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C2 She Was Reborn

Is she dead?

After a person dies, isn't he going to hell? This room is hell?

What followed was the memory that had been sealed for thousands of years. Like a tide, it pounced towards her.

Thousands of years ago, a great war happened in the fox clan. Almost all the people of the fox clan were killed, and they had completely disappeared from this world.

The fox clan had never produced a Nine-tailed White Fox for thousands of years.

Because she was different from others, she was named Imperial Lady by the Fox Emperor when she was very young.

The Fox Emperor was afraid that someone would covet Imperial Lady, so he gave his most secretive and safest residence to Yun Wan.

Hence, Yun Wan escaped from that great battle.

When she crawled out of the fox cave, she saw that all the foxes in the fox clan had been killed.

Almost all of the foxes in the fox clan had died.

What happened after that? Her mind was blank. No matter how hard she tried to recall, she could not figure out what she had experienced.

She only knew that not long after that, her soul was scattered and her body was engulfed by a huge fire.

For some reason, a wisp of her soul was actually sucked into a mortal girl's body.

From then on, her shattered soul slept in the little girl's body.

This deep slumber lasted for several thousand years.

Gradually, she came to a realization. Was it because after experiencing Yung Yan's cruel torture, the hidden memories of ten thousand years ago in her body had been completely awakened?

She was the Nine-tailed White Fox, the fox clan's Imperial Lady who possessed powerful magic power?

Yun Wan suddenly sat up. As she sat up, a faint sense of pain swept across her.

She could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. A man was lying sideways on the other side of the bed. Her face could not help but sink slightly.

She lowered her eyes and looked at her naked body.

Anger flashed through her eyes, and she immediately pulled a blanket and wrapped it around her body.

What on earth happened?

Why did she sleep with a strange man?

She clearly remembered that she died a horrible death.

After Yun Shengsheng appeared, she recovered her corpse and turned into a ball of fire, burning everyone into ashes.

She should have died, but she didn't die.

Yun Wan frowned and inadvertently looked at the calendar on the bedside table.

The time on the calendar made her slightly stunned.

"10th of February?"

She clearly remembered that it was the 30th of August the day she had her child cut off.

She couldn't help but narrow her eyes. "So, not only have I been reborn, my time has also returned to six months ago?"

If it was six months ago, then it would be the night she had a relationship with Yung Yan?

Yun Wan narrowed her eyes. No, this man was not Yung Yan.

She closed her eyes and slowly recalled what had happened six months ago.

It seemed that it was this night that she thought she had slept with Yung Yan.

When she woke up the next day, she did not even take a close look at the man on the bed before she hurriedly ran out of the room.

After running out of the room, she did not expect that there were already many media reporters waiting outside the door.

Later on, Yung Yan appeared and protected her. He admitted to their relationship in front of the reporters.

After that, she registered and married Yung Yan. Even until her death, she did not wait for a grand wedding.

At that time, Yung Yan lied to her that after giving birth to the child, he would compensate her with a grand wedding.

At that time, she foolishly believed him. Little did she know that from the very beginning, he never thought of letting her live.

A hint of ruthlessness flashed across Yun Wan's eyes.

Her fingers tightly grasped the blanket.

She raised her eyes and looked towards the door.

She could guarantee that there were many media reporters waiting outside the hotel.

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