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C1 Yun Wan Don't Blame Me

"Shengsheng's illness cannot be delayed. She needs your umbilical cord blood. So, Yun Wan, don't blame me..."

When Yun Wan opened her eyes and woke up, she found herself tied up on the operating table.

Her husband, whom she had loved for many years, stood in front of the bed.

Shengsheng was her half-sister and had leukemia since she was young. Over the years, the Yun family had searched almost all over the world for her bone marrow.

Unfortunately, after searching for five years, they found nothing.

Although she and Yun Shengsheng were blood-related sisters, her bone marrow did not match.

So, was Yung Yan going to take away the so-called umbilical cord blood to treat Yun Shengsheng?

Yun Wan roared in a hoarse voice, "Yung Yan, no... you can't do this!"

He was her husband, her husband. How could he sacrifice himself for Shengsheng...

Yung Yan's eyes were full of disdain. He sneered.

"Marrying you is just a temporary measure. Do you really think I like you? Yun Wan, you overestimate yourself. You are just a tool."

"Also, the evil seed in your belly is not my child. Only Shengsheng is qualified to give birth to my child... "

There were too many things that happened that night and he only allowed his assistant to find a random man.

Who knew who that man was?

He didn't care at all.

Hot tears flowed out of Yun Wan's eye sockets.

Those tears were like blood, flowing into her heart bit by bit.

Her heart was like thousands of ants, biting her flesh and blood.

"So, from the very beginning, you all used me as a fool to play tricks on me..."

Yung Yan pursed his thin lips and turned his face away.

He did not look at Yun Wan anymore, and lifted his foot to leave this place coldly.

Yun Wan's vision gradually became blurry. In an instant, she felt as if her heart was dead. She once thought that Yung Yan would be the salvation for her suffering. Who knew that he was here to tell her how many layers of hell there were.

In the next moment, the cold tip of the blade stuck to Yun Wan's belly.

A heart-piercing pain spread from her stomach.

She struggled and cried in hell, "Yung Yan, if there is a next life, I will make sure you die a horrible death..."

An even more intense pain swept towards her.

Her consciousness gradually became blurry and chaotic.

After an unknown period of time, she seemed to have entered a nightmare.

She vaguely heard the whimper of a cat.

Yun Shengsheng's voice was so light that it seemed to come from another world.

"Sister, thank you for your child's umbilical cord blood. Actually, your child is the son of the Dragon City's Crown Prince, Li Hanxiao. In order to prevent him from finding you, I can only use Yung Yan's hand to kill you. I have liked Lih Hanxiao since I was young, so how could I allow that? You gave birth to his child? "

" Also... your mother, Bai Ya, didn't go missing, she died a long time ago. Back then, the police couldn't find her corpse, so they sentenced her to missing. Actually, her corpse had long been thrown into the sea to feed sharks. Heh... It was my father who asked someone to do this. "

Mom died? She was killed by Yun Hongtu and Qiu Mu?

Yun Wan, who had already stopped breathing, suddenly opened her eyes wide, revealing a pair of blood-red eyes.

Shocked, Yunsheng fell to the ground with a plop.

"Isn't she dead? How can he still open his eyes? Ghost, ghost..."

She was flustered and wanted to run outside.

The next moment, Yun Wan's pair of bloody eyes stared straight at Yun Shengsheng.

Some memories that had been sealed for a long time swept towards her mind.

She never would have thought that her predecessor was actually a Nine-tailed White Fox?

A flame gradually ignited in her eyes as the flame ruthlessly smashed towards Yun Shengsheng.

Boom, a huge rumbling sound instantly resounded across the horizon.

A lightning bolt was like a bomb as it completely smashed down.

The lightning caused countless sparks. Those sparks only lasted for an instant before turning the entire villa into a purgatory of fire.

"No... How could this be?" When the flames engulfed the entire villa, Yun Shengsheng's incomparably shrill cry resounded throughout the entire sky.

- -

Hiss, Yun Wan let out a low cry of pain.

She held her head and groaned softly.

"My head hurts..."

Her head was in so much pain that it felt like it had exploded.

She opened her eyes and looked around. The unfamiliar room and the clothes that were scattered on the floor made her lose her senses.

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