Master Mu Becomes New Daddy/C8 As Expected of You
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Master Mu Becomes New Daddy/C8 As Expected of You
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C8 As Expected of You

"Pfft -" She couldn't help but laugh when she thought of the funny scene in her dream.

No, Mu Shenghee was a disabled person. Why would he chase after her? . . .

Shen Yuan shook her head and quickly got out of bed to wash up. She then made breakfast for Little Star.

It was close to the time stated in the man's text message. She went to the Civil Affairs Bureau with a perturbed heart.

Shen Yuan took the bus. Once she got off the bus, she saw a certain someone standing at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

The man was dressed in a white outfit today, and behind him was his assistant, who was dressed in black and stood straight.

The man's figure was slender, and one could vaguely see the figure under the anti-seduction suit. He was the typical type of person who wore thin clothes, took off clothes, and had flesh.

Shen Yuan held the material in her hand and walked towards him anxiously. For some reason, Shen Yuan felt especially guilty today. She cleared her throat and pretended to be calm, "Young Master Mu, should we go and get the certificate now?"

Shen Yuan tried her best to not appear so nervous, but the panic in her eyes was caught by Mu Shenghee.

Looking at the little girl who pretended to be calm, the corner of Mu Shenghee's mouth lifted into a calm smile.

He said faintly, "En. " After that, he pushed the wheelchair in and went in alone.

Shen Yuan and Mu Shenghee took photos very quickly, including the process of making an oath. It was not until Shen Yuan held the red wedding certificate in her hands that she accepted the dream-like reality.

She blinked, somewhat confused.

She got the certificate?

And she somehow married this man whom she had only met a few times?

The woman's moist eyes fell on Mu Shenghee like deer. The corner of his lips curled up slightly. He felt that the marriage that he had originally resisted was not as bad as it seemed. . . .

"Hey, husband, that man over there is too handsome. He looks like a celebrity on TV. Unfortunately, he is a disabled person. Not far away, a group of couples who were about to go in and take wedding photos walked over. The girl's abdomen slightly bulged, and she held a cup of coffee in her hand.

After hearing his wife praise Mu Shenghee, the young man beside the woman was unhappy. He sneered and said with hostility towards Mu Shenghee, "Cheh, what's the use of being handsome? It's only useful if you live well. You're not even as good as your husband. . . . "

"Besides, if a man is disabled, can he still be considered a man? I think her wife is also allocated by the country. . . "

The young man glanced at Mu Shenghee's peerlessly handsome face. After discovering that there was nothing wrong with it, he began to attack him.

It was as if he should lower himself to others because of Mu Shenghee's disability.

Shen Yuan secretly observed Mu Shenghee's reaction. She saw him sitting in the wheelchair with an expressionless face, indifferent to those malicious remarks.

Shen Yuan could not help but feel a slight pain in her heart. It was not worth it for this man in front of her.

Even if he could only sit in the wheelchair and could not stand up, so what? He was still much better than those people who only knew how to curse!

The two of them were about to walk into the house when Shen Yuan stopped in front of them.

The two of them were stunned. When they saw Shen Yuan's face, the woman who was leisurely drinking coffee stopped.

Because Shen Yuan was too beautiful, out of the jealousy of the woman, the woman immediately rolled her eyes. "Move aside. "

When Shen Yuan stopped the two of them, Mu Shenghee was stunned in his heart. He unconsciously raised his eyes, as if he was trying to figure out what the woman wanted to do.

"Apologize. " Shen Yuan's red lips parted slightly. There was a profound understanding that could not be seen in her eyes, casting a large shadow.

"Pffft. " Unexpectedly, Shen Yuan actually said these two words. The woman on the opposite side sneered. Whether it was intentional or not, she sprinkled the coffee in her hands onto Shen Yuan's white skirt.

"Ah. . . I am really sorry. . . . I am sorry. "

Hearing this annoying and disdainful tone, just like what Shen Yuan said, the other party also apologized, but there was no apology on his face.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw that her skirt had been stained with a large patch of muddy coffee stains. Shen Yuan's eyes darkened. Just as she was about to speak again, Mu Shenghee gave Yang Wen a look behind him.

Yang Wen received the order and walked forward. He respectfully extended his hand and his voice was as cold as a robot, "The two of you, please leave. "


The young man instantly exploded. He started cursing at Mu Shenghee. It was nothing more than asking him what right he had to let him out.

After scolding enough, Mu Shenghee lowered his eyes for a long time before he slowly raised his head, "Have you scolded enough?"

This time, everyone, including Shen Yuan, did not know what Mu Shenghee was going to do.

In the next second, several tall men in black, dressed like bodyguards, rushed out of the door and forcefully "invited" the two of them out.

"Oh, right. Do you remember correctly that you are the young master of the Liu family?"

"Yang Wen, I want to see Mrs Liu go bankrupt before dark. "

The assistant Yang Wen received the order and respectfully replied, "Yes, Director Mu. "

The two people who originally refused to cooperate were stunned on the spot by Mu Shenghee's light words. Especially when he called Director Mu out. They just knew who they had offended just now. . . .

The two of them looked like they had just eaten sh * t. They could only let the bodyguards drag them out.

Mu Shenghee sneered.

How dare any scumbag hang around him? . . . . . .

He had photographic memory since he was young. He had coincidentally met that young man at a banquet and remembered his identity.

"Young Master Mu. " Shen Yuan looked at this shocking scene and her vision seemed to have been affected. After a long time, she came back to her senses, "As expected of you. "

Mu Shenghee's black brows raised, "Madam Mu is too kind. "

He had never liked to use power to suppress others, but when it was necessary, he would do so. This was indeed the fastest way to solve problems.

"Cough, cough, cough -" Shen Yuan was so scared by the man's overly familiar tone that she choked.

At this time, the root of her ear also uncontrollably turned red.

Mrs. Mu, such a provocative way of address. . . .

"What's wrong?" Mu Shenghee saw a suspicious blush on Shen Yuan's face as he wished, but pretended nothing had happened. He raised his pretty eyebrows and his thin lips curved.

. . . "" A certain Madam Mu.

Seeing that Shen Yuan did not speak, Mu Shenghee glanced at the large patch of dark stains on the woman's white skirt.

"Let's go. "

"Where to?" The man looked outside. A trace of doubt flashed across Shen Yuan's eyes.

"Bring Madam Mu to buy clothes. "

As she spoke, she pushed the wheelchair out alone.

When Shen Yuan came back to her senses, the back of a man was already in front of her.

For some reason, her eyes suddenly became hot. The little red book in her hand also became very hot.

Perhaps it was Mu Shenghee who took the initiative to step forward for her, or perhaps it was the man who unconsciously called out "Mrs. Mu. "

She had originally thought that this marriage was just a bargaining chip, but now, every action of the man seemed to be telling her. . .

Marrying him was worth it.

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