Master Mu's T-strategy/C5 Senior Gao Leng Is next Door(4)
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Master Mu's T-strategy/C5 Senior Gao Leng Is next Door(4)
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C5 Senior Gao Leng Is next Door(4)

When Su Ming finished cooking, he saw Shen Muzhi sleeping on the sofa with some unknown liquid in his mouth. Hmm, it should be saliva.

"Wake up!" Su Ming kicked Shen Muzhi. Shen Muzhi was still indifferent. He turned over and continued to sleep. He almost fell off the sofa.

Su Ming's mouth twitched. He squatted down and pinched Shen Muzhi's nose. "Eat!"

"Mmm. . . Stop messing around!" Shen Muzhi stretched out his claw and slapped Su Ming's hand in a daze.

"This person. . . " Why did he sleep like a pig? Su Ming looked at Shen Muzhi expressionlessly and took out a napkin to dry his saliva.

He poked Shen Muzhi's lips again. It was red and soft. It looked like he really wanted to take a bite.

Take a bite? Su Ming quickly got rid of this strange thought in his mind.

"Shen Muzhi! If I don't wake up soon, I won't have any food to eat. " Su Ming pinched his ear.

"F * ck you! Don't disturb my sleep!" Shen Muzhi sent a kick over.

Su Ming's face darkened, and he dodged the kick. Good, very good! Shen Muzhi, you can do it!

Then he went back to his room and took something unknown. He sprinkled it on the towel and put it on Shen Muzhi's face.

"F * ck!" Shen Muzhi suddenly opened his eyes. He rubbed his eyes and tears fell down.

"Big. . . Big. . . Big brother! Why are you applying wind oil on the towel if you have nothing to do?!" Shen Muzhi said as he closed his eyes and groped for the toilet paper on the coffee table. He wiped his eyes.

"I told you to eat. " Su Ming said lightly. There was a hint of a smile in his tone.

"Who would call people like that when they eat?" Shen Muzhi touched the sofa and got up. He was like a blind man, touching blindly.

"Why can't you wake up?" Su Ming held back the smile on his lips and supported Shen Muzhi. "What are you doing?"

"Looking for the bathroom. I'm going blind!" After sleeping, Shen Muzhi completely forgot that this was the male lead. His true nature was exposed all of a sudden, and he kept saying I'm going to go to the bathroom and I'm going to go to the bathroom one after another.

"Oh. " Su Ming could not help but laugh as he helped Shen Muzhi to the bathroom.

Because he was afraid of falling, Shen Muzhi nervously grabbed Su Ming's clothes and walked towards the bathroom step by step.

"You're afraid of the dark?" Su Ming's Adam's apple moved slightly as he asked.

"Who!? Who is afraid of the darkness!? I'm not afraid of anything! " Shen Muzhi immediately retorted, feeling as if the truth had been exposed.

"Then you can leave by yourself. " After saying that, Su Ming loosened his hands, put his hands in his pockets, and stood by the side, looking at him leisurely.

"I, I, I, am not afraid of darkness! It's just that I don't know where the bathroom is!" Shen Muzhi explained and then hugged Su Ming's arm. He wished he could slap himself a few times. Why did he owe him so much? He was actually going against the male lead!

"Oh, turn left and walk ten steps. We'll be there. " Su Ming pulled his hand out and looked at Shen Muzhi with a smile that was not a smile.

Fine, since he had already said so, how could he find an excuse?

Shen Muzhi fumbled around with a defeated face, and two streams of tears flowed down from his heart. This is good, isn't it? Now, he could only bite the bullet and attack.

It was just darkness, what was there to be afraid of!

Even after comforting himself like this, Shen Muzhi still only walked a distance of one or two meters after walking for a long time.

"When you get to the bathroom, the essential balm will dry up. " Su Ming added.

What the f * ck! He actually looked down on this young master? Shen Muzhi expressed that he could kill a man, but not humiliate him. He took a few big steps forward, and then he crashed into the wall with a bang.

"Awoo! Awoo! Awoo! It hurt so much! Su Ming, you lied to me!" Shen Muzhi sat on the ground and kept screaming. He was in so much pain that tears were flowing out of his eyes. In the end, his face felt cool and hot again.

"It's you who went astray. " A smile appeared on Su Ming's cold face. He pulled Shen Muzhi along and helped him to walk a little to the left. They just walked into the bathroom.

Hehe, who would believe you! You definitely did it on purpose!

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