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C1 Chapter One

Master Series: My Alpha King My Master (Book 1)

Written by

©️ Ifeoma Isabella Okeke (Omaisabella)

All Rights Reserved. 2021

Chapter 1


Somewhere Within the Fairy Kingdom.....

A dark clothed figure was seen running and jumping fastly on roof tops, making silent noise.

Some group of people, about 10, on horseback, were seen chasing after the dark clothed figure.

"The thief is on the rooftop, do not lose him!" one of them yelled out, pointing at the thief, not caring if his voice woke up the entire village.

Soon, they couldn't see the thief any more from the rooftop and that surprised them. Halting their horses, they all

"Where is he!"

"He is gone sir," one of the horse men replied.

"Lady Elena will have our heads if we don't retrieve her Silver necklace in the hands of that thief," the first voice spoke again. "The thief must be around here, hiding in the dark. We must find him." he added and they continued their search.

The dark figure who was invisible on one of the rooftops smiled and watched them a little then finally disappear.


She appeared right in front of her cave that she lived in and walked inside the dark cave. Once she have gone deeper into the cave, she blew out air with her mouth and all the candles that had been placed on the walls spring back to life and swallow the darkness. She reached the end of the cave. Placing her hands on the wall before me, she began to move it to the left side. Once the gap was enough to pass her, she entered inside, and clapped her hands, all the candles all went off and she proceeded to close the wall. In this way, if anyone finds her cave, they won't even think about searching the thick wall that puts an abruptly end to the cave, for behind the end of the cave is her little home. She have been living in this cave for as long as she can remember. She have no family, she have been alone since. Her kind were all killed long ago and their powers used by each Kingdom. She throw the silver necklace in a corner, not caring where it landed, she will see it by morning. She went to her bed and sat down and began to remove every layer of her clothes. She dressed like a man whenever she went to steal and surprisingly she have succeeded in deceiving most people.

She sighed loudly as she looked at what she call her home. Her little space home. If her parents were to be alive, they wouldn't believe that she would live in such a place. She, Aurora, was once a Dragon Princess.

And yes she know, Dragons are strong creatures and do not die that easily.....so they all thought.


Wolf Palace:

The girl Heaven was fucking lay limp beneath him and wasn't making a sound again unlike before but that didn't stop him. He don't care if she dies, all he care about is for him to reach his orgasm. He sink his claws into her already bloodied body as he ejaculate in her. He wasn't scared of her carrying his child, that is if she is still alive, he have been with a lot of females, from Elves, down to Trolls, to Vampires, to Mermaids and none of them could get pregnant for him. Some lived after the sex while some of them died during the do. You can't really blame him. They all fall down at their feet once they see him. All girls, even some married women all throw themselves at him, it is now left for him to choose which hot and beautiful girl that will sleep in his Chambers.

The parents of the girls can't question him if they heard the news of their daughter's death and what caused it because they are scared of him.

He is a Beast and the King of all. His father was the one who had slain the King and Queen of Dragons, taking their powers and leading the rest of the Supernaturals to victory against the Dragons. His father victory got into his head and he forced them to crown him the King, his powers he got from the Dragon King and Queen merged with his wolf and turned him into a beast. Heaven was born afterwards and when he saw how the whole Supernaturals respect his father when they see him..... Heaven killed him and became the King. But that was what he wanted the people to hear.

Luckily for him, he possess his father wolf traits, if not stronger.

He came down from his broken bed and watched in fascinating how his claws disappear and his pointy fingernails emerged. He went to his mirror to look at himself before he cleared his throat loudly.

Two guards came in immediately.

"Check if she is still alive or dead," he said to them, not caring if they saw his nakedness. Everyone in the palace is used to it anyway.

Looking at how he was created, he thank the Creator. Truly the Creator really made him a masterpiece. No wonder his father named him 'Heaven'

He is too handsome to be here.

"She is dead, Master," a voice interrupted his thoughts.

Awww, such a lovely pretty doll just went like that.

"Clean her up and dress her, then take a bag of coins together with her dead body to her parents house."

What? He do ask his sex partners to describe their parents house just in case they die in his hands.

"Tell them the money is from me and that I am sending them my deepest condolences for the loss of their loved one."

This is how he rules.

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