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C12 Why Did You Push Me

Han Yue had bullied Yun Wan a lot in the past.

Every time she went to the Yun family, she would work together with Yun Shengsheng. One pretended to be a good person while the other pretended to be a bad person. They would work together to humiliate Yun Wan.

Today, enemies would meet here.

Yun Wan's eyes flickered with a dark light.

Han Yue saw the handsome man opposite her. It was actually Lih Hanxiao, and her eyes were emitting a green light.

Heavens, what kind of luck did she have today? She actually met the Crown Prince of Dragon City, Lih Hanxiao, by chance?

This kind of opportunity was something that could only be chanced upon by luck. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

No matter what, she had to seize this opportunity and have a perfect encounter with Lih Hanxiao.

Han Yue wanted to greet him, but Lih Hanxiao's aloof manner made her unable to make a move.

Just as she was fretting, she looked up and saw Yun Wan going upstairs.

Han Yue's eyes flashed with some surprise, Yun Wan? Why was she here?

She did not associate Yun Wan with Lih Hanxiao at all. She thought Yun Wan came alone.

Her eyes flickered and a plan immediately formed in her heart.

When she was wiping Yun Wan's shoulder, she pretended to have a kick and violently rammed towards Yun Wan's shoulder.

Then she screamed in disbelief, "Ah... Yun Wan, why did you push me?"

In the next moment, her entire body pounced towards Lih Hanxiao's back.

Lih Hanxiao furrowed his brows. He sensed danger approaching, so he quickly dodged it.

With a bang, Han Yue missed, and her face was smashed towards the floor.

This fall made Han Yue see stars. Her nose was almost crooked.

She hurriedly sat up in fear and covered her nose. While no one was paying attention, she checked her nose.

Yun Wan patted the dust that did not exist on her shoulder. When the dust touched her shoulder, she could not help but feel nauseous.

Han Yue's move of seducing a man was really rotten.

If she did not guess wrong, Han Yue would definitely complain first in the next moment. She would complain that she deliberately pushed her and fell down to play a pitiful role to gain Lih Hanxiao's sympathy.

Yun Wan was just thinking when she heard Han Yue crying with tears in the next moment.

"Yun Wan, I am your cousin after all. No matter how much you hate me, you should not push me down in front of so many people. It doesn't matter if I fall or get injured. What if I hurt Young Master Lih?"

"Young Master Lih, are you alright? Yun Wan, this girl, has always been insensible. I hope her actions did not offend you." Han Yue looked at Lih Hanxiao pitifully and asked.

Lih Hanxiao slightly raised his eyebrows and turned his head to glance at Yun Wan.

"Cousin? You pushed her just now?"

Yun Wan pursed her lips and did not answer Lih Hanxiao's question. She had to give Han Yue room to perform.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Han Yue's eyes flashed with joy and she could not wait to choke.

"Young Master Lih, don't take offense. Yun Wan may be young and somewhat insensible. The matter between the two of us disturbed Young Master Lih. I'm really sorry. For the sake of an apology, I'll treat Young Master Lih to a meal... "

As she spoke, she got up from the ground. She pretended to have sprained her ankle. Her weak body swayed as if she was about to pounce on Lih Hanxiao again in the next moment.

Lih Hanxiao's eyelids twitched.

He subconsciously took a few steps back.

"You're injured. Aren't you going to the hospital to take a look?"

Han Yue's eyes were filled with joy. Was Young Master Lih concerned about her?

God, she never dreamed that one day she would receive Young Master Lih's concern and greeting.

She replied excitedly.

"Although I am injured now, I feel that I still have to treat Young Master Lih to a meal. Even if I apologize for Yun Wan."

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