Master Mu Becomes New Daddy/C7 I'll See You at the Entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau
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Master Mu Becomes New Daddy/C7 I'll See You at the Entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau
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C7 I'll See You at the Entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau

"Mu Shenghee, what do you mean by that?" Mu Hongyi clapped his hands and stood up angrily.

Mu Shenghee raised his eyebrows when he heard this. He sneered faintly in his heart, then curved the corner of his mouth in an extremely elegant manner. "What I said is wrong?"

"Why is Second Brother so excited?"

Mu Shenghee looked up at Mu Hongyi, who was looking down at him from above. In terms of imposing manner, he did not lose to him in the slightest.

Compared to the irritable Mu Hongyi, the man in the wheelchair seemed especially calm.

Mu Hongyi was choked by the man's words, and only then did he react. Mu Shenghee was sincerely trying to get him into trouble!

Damn it!

"Enough. " The head of the table, Mu Gan Guang, put down his bowl and chopsticks and slowly raised his head. A light flashed across his well-versed eyes.

"Shenghee, I know you are complaining about this matter to me, but I am doing it for your own good. "

"Your parents left early, so I can't just leave you alone. I could only adopt you to take over your parents' company. After so many years. . . "

As expected of a sly old fox who had been in the industry for decades. With just a few words, he had turned the situation around.

With that said, it became Mu Shenghee's fault.

Mu Shenghee looked expressionlessly at the man with the fierce-looking face of the chief, as well as Mu Hongyi's provocative and proud smile.

He sneered in his heart. For his own good?

Sending people to suppress him in the open and in the dark, hinting to the industry that he was disabled and had no achievements. This was the so-called 'for his own good'?

Moreover, there was something strange about the car accident of his parents back then. . . .

"Mmm. " Mu Shenghee restrained his gaze. Before he left, he didn't forget to throw a word at the hypocritical father and son pair. "In terms of impartiality, who can compare to you?"

After he finished speaking, he pushed the wheelchair and went to the study alone.

On the other side. Shen family.

"Who invited this little b * tch back and showed her to everyone with a sad face? What a disappointment! At the dining table, a young woman dressed in bright and beautiful clothes impatiently poked the rice in her bowl. Then, she glared at the little girl in the corner and growled, "And you, little jinx!"

Shen Xing saw Shen Xixi's fierce expression and was stunned for a second. " Wah. . . "He cried out.

Everyone at the dining table was shocked, including Shen Yuan.

Shen Yuan anxiously held Shen Xing in her arms and softly comforted, "What's wrong with Xingxing? Be good, don't cry, don't cry. . . . "

"Wuwuwuwu. . . " Little Star cried until she could not catch her breath. She whispered in Shen Yuan's ear, "Mom, Auntie is so fierce. . . "

"Little bastard, say it again!"

Shen Xixi still caught the small sound. Her originally delicate facial features were twisted together and she shouted at Little Star ferociously.

A bastard.

An alarm suddenly rang in Shen Yuan's mind. She knew that the stars could not bear to hear these two words the most.

"Ah -" Just as Shen Yuan wanted to scold Shen Xixi, she heard a shrill scream echo throughout the entire dining table.

It was actually Little Star who bit Shen Xixi's white and tender arm.

"Bastard, little slut, quickly let go of me!"

Little Star recalled the words that the handsome uncle who sat in the wheelchair previously said to her and bit down on Shen Xixi.

Only then did the people at the dining table reply and separate the two of them.

Shen Xixi's originally fair and flawless arm had a row of teeth marks of different depths.

"Little jinx, I'll strangle you!" Shen Xixi, who had always loved beauty, immediately went crazy and pounced towards Little Xingxing with a terrifying expression.

"Enough!" Shen Tianlu, who was sitting on the seat of honor, clapped his hands and roared with full of energy.

Sure enough, Shen Tianlu was very dignified in Shen family. As expected, Shen Xixi retracted her hand when he got angry.

Shen Xixi remembered what Lee Hongmei had told her earlier.

Now that Shen Yuan was the daughter-in-law of Mu family, she must restrain her attitude towards her. At least on the surface.

She was so angry that she could not find a place to vent her anger. She could only glare at the timid Little Star and the pale Shen Yuan.

Shen Xixi's birth mother Lee Hongmei also put away her usual harsh attitude towards Shen Yuan. Although there was a look of disdain on her face, she tried to smooth things over. "Our Little Yuan is going to marry Master young master Mu soon. Everyone should congratulate her and stop quarreling. . . "

Shen Yuan had already seen her stepmother's exquisite appearance and sneered in her heart.

She felt that Little Star was still silently sobbing in her arms. She instantly put down her words and prepared to leave.

"No need. You guys eat first. I'll be leaving first. "

With that, he carried Little Star and walked towards the Shen family's door.

Although Shen Yuan was the Shen family's second young lady, after her biological mother passed away, her life in the Shen family was not even comparable to a servant.

Hence, she went out early to study and did not stay in the Shen Family.

Once Shen Yuan left, the atmosphere at the dining table immediately returned to normal from the original awkwardness.

"Mom, why did you help her just now!" Shen Xixi rubbed the row of teeth marks on her arm and after scolding Shen Yuan and Little Star mother and daughter countless times in her heart, she softly complained by Lee Hongmei's ear.

Usually, mother's attitude towards Shen Yuan had always been cold and indifferent towards her. But today's style was. . . .

Shen Xixi was anxious in her heart. Could it be that she had suffered such a huge loss at Shen Yuan's hands and still could not fight back?

Thinking of this, Shen Xixi's facial features immediately became ferocious. Her sharp nails pierced into her palm as if she did not know the pain at all.

"Xixi, please calm down. Don't be impatient. . . . " At this moment, Lee Hongmei suddenly scooped a bowl of soup for her with an unfathomable smile on her face.

" It's not the time yet. When the time is up, I have my own ways to clean it up. That little slut. . . "Lee Hongmei whispered into Shen Xixi's ear.

Shen Xixi and Shen Xixi looked at each other. Then, the two of them revealed a vicious smile.

At night.

Shen Yuan left the Shen family and returned home to coax Shen Xing. After a few words, Little Star swept away the haze of the Shen family and smiled sweetly.

Shen Yuan took a bath for Little Star and told her a story before she went to bed as per usual until she fell asleep.

Shen Yuan talked for a while and soon, a steady breathing sound came from beside her.

She covered Twinkle Little Star with the blanket and then quietly got off the bed and returned to her room.

Just as she turned off the light and was about to sleep, her phone suddenly lit up.

It was an anonymous message.

- - 'See you at the Civil Affairs Bureau entrance at 11 a. M. Tomorrow. '"

Shen Yuan immediately frowned when she saw the text message.

Civil Affairs Bureau?

Was it a message from Mu Shenghee?

Why did he have her phone number?

Shen Yuan thought of the man's calm and composed expression, which was a smile that was not a smile, and held her tongue.

Was she really going to marry that man?

A small matter caused Shen Yuan to let her imagination run wild. In the end, she decided to put down her phone and go to sleep.

The next day.

Shen Yuan woke up in a daze. She looked at her brain and found that she had actually woken up half an hour later than usual.

Last night, she did not sleep well. Not only that, but she also woke up half an hour later than usual. When she thought about how she was going to be married the next day, she tossed and turned on the bed. In her dream, she even dreamed that Mu Shenghee, that man, was holding two marriage certificates and chasing after her. . . .

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