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C3 Chapter Three

Finding The Thief (Part 2):

The Next Morning:

Heaven was woken up by the loud pounding on his room door. He stretches himself on his bed and sits upright.

"Come in," he said with a gruff voice and one of his guards; one of the ones standing in front of his throne door, walked in. Bowing his head before Heaven.

"I hope whatever it is you want to tell me is worthy of you waking me up from my sleep."

"I am sorry my Lord, but the Fairy princess is here to meet you," the guard said to him, his head still bowed.

"The Fairy princess?"

"Yes my Lord."

"She is here?" He had heard so much about the beautiful pompous Princess. He couldn't wait to work his handsome charms on her and have her writhing underneath him. Oh he can't wait to hear her scream his name as he brings her to ecstasy, that is if she survives the night with him. "Alright, tell her to wait for me while I get my handsome self ready." he told the guard.

"Yes my Lord, I will pass your message to her."

"Take the princess to my personal waiting room and tell my cook to give the beautiful princess something delicious to eat while she wait for me,"

"Of course my Lord, will that be all?"

"Yes, for now," Heaven said and watched as the guard left his room.

He gets down from his bed and walks into his bathroom to take his bath.


Princess Elena couldn't sit when she was offered a seat, nor could she eat when a servant brought food for her. It has been almost three hours since the guards came to inform her about the Beast King taking his bath and will be joining her shortly. But the guard did not tell her that the Beast King would be wasting much time. Only ladies take this much time and not men

She had left her palace early enough before her father would wake up. If her father knew where she was going, he would lick her in her room and make sure all his warriors were guarding her room including her windows for days. Elena wanted the werewolf King to find her missing necklace and she would do anything he asked from her.

Sighing out loudly she finally decided to sit, her legs were paining her. Sitting down gracefully and placing her hand on the table, careful of the food on the table and looking around the empty room, trying to find something that will catch her eyes but nothing, the room they had brought her in was just plain.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting my Princess," Heaven said from her back startling Elena a bit.

"I didn't hear you coming," Elena said, standing up and turning around to stare at the werewolf King, the Beast King, she had heard so much about and she wasn't disappointed.

He was a masterpiece, the Creator really took time to create this magnificent creature man. His hair was in rainbow color and was packed in a ponytail, and his hair length was almost reaching his waist. His eyes were like shiny golden orbs and she couldn't tear her eyes away from him. His stares was making her horny, she could feel her pu**y wet.

He smiled confidently as if he could sense it.

"I don't always use the door pretty, I have other ways to let myself in," Heaven baritone voice said as his eyes raked all over her. Her huge cleavage was almost out of her royal gown. She was smoking hot and Heaven couldn't wait to get her in his bed., lavishing her. He then moisten his lip with his tongue and went to sit on the other empty chair in the table. This was his personal meeting room which consists of a table and two chairs, one for him and the other chair for his fuck buddy.

"I was told you are here to see me," Heaven said, his baritone voice making Elena shiver slightly.

"Yes, a thief broke into my room and stole my silver necklace. Your tracker wolves are good at hunting and tracking down thieves, I want you to help me and find that thief, the necklace is important to me," Elena said to him. "And since you are the ruler over us, I came here to tell you."

"Hmmm, so you came all the way from your Kingdom to mine just for me to use my trackers to catch your thief for you because of one single necklace? Sorry Princess Elena but----"

Elena quickly closes the distance between them and gently places her hands on his shoulders. "I know what you want. You can have me for a night in exchange." She can survive his brutal sex for a night after all she was a Royal, just like him.

Heaven smiled slowly and grabbed her ass roughly with his left hand, his claws coming out slowly.

"Now you got my attention," he said with a coy smile. He couldn't wait to get his cock riding in and out of her pu**y and also fucking her cleavage.

New chapter is coming soon
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