a beautiful smile. His face was extremely handsome to begin with. At this moment, the gloominess on his body had dissipated. There was a mischievous look in his eyes, and when he smiled, it was even more tempting.

Shen Yuan didn't mind for a moment. She was attracted by his smile, and the anger in her heart instantly dissipated by more than half.

Mu Shenghee looked at her and pointed at himself. His tone was overbearing and arrogant. "Did you forget that if you did not stand me up, we would be legally husband and wife now?"

Why did he bring this up again? Shen Yuan was still confused.

Mu Shenghee saw that she still did not understand and raised his eyebrows, saying with disappointment, "The meaning of legal husband and wife is that I am the biggest capital and backer for you and Star. "

This sentence circled in Shen Yuan's mind a few times. When she understood, her face inexplicably began to heat up, and she was actually unable to look directly at Mu Shenghee.

Her heart was beating strangely fast. This was the first time Shen Yuan had this kind of feeling. She could not help but touch her chest.

After such a delay, the Civil Affairs Bureau had already closed.

Mu Shenghee changed the time to the next day. He asked the driver to send them home and left.

When he returned to Mu family, Mu Shenghee was in a good mood. However, when he entered the living room, he saw two people sitting on the sofa. The corner of his mouth fell.

Mu Hongyi saw the change in his expression with his sharp eyes. He immediately raised his voice and shouted, "Big Brother, do you really not want to see us? He was smiling just now, and his face became gloomy the moment he entered the room! "

Yang Wen pushed Mu Shenghee in. He thought that this second young master was quite self-aware. Young Master Mu really didn't want to see them.

Mu Shenghee was too lazy to respond to him. He didn't even look at him before he prepared to return to his room.

Mu Hongyi was angered by his attitude and shouted in a strange tone, "Looks like you are very satisfied with Shen Yuan. She is in such a good mood with you, and you even withdrew the investment for Sun Qinxing for her!"

Mu Shenghee stopped his wheelchair and looked over coldly.

No wonder the father and son sat so neatly in the living room. It turned out that they were waiting for him here.

Mu Hongyi could not help but shiver when he saw Mu Shenghee's cold and threatening eyes. He could not help but shut his mouth, but he immediately reacted and felt even more furious in his heart.

He hated Mu Shenghee the most! He was clearly just a cripple, but he still kept a cold face every day. An extremely noble appearance!

Sooner or later, he would step on Mu Shenghee to the bottom of his feet!

With this thought, Mu Hongyi revealed a strange smile. He turned his head and said to Mu Gan Guang, who was sitting at the side with a serious expression, "Dad, since Big Brother likes Shen Yuan so much, then we must not treat them unfairly. This wedding must be held!"

At that time, everyone would know that this cripple, Mu Shenghee, had married the second young lady of Shen family, who had a terrible reputation. He no longer had the qualifications to compete with him for the Mu Family!

Once he became the ruler of the Mu Family, he would see how Mu Shenghee would continue to be arrogant!

Mu Gan Guang did not know what Mu Hongyi was thinking, but he was afraid of what Mu Shenghee had done today. Therefore, Mu Hongyi's suggestion was exactly what he wanted.

He looked at Mu Shenghee and said with a serious expression. " Hongyi was right. Since you like Shen Yuan, let's have a proper wedding. When the time comes, I will invite more friends and media to make your wedding grand. "

Magnificent and grand?

Mu Shenghee lowered his eyes and sneered. A fierce look flashed across his eyes.

All these years, he had always been very simple in front of the Mu family and did not want to see many people. But now, as a cripple who could not give birth, he wanted to marry a woman who already had a child, but he had to do something big?

Was this for his own good, to give him a grand wedding, or was it because he had ulterior motives, to use this to achieve their goal?

"Thank you, uncle. " Mu Shenghee raised his eyes. For the first time, he did not hide the sharpness and sharpness in his eyes in front of Mu Jianguang. He smiled and said meaningfully, "I think my parents will be very 'gratified' that they know about it. You are treating me like this. "

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