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C2 Chapter Two

Finding The Thief (Part 1):

Writer POV:

The Fairy Kingdom:

Princess Elena stared at her useless and stupid, sorry, dull-witted guards standing in front of her. They were in her father's throne room, while her father was sitting down she on the other hand was pacing around in front of her father. The ten guards were all on their knees, their hands touching the floor and their heads bowed in respect for their King and their angry Princess who if looks could kill they would have been dead.

"How could you allow the thief to escape from the ten of you? There are ten mindless, brainless, empty-headed guards who are chasing one thief and you can't catch him!" Princess Elena yelled, stopping her movement to do just that and then continue her pacing. "You will pay, I will have all your heads."

"Ehm Elena it hasn't gotten to that," the King of all Fairies, Lion, said to his daughter. "Besides you have a lot of gold and silver necklaces that are more beautiful than the one the thief had stolen. Just forget it my dear daughter and I will talk to the guards, I know how to handle them in my own way." he added.

"No father, I can't forget about that particular necklace, I can do that for any of my jewelry but not that one. That was the last thing my mother, your wife, gave to me before her death. Father, I won't let this slide, I need their heads because if they were performing what they are being paid for the thief wouldn't have come into my room to steal my most precious silver necklace," Princess Elena said to her father. "I am very angry they couldn't catch one thief."

Her mother before her death had given her the silver necklace as a gift. Fairies, especially the lower powerless ones who don't live that long. Her mother, who was one of the lowest Fairy, couldn't live up to two hundred years. Her father on the other hand is among those Fairies who are considered powerful, since he has a Royal blood running through his veins could live for a long time and luckily for her, she has more of her father's blood in her than her mother's. A Fairy without wings is known to be powerless and her mother didn't have none but found favor in the eyes of her father. Both fell in love and she gave birth to her. Giving birth to her had weaken and drained her.

"I understand you my dear daughter and besides, I did not say we won't catch the thief, I am only saying we shouldn't kill them. We all make mistakes sometimes my dear child," king Lion said to his daughter.

"I knew I shouldn't have told you," Princess Elena said and her transparent four wings sprouted out from her back and she flew away from the throne room, heading towards her room.

The thief had come through her window while she was sleeping and dreaming and had tiptoed to her wardrobe where she kept her gold and silver jewelry. How did she know a thief was in her room? Well the thief was the one who had woken her......with a resounding slap.

No way she would let this slide, they need to catch this thief so that she can return the slap back.


Aurora's Hidden Cave:

Aurora didn't stop the tears from falling down from her eyes. When her Kingdom was under attack, her parents and two brothers had told her to run away, run, run, run as far as her leg could carry her and she just did that. She was a young naive girl and wasn't that good with a sword so you shouldn't blame her for running away like she did. She didn't know that would be the last time she would set her eyes on her family. She ran until she came across this cave hidden by leaves just behind the Werewolves territory.

After her parents and her people were defeated, killed and burnt down, she decided to hide her scent from everyone, to make sure she doesn't get too angry to avoid transforming into her Dragon. It has been a long time since she has transformed and she wondered how her Dragon would look now. Changing into her Dragon form will alert everyone and they will come looking for her. Dragons have an alluring scent when they transform. Even though she was not that experienced with fighting, she was gifted with magic powers, powers that if any one gets to know, they will take it from her. She was Royal after all and fortunately for her she got all the dragon's Magic in her unlike her two brothers. Maybe that was the reason why they had told her to run, maybe that was the reason why they shielded her while she ran away.....like a coward.

'No you are not, you are powerful and not a coward'

A voice in her head said.

"I hope so," Aurora said out aloud to no one. Stealing that silver necklace wasn't that simple, she had to put all the guards to sleep before sneaking into Princess Elena's room. She had seen the Princess coming to a traven which all the whole Supernaturals come and has monitored her. She had seen the necklace in the Princess neck everytime she came to the traven and that has perked someone's interest who contacted her friend, a dancer in the traven, who then told her about the job. She doesn't make enquiries about the people who gave her jobs, she just steals, delivers and gets paid. Only her Elf friend knows she was the thief.

She was a full time thief. Getting paid to steal something was fun to her.

Tomorrow morning, she will be paying her friend a visit to give her the necklace and then collect her money for the job.

This is how she makes her money and she isn't stopping anytime soon.

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