Master's Little Wife Is Tigress But Alluring/C5 She Had Been Honest with Him
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Master's Little Wife Is Tigress But Alluring/C5 She Had Been Honest with Him
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C5 She Had Been Honest with Him

"What charm?" She blinked her eyes, looking quite lovely.

"It makes people feel pity, it's addicting! As long as you listen to me, I can satisfy you whatever you want." He gently tucked the hair in her ear behind his ear, and his eyes were filled with tenderness.

Yun Wan's eyes were focused on his soft and watery eyes and there was a trace of a smile in her eyes.

"Really? Anything?"


A hoarse and magnetic voice sounded in her ears, somewhat bewitching.

The Lih family of the Dragon City was an existence equivalent to an ancient royal family.

As long as she could climb up to Lih Hanxiao and make use of him, she would be able to push the Yung family, and the Yun family into eternal hell bit by bit.

When she woke up again, the sky was already bright.

Yun Wan propped herself up and slowly sat up.

She turned her head and looked at the empty side of the bed -

In the next moment, the sound of flowing water came from the bathroom.

Yun Wan wrapped herself in a white bathrobe and tiptoed out of the bed to find Lih Hanxiao's scattered clothes.

She fumbled around and found a silver-white lighter embedded with diamonds in the pocket of the suit.

She could not help but curl her lips and whisper, "He is really rich. A lighter can be embedded with diamonds?"

However, she remembered that this lighter was practically inseparable from Lih Hanxiao.

When he went to the television station for an interview, he had played with it in his hand.

This lighter could be said to be Lih Hanxiao's personal item.

Yun Wan narrowed her eyes slightly and smiled.

She picked up the lighter and put on her own clothes. She immediately ran away.

After leaving the room, she pulled a hotel waiter over.

She didn't say anything and only took out the lighter for the waiter to see.

The waiter's eyes lit up. "You are Young Master Lih's woman?"

Yun Wan blinked and immediately pulled her collar, deliberately revealing her neck full of bruises.

"Young Master Lih is too strong. He almost gave me..."

Yun Wan's pitiful look made the waiter confused.

When she met his eyes, the waiter suddenly felt empty and his eyes became dull.

Yun Wan lightly smiled and lightly smiled.

She pulled up her collar and leaned close to his ear and whispered a few words in a low voice.

No one knew what instructions she gave, but the waiter answered without any hesitation.

The two of them exchanged phone numbers. Yun Wan patted the waiter's shoulder and turned around to leave. She went to take the elevator.

When she waited for the elevator, she saw two people sneakily staring at her.

Yun Wan knew that this must be someone arranged by Yung Yan.

She pretended not to know and entered the elevator to go downstairs.

When she just exited the elevator and arrived at the hotel lobby.

Yung Yan was wearing a windbreaker and his hair was a little messy. He ran out of the other elevator and grabbed her hand.

"Wan... Why did you leave the room before I woke up?"

Yun Wan stopped and slowly turned to look at Yung Yan.

When she saw Yung Yan again, the hatred in her heart was like a wave, surging in her heart.

Looking at his hypocritical face, she wished she could tear him apart immediately and take revenge for her child.

Yung Yan... This was only the beginning.

"Wan, I am sorry for what happened last night. Don't worry, I will take responsibility for you..." Yung Yan's eyes were filled with guilt. He walked forward and put his arm around Yun Wan's shoulder.

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