Master's Little Wife Is Tigress But Alluring/C11 Disguising Black and White
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Master's Little Wife Is Tigress But Alluring/C11 Disguising Black and White
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C11 Disguising Black and White

In the end, this guy drove his car to the hospital?

This fellow's brain should be fine, right?

She really just wanted to seduce him to massage her hands and back.

Yun Wan sat there in a daze, somewhat doubting her life.

The hospital she went to was Dragon City's private hospital, one of Lih family's properties.

Hence, the driver had already informed this hospital and told them to wait at the entrance early in the morning.

The car stopped at the entrance of the hospital. Yun Wan saw that there were doctors and nurses waiting at the entrance while pushing a stretcher station.

The corner of her mouth twitched and she lowered her head to look at the back of her hand that was slightly red.

This battle seemed to be a little too big.

The driver stopped the car and hurriedly opened the door of Lih Hanxiao's car.

Lih Hanxiao's face was cold as he carried Yun Wan and got out of the car.

The doctors and nurses hurriedly pushed the car and ran over. "Mr. Li, where are you hurt? Why are you still holding her? Hurry up and lie in the car..."

Lih Hanxiao looked at those doctors and nurses as if he was looking at a fool.

"Don't you have eyes? The one who was injured wasn't me..."

As he spoke, he placed Yun Wan on the stretcher.

In the next moment, everyone looked at Yun Wan -

They looked at her several times, but they could not tell where she was injured.

Yun Wan awkwardly curled her lips and smiled apologetically at the doctors and nurses. Then she tugged at the corner of Lih Hanxiao's shirt and whispered, "Li, Young Master Lih, I'm fine now. My hands don't hurt anymore. Well, I don't need to trouble the doctors and nurses, right? They should be quite busy too... "

The surroundings immediately became silent. The doctors and nurses stared at the swollen area on the back of Yun Wan's hand as if they had seen a ghost.

Just this... Just this bit of red swelling was also worth mobilizing a large number of people and wasting public resources?

Lih Hanxiao lowered his eyes and glanced at the back of her hand. The swelling on the back of her hand had disappeared a lot. It was not as shocking as what he had seen just now.

His eyelids twitched. Oh, he was the one who made a fuss.

However, even if he realized this, he would not admit that he was too sensitive.

His expression did not change. It was a peaceful one.

He somewhat reproached and glanced at the driver. "You are making a fuss out of nothing..."

The driver was stunned. He did not recover from his shock for a long time.

Lih Hanxiao hugged Yun Wan and sat back in the car.

He looked at the driver who was still standing outside and scolded sternly, "Why haven't you come and drive? In the future, when you encounter trouble, you have to be calm. Don't be so agitated..."

The driver opened his mouth and spat out all the bitter water in his stomach.

Mr. Li... [Isn't this too inverted?]

He was the one who asked him to come to the hospital, but now it was all his fault.

Was he wronged?

The driver got into the car bitterly, started the car, and left the hospital.

After making such an awkward mistake, Yun Wan did not want to cause any more trouble.

The whole way, she was quite quiet.

Lih Hanxiao gently rubbed the back of his swollen hand. "Does it still hurt?"

Yun Wan was weak and replied softly, "It doesn't hurt anymore. Thank you for your concern, Young Master Lih."

Lih Hanxiao glanced at her a few times. She was small and obedient. The more he looked at her, the more pleasing he found her.

This woman was a person on the bed. She got off the bed and put on her clothes, showing him another appearance.

The interest in his eyes intensified.

Half an hour later, the car arrived at the entrance of a restaurant.

"I'm hungry. Let's eat something first." Lih Hanxiao was the first to get off the car.

Yun Wan followed him out of the car and the two of them entered the restaurant. The restaurant manager was very attentive and led them to a single room on the second floor.

Yun Wan was two steps behind Lih Hanxiao and walked to the back.

Just as she went up to the second floor, she met a beautiful woman.

Yun Wan only took a glance and recognized this woman. This person's name was Han Yue, the heiress of the Han Group and also Yun Shengsheng's aunt and cousin.

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