Master Mu's T-strategy/C7 Senior Gao Leng Is next Door(6)
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Master Mu's T-strategy/C7 Senior Gao Leng Is next Door(6)
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C7 Senior Gao Leng Is next Door(6)

However, there were some flags that could not be randomly set up. Even though Shen Muzhi did not forget to bring a bathrobe, Su Ming still came in.

The reason was. . .

Su Ming was reading outside for a long time, but he did not see Shen Muzhi come out of the bathroom. His calm face suddenly wrinkled. Could there be a problem?

After thinking it over and over again, Su Ming decided to knock on the door to see if Shen Muzhi needed any help.

However, after Su Ming knocked on the door a few times, there was still no movement inside. He was a little worried and quickly opened the bathroom door.

When he barged in, he found that Shen Muzhi was sleeping soundly in the bathtub. Su Ming's mouth twitched. Why could this guy sleep wherever he went?

Although he was speechless, Su Ming still shook Shen Muzhi. He wanted to ask Shen Muzhi to sleep on the bed. The water was probably already cold. If he slept any longer, he would definitely catch a cold.

"Shen Muzhi! Shen Muzhi!" Su Ming had really seen Shen Muzhi's sleeping routine. He could only pick Shen Muzhi up expressionlessly.

Su Ming felt the smooth and fair skin of his hand and his eyes lit up. Why was he like a girl?

His eyes, which had been injured by the essential wind oil, turned slightly red.

Because he had just taken a bath, his hair was wet and stuck to his forehead. Drops of water would occasionally brush across the corners of his slightly red eyes, giving him a different style.

Because he came out in a hurry, Su Ming did not put on the bathrobe for Shen Muzhi. Their skin was tightly pressed against each other.

There were mischievous water droplets rolling down from her delicate collarbone. It seemed to be teasing, but also seemed to be seducing.

Su Ming stretched out his hand to wipe away the water droplets. That strange touch made his mind go blank for a moment.

Perhaps Shen Muzhi felt a little itchy. He twisted his hand in discomfort and snorted in dissatisfaction.

"Hiss. . . " Su Ming took a deep breath. His eyes were slightly red and there was a trace of darkness in his eyes. He wanted to beat up this restless little guy.

Shen Muzhi probably noticed something and moved restlessly again. Su Ming's breathing became heavier.

"Damn it!" Su Ming had to remain calm. He carried Shen Muzhi back to his room step by step with great difficulty.

He gently put him on the bed. Su Ming's eyes flashed. His cold fingers cut across Shen Muzhi's skin.

Seeing Shen Muzhi open and close his mouth, Su Ming had an impulse to bite him. His Adam's apple rolled slightly, and he looked at Shen Muzhi with a burning gaze.

Just a kiss. . . There shouldn't be any problem, right?

After thinking for a moment, Su Ming still stuck to his lips and bit Shen Muzhi's lips. Seeing that he didn't move, he increased the strength.

"Hmm. . . " Shen Muzhi frowned. His breathing was not smooth.

If he woke up at this time, it would definitely be a very embarrassing thing.

Shen Muzhi's eyelashes blinked. He looked like he was about to wake up. Su Ming was shocked and hurriedly let go of him. Then he returned to his indifferent face, leaving only his beating heart.

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