Master Mu's T-strategy/C9 Senior Gao Leng Is next Door(8)
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Master Mu's T-strategy/C9 Senior Gao Leng Is next Door(8)
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C9 Senior Gao Leng Is next Door(8)

As soon as this thought flashed through Shen Muzhi's mind, he threw it out. The male lead liked the female lead, so it shouldn't be bent. What could happen to two straight men?

"Ahem. . . Um. . . Can you get off me?" Shen Muzhi coughed lightly. Although he said nothing would happen, it was still a little strange for Su Ming to suppress him like this.

"But I. . . Don't want to come down. . . " The second half of Su Ming's sentence was almost inaudible. Shen Muzhi frowned and looked at him doubtfully. "What did you say?"

"No, it's nothing. " Su Ming's eyes flashed. He stood up from Shen Muzhi's body and his expression returned to its usual calmness. When it came to matters of love, it was faster to rush than to achieve. He wanted to slowly make Shen Muzhi belong to him. . .

"Oh, it's getting late now. Goodnight!" Shen Muzhi said with a smile. He looked at Su Ming's eyes and silently swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Why did he feel that something was not right?

"Hey, why aren't you leaving yet?" Shen Muzhi was already a little sleepy. When he saw that Su Ming did not leave for a long time by his bed, he said helplessly.

Su Ming didn't say anything. He directly picked Shen Muzhi up from the bed. And it was a male, master, hug!

"Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing?" Shen Muzhi shouted like a little lion whose fur had exploded.

Su Ming didn't care about the way he was baring his teeth and brandishing his claws. He patted his butt heavily and said in a deep voice, "Don't move. "

A smile that even he did not notice appeared on his cold face.

"Good, good, good, good! I won't move! Big Brother, what exactly do you want?" Shen Muzhi was so scared by the burning pain on his butt that he didn't dare to act rashly. His delicate face tensed up, but he kept trying to figure out Su Ming's intention in his heart. Could it be. . . Jealousy turned into hatred, and he wanted to find an opportunity to kill him?

It seemed unlikely.

Su Ming patted his head to stop Shen Muzhi's imagination. Seeing him like a mouse meeting a cat, he said with amusement, "Didn't you forget to bring your blanket? Sleep with me tonight. "

"Okay. Thank you. " So it wasn't a murder. Shen Muzhi let out a sigh of relief. In his opinion, there was nothing wrong with two men sleeping together. Su Ming couldn't possibly let him die in bed, right?

After getting Shen Muzhi's permission, Su Ming carried him to the next room, which was Su Ming's bedroom.

He frowned slightly. The young man in his arms was too light. It seemed like he needed to be fatter.

Seeing his frown, Shen Muzhi's eyebrows jumped. This bastard wouldn't go back on his word and want to throw him out, would he? He suddenly remembered that Su Ming had a mysophobia in the plot. Only the female lead could get close to him. Then he. . .

"Am I that scary?" Su Ming saw that Shen Muzhi was very careful because of his strange behavior. He was a little dissatisfied. It would not be good if Shen Muzhi was afraid of him.

Shen Muzhi nodded and shook his head again. What a joke. How could he tell the truth?

Shen Muzhi's cute little face really pleased Su Ming. Su Ming strode into the bedroom and put Shen Muzhi on the bed. He pulled his tie with some heat.

Although he could not touch him now, being able to sleep on the same bed was enough to make people excited.

After getting on the bed, Shen Muzhi looked around. Just as he had guessed, everything in the room was arranged very neatly, and it even revealed a simple breeze. One could tell that the owner was meticulous.

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