Master Mu Becomes New Daddy/C9 I Met Her by Chance
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Master Mu Becomes New Daddy/C9 I Met Her by Chance
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C9 I Met Her by Chance

The sports car sped along the road and finally stopped in front of a commercial building.

The nearest mall was not far from the Civil Affairs Bureau, which happened to be the property of Mu family. So they arrived in ten minutes.

Yang Wen pushed a wheelchair behind Mu Shenghee, and Shen Yuan obediently followed behind until the three of them went to the clothing section on the third floor.

"Director Mu, why are you free to come to our shopping mall today? Are you here to check our performance?" When they went up to the third floor, the two of them met the market manager of the shopping mall.

The market manager was a young man in a suit with his ankles exposed. His hair was combed back meticulously, but his bright eyes still gave people a shrewd impression.

Mu Shenghee's gaze was not affected at all. He only answered the market manager's enthusiastic question in a low voice, "En. "

This mall was run by his parents before anything happened. To him, it had a special meaning.

"Then do you want me to take you to see our business report for this week and show you around?" Seeing that the boss had finally come, the manager didn't let go of the opportunity and enthusiastically made a "please" gesture to Mu Shenghee.

Mu Shenghee still did not have any excess emotions on his face. After a slight nod, he said to Shen Yuan beside him, "You can stroll around here first. I will come over later. "

As he spoke, Yang Wen, who was behind him, took out a black card with golden threads on it and respectfully handed it to Shen Yuan.

For some reason, Shen Yuan took it.

When he came back to his senses, Mu Shenghee had already gone far away with the others.

Holding the black card in her hand, Shen Yuan felt a sense of loss in her heart. Mu Shenghee was so handsome that he gave her a card and left?

Shen Yuan furrowed her brows and patted her head. Only then did she realize that she was being hypocritical.

It was a business marriage. Furthermore, they were special. How could she hope for anything else?

Shen Yuan thought about it and felt that the black card in her hand was much more at ease. She casually swept through the shops. But at this moment, she was attracted by the dress displayed on the poster in front of the shop.

She walked into the shop. The renovation style of the shop was low-profile and simple, but it was not difficult to see his high class and noble air.

However, when Shen Yuan walked into the shop, the two salespeople in the shop only glanced at her with disdain. They did not welcome her warmly as she had expected.

Shen Yuan did not get angry. She walked around the shop lightly and still felt that the dress on the poster at the door was most beautiful.

"Excuse me, do you have any more skirts on the poster?"

Shen Yuan stood in front of one of the younger saleswomen and politely asked.

The salesgirl first looked at her from head to toe and her eyes instantly revealed a look of disdain. However, she readily agreed, "Yes. "

Shen Yuan was still not angry and lightly nodded her head. But the following words of the salesgirl made her sneer coldly.

"But are you sure you want to buy it?" With just a glance, the salesperson sister was sure that although the appearance in front of her was good, her single dress was an unknown brand and that simple and cheap shoes.

This kind of person might not even be able to afford any of the dresses in the shop, let alone the one on the poster!

Shen Yuan only found it funny that the shop assistant in front of her looked down on her from the bottom of her heart.

"Yes. " She raised her eyebrows and nodded.

The salesgirl did not expect Shen Yuan to be so overconfident. The corner of her mouth curled into a cold sneer, "Okay, then wait a moment. "

After saying that, she walked to the corner of the room and took out the skirt from the rack.

"The price is on the tag. " The salesgirl impatiently handed the dress to Shen Yuan. It was as if Shen Yuan was begging for it. She had already predicted that she would not be able to afford it. "But this dress is not for testing. It was designed by a famous designer overseas. Just this one dress. . . . "

The salesgirl had a look of disgust on her face, but she was also extremely angry in her heart.

Serving this kind of customer was the most annoying. She clearly couldn't afford it, yet she insisted on trying it out. She could only wait for the price to make this poor woman back off.

Shen Yuan calmly picked up the sign. She knew that the clerk's little sister was waiting for her to see the mark and make a fool of herself.

If it was in the past, she wouldn't have been able to afford it, but now she was holding Mu Shenghee's black card.

This was the first time Shen Yuan felt the benefits of being rich. Just as she was about to take out the black card to blind the clerk, a sharp and familiar female voice came from the door.

"Yo, why is little sister free to go shopping?"

This female voice was very familiar to Shen Yuan. She turned her head to look and indeed met Shen Xixi's overbearing gaze.

What she did not expect was that when the clerk saw the person who came, she threw her skirt on the counter beside her. She quickly greeted him warmly. Her attitude towards him was completely different from how he had treated her before.

Even the older sales clerk who was focused on scrolling her phone at the counter also revealed a flattering smile and went up to greet him.

"Miss Shen and Miss Gao, why are you free to come to our shop today? Our store has a few new dresses. Do you want to come over and choose. . . "

Shen Xixi and her best friend, Gao Qinqin, came out to shop today. The two of them were the members of their shop and were also known as the heiress of a rich family. The salesgirl enthusiastically led her into the shop.

As a result, Shen Yuan was left at the side.

"En, do you have any new dresses recently?" As a frequent customer of this shop, Shen Xixi was already very familiar with the place. As she spoke, she proudly swept her gaze over to Shen Yuan but was surprised to see the dress beside Shen Yuan.

Shen Xixi held onto her best friend's arm, Gao Qinqin, and walked towards Shen Yuan. She stood in front of her and sneered, "Younger sister, you want to buy a dress here?"

The disdain on her face was obvious.

She was clear about the price of this store's dress and Shen Yuan's income level. At present, Shen Yuan could not afford it no matter what!

As for the latter, under the provocative gaze of the former, she nodded her head indifferently.

She did not expect that the other party would agree so readily. Shen Xixi clenched her fists and her face revealed a hideous smile. "Sorry, I have taken a fancy to this skirt!"

Since young, Shen Xixi would definitely snatch the thing that Shen Yuan took a liking to. This time was also not unexpected.

She, Shen Xixi, liked to see Shen Yuan unable to obtain it but also unable to do anything about it!

Furthermore, this was also the dress that she took a glance at.

Shen Xixi was pleased in her heart and her face became more and more arrogant. She stared at Shen Yuan's cold face and said to the salesgirl, "Why aren't you covering it up for me!"

If it was in the past, the salesgirl would definitely be very happy. After all, it was another achievement.

But this time, she panicked.

The price of this dress was not cheap. It was far above the price of the other dresses in the shop. With Shen Xixi's money, she could not afford it.

The salesgirl looked at the other older middle-aged woman with a pleading look.

The middle-aged woman also had a worried look on her face. She whispered something into Shen Xixi's ear.

"What did you say?!" After hearing that, Shen Xixi roared with a ferocious expression.

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