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C10 How Do You Repay Me

At first, she just wanted the waiter to find some suspicious clues about Yung Yan.

Who knew that the waiter would send her a message very quickly, telling her about Yung Yan and Bei Lulu.

In her previous life, she did not even know that Yung Yan and Bei Lulu were still together.

Obviously, this matter was manipulated by Lih Hanxiao behind her back and helped her out.

She had to admit that Lih Hanxiao's ability was very powerful.

If she used him well, he could totally become a powerful weapon to deal with Yung Yan and Yun Shengsheng.

Yun Wan's eyes turned and pretended to be surprised. She opened her mouth wide and looked at Lih Hanxiao.

"You... You already know?"

Lih Hanxiao curled his lips and smiled noncommittally. A dark light flashed in his deep eyes.

"If I didn't help you find out about Yung Yan, you wouldn't have won so beautifully... Yung Yan had deleted the video about him a long time ago. I spent a lot of money to find a hacker to restore the video. "

" Miss Yun, we can have a chat. I helped you so much, how can you repay me? I am a businessman. I don't do business that makes me lose money. "

Yun Wan tugged at the corner of her clothes and stood there anxiously.

Lih Hanxiao glanced at the faintly discernible purple scar on her neck. His eyes could not help but be as deep as a pool.

"Let's get on the car first. I'll give you half an hour. Think about how you should repay me."

The driver immediately came over and opened the car door for Yun Wan.

Yun Wan got into the car uneasily. She blinked her lovely eyes at Lih Hanxiao.

When Lih Hanxiao saw her seductive eyes, the heat in his body could not help but surge up.

He raised his hand and covered her eyes.

Yun Wan secretly laughed in her heart. Little girl, you are just a child who has lived for more than 20 years, how can you resist her enticing eyes?

Even if she did not use the enchantment, she could still make him lose his mind and become crazy for her.

In the next moment, Yun Wan bit her red lips and asked in a low voice with uneasiness, "Young Master Lih, you... What are you doing?"

Lih Hanxiao coughed softly and put down his palm. He shifted his gaze away from Yun Wan's eyes.

Those eyes of hers seemed to hide a hook.

With just a glance, he felt his heart heat up.

He loosened his collar and looked out the window without saying a word.

Yun Wan saw that he did not dare to face her, so she curled her lips and smiled lightly.

After about five minutes, the car passed by a pothole and the car shook.

Yun Wan's body deliberately tilted towards Lih Hanxiao.

"Ah... Young Master Lih..."

Lih Hanxiao grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms.

He looked at the driver in front of him and said, "Drive well. Don't do it again."

The driver wiped the sweat off his forehead and replied with a trembling voice, "Yes, Mr. Li."

Yun Wan raised the back of her hand, which was slightly red, and moved closer to Lih Hanxiao.

"I accidentally knocked on the back of my hand. It hurt a little..."

Her skin was originally very white. Now that she knocked on it, her rough eyes made it seem as if there was a piece of flesh that was bleeding.

Lih Hanxiao looked at it, and his gaze couldn't help but sink.

Without thinking, he ordered the driver to turn around and rush to the hospital.

The driver thought that Mr. Li had been injured somewhere.

Without asking a question, he stepped on the accelerator and drove toward the hospital.

Yun Wan's eyes were full of surprise. She... She really did it on purpose in front of Lih Hanxiao to sell pity and win his affection. That was all.

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