Master Mu's T-strategy/C8 Senior Gao Leng Is next Door(7)
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Master Mu's T-strategy/C8 Senior Gao Leng Is next Door(7)
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C8 Senior Gao Leng Is next Door(7)

Shen Muzhi looked at Su Ming in confusion, then looked at the layout of the room. It was a little strange. Shouldn't he be in the bathroom? Why was he here?

"You will catch a cold if you fall asleep," Su Ming said seriously, as if his animal behavior just now had never happened.

"Thank you!" Out of courtesy, Shen Muzhi bared his white teeth and smiled at Su Ming.

However, when he felt a cool breeze, his face froze. What the f * ck! He. . . Could it be that he wasn't wearing anything, right?

Shen Muzhi quickly cast a sidelong glance at himself. He didn't even wear a pair of underpants, and his face instantly turned red. He wanted to find a blanket to cover himself with, but he bitterly discovered that he wasn't even wearing a blanket! Could it be that he was going to sleep naked tonight? The kind that didn't cover himself with a blanket?

Because Shen Muzhi came out in a hurry, he didn't have much cash on him, so he only bought two pairs of underpants. One was on him, and the other was for a change of clothes. But now, both of them were in the bathroom. How could he do that? Was he going to "bask in glory" the whole way? That would be too embarrassing!

Ask Su Ming to help him take it? That would be too much of a loss!

After thinking for a while, Shen Muzhi used the pillow to cover his important parts. Only then did his face turn red and search the cabinet. He wanted to find a longer shirt to cover it up.

As for Su Ming, he just stood there without moving and quietly watched.

The color of his eyes deepened a little. His dark and heavy eyes seemed to have an unfathomable whirlpool that could swallow everything. Strange emotions surged within his eyes.

He seemed to have some thoughts about this new roommate that he shouldn't have. . .

But this feeling seemed to be pretty good too?

He thought of Shen Muzhi's soft lips again, and the corner of his lips faintly rose.

Sensing a fiery gaze swimming behind him on Shen Muzhi, Shen Muzhi subconsciously trembled. What the f * ck! Su Ming was still here?

Shen Muzhi finally found the long shirt and quickly put it on. He hastily button the few buttons at the bottom to prevent himself from being exposed. Only then did he stand up.

He turned around and looked at Su Ming with a frown. Why did he feel that Su Ming's eyes seemed to be burning even more? Could it be because he was too handsome and had a good figure (cut off) that Su Ming was jealous?

He did not know that he had been targeted!

Shen Muzhi was supposed to be naked. His naked appearance was already attractive enough, but this fellow put on a shirt and put on a uniform to entice him. Yet, he didn't even know about it.

He looked at Shen Muzhi's loose collar collar, which faintly revealed a beautiful collarbone.

Su Ming realized that the self-control he had always been proud of was actually so weak. He felt that if he continued to stay here, he wouldn't be able to hold it in anymore.

"That. . . Su Ming. . . Why aren't you going out yet?" Could it be that he was too jealous that he was going to kill him? Shen Muzhi suddenly felt a little terrified.

Su Ming's Adam's apple moved slightly, and he said in a hoarse voice, "What is there to be afraid of if we are all men?" His voice also carried a hint of bewitchment.

"I want to change my clothes. It's more or less inconvenient for you to be here. " Shen Muzhi said humbly. To be honest, he was really a little afraid of money! Why did you look away from Lao Zi? How creepy!

Even if he was jealous, jealous, and hateful, he shouldn't have been killed with a knife in his eyes, right?

"What's inconvenient about it? Can I still eat you?" Su Ming moved a little closer to Shen Muzhi, scaring him so much that he fell on the bed. He also took the opportunity to press down.

This made Shen Muzhi think of something. Bed?

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