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C1 One

“Lucas, you almost forget your lunch!” I run towards my husband who was about to leave for work. I was able to catch him up through the door.

Lucas turned around and smiled. “Oh, sorry about that. I almost missed my wife’s amazing cooking.” He took the lunch box then pulling me for a hug. “Thanks, my love.” He grinned.

“Anytime.” I rubbed my nose against him. “Have a fun day at work.” I yelled as he heads out of the house. He has been working as a construction worker in the new building that is being erected in the city. Yes, his salary is not that high because we both didn’t even finished high school and never went to college but it is enough to make it through the day.

I met Lucas in my father’s company which is a hotel. My parents own the most luxurious and famous five star hotel in the whole country. I was visiting my dad and Lucas was a hotel staff. It just happens that he was the one who helped me with my bags as I visited the hotel.

Flashback three years ago

Arriving in Berkeley Grand Hotel, I see tons of guest inside. Well, I’m not surprised. This hotel has been proclaimed as one of the best in the whole wide world and being the only daughter of the owner, makes me proud. I was currently studying Fine Arts right now in Paris but it’s a long vacation so I decided to go home for the mean time.

My parents has always been busy. Dad is managing the hotel and Mom helps him out. They wanted me to study anything about business and hotel management but it’s not what I want. I remember how mad they were when they found out that I enrolled myself in Paris and took arts as a course.

So they gave me a deal, once I received the highest ranking, they will let me be but if I didn’t, I will stay here and study hotel management. That’s why I’ve been doing my best so I could prove them that I didn’t make a mistake. I loved painting and sculptures. I just love art. Plain and simple.

I never imagined myself managing a hotel or performing a business proposal for someone. I just imagine myself in love with my paintings, having my own art gallery where people can appreciate my works. That’s what I want in my love.

So once I arrived in my hometown, I went straight to the hotel. We have been living in the penthouse suite ever since so I am used to hotels where my room has a view of the whole city. When I got out of the car and stepped inside the hotel, staffs immediately greets me. One of the hotel manager, Bill was there by the entrance to greet me.

“Welcome home, lass.” The wrinkles in his forehead forms as he sees me but smile is in his eyes. His grey hair is also obvious and no doubt, he aged. Well, Bill has been working in our hotel for almost thirty years so I’m not surprised.

“Hi, Bill.” I went over to approach him to give him a quick hug. “You always look good.”

Bill laughed at my comment. “I know…I look old.”

“Who told you?!” I faked a surprised look. “Do not let anyone tell you that, Bill. You may have aged but you are still the best guy I know.” He has always been kind to me. When I was a kid, I wished he was my grandfather.

“I am fluttered, dear one.” He smiled then called for some hotel staff. “Hey, you there, come here.”

A man in uniform appears, his head low with dark hairs and nice complexion. He looks just around my age and he is very cute though, to be honest. “Yes, Sir?”

“Take Miss Berkeley’s bags up to the penthouse. Carry them gently and carefully.” He instructed before turning to me, but my eyes were fixed on the handsome man. “You should rest upstairs. Should I sent some meal for you up there?”

I nodded and smiled. “Sure, thanks a lot, Bill.” I slightly squeezed his arm then starts walking to towards the elevator with the handsome employee behind me while carrying my bags. There are two large suitcase so he is just carrying it by hand.

“L-lead the way, Miss.” He even stuttered while he tries to avoid my gaze.

I chuckled at his cuteness. “Alright.” Then my feet marched inside the elevator. We are using the private elevator we had that leads us directly to the penthouse and it made just for me and my parents. But staffs can use it if they are gonna bring things for us.

Leaning against the elevator wall with my arms crossed, quietness filled us. It is like I have a disease or something because this handsome man is standing meters away from me. It’s not something that bothers me but I hate it when staffs of this hotel treats me like I’m some royalty.

“Hey.” I got his attention.

He turns to me hesitantly, his blue eyes meeting mine. He is actually very tall, taller than me but there is something in him that easily charms me. He had this structured jaw lines and dark brown hair that framed his face well. His body is not too muscular but I can tell that he is on the skinny side.

“What’s your name?” I asked, bravely.

“L-Lucas, Miss Berkeley.” He answered, his eyes going up and down from me and the floor.

I sigh in irritation. “Listen here, Lucas. I hate it when the staff here treats me as if they were scared of me. Come on, loosen up. Don’t waste that cute face of yours if you are going to behave like a pussy.” My voice sounds harsh but this is the way how I speak. I’m not fake and I don’t like sugar coated words. I’m a straight forward kind of woman.

Lucas’ eyes widen a bit hearing the sharpness in my voice. “Sorry, Miss Berkeley. I just want to give you the best comfort and space you need.”

“I’m not that classy, Lucas. My father might be harsh to his employees but don’t think of me the same. I’m the opposite of him.” I told him, crossing my arms. “Say, you’re new here, right?”

“Y-yes.” Jeez, he is still stuttering.

“I thought so, but it’s been three years since the last time I was here.” I murmured and chuckled softly. “You look young, are you still studying?”

“Yes, Miss Berkeley, I’m currently a high school senior.” Now he was able to look at me, his eyes are beautiful and very mesmerizing.

“Really?” I stated, staring at his face. Whoa, I never saw a man this handsome before. As if I was easily been drawn to him the moment our eyes locked and now, I want to know him and befriends with him. He seems to be a nice hardworking guy.

Good thing that the elevator is a long way to be able to reach the penthouse. “I just work here in your hotel at night because I was classes in the morning.”

“That must be hard for you…balancing two obligations in life.” I admired him for that. “But why are you doing this? Are you married or do you have a kid to raise?”

A small deep chuckle came out from him and something poked my heart seeing that smile. He looks cuter when he smiles like that. “No, I want to finish my studies but I have to work in order to do that. I’m an orphan and I have been supporting myself for a year now.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that.” I muttered, lowly. So he’s alone and he’s only doing this for himself so he could live. But seriously… “But, I admire you hardwork.” I simply stated, smiling at him. “All I can do for now is wish you good luck.”

With that, the elevator dings and opened which revealed our penthouse living room first. Dad and Mom were not here because they are in a business meeting somewhere so I’m alone in here.

Lucas puts my suitcases down and bows his head. “Is there anything you wanted me to do, Miss Berkeley?” he asked, with manners and kindness.

I shook my head. “No, that would be all for now.” My hand reached for my clutch bag to give Lucas his tip. “Here.”

“Thank you –Miss Berkeley, this is too much. I-I can’t possibly accept them all.” His eyes widen as he sees the rolled bills that I gave him.

I just turned around so I can’t take it from him. “Keep it, Lucas and thanks again for the help. I wish to talk to you soon.” I playfully winked at him before sitting down on the sofa. Lucas didn’t know what to do but leaving him no choice, he kept the money and thanked me before turning to leave.

I don’t know but that guy just really made me blush a little. He seems to be a very nice guy who had a dream with an admirable story behind that is waiting to be shared. And he will be sharing those with me. I want to know him more and maybe be friends with him.

Dad wouldn’t want that but I’m not like him. I want to know the employees too because in that slightest thing, I can show that I appreciates them.

A few days later, Lucas always been assigned to the penthouse most of the time so I got to see him often. Sometimes, I would order room service on purpose just so I can see him. It’s a little embarrassing though that I’m like a teenager who was having a crush on the hottest guy on school but this is the very first time that I got attracted by someone.

Dad and Mom are not here so I’m alone in the penthouse suite today again but just in time, my dinner was brought up by Lucas from the hotel kitchen. I opened the door when someone knocked on it and came face to face with the guy that I am just looking forward to see.

“Hi!” I greeted, trying to sound not too excited but just trying to be a little friendly.

Lucas grew somehow comfortable around me and he has been smiling at me a lot. “Good evening, Miss Berkeley. Your dinner is here. Should I serve it to your table?”

“Yeah, sure.” I opened the door wider so he could get in. He pushed the cart towards the dining area and served my meal for the night on the table. “Thanks a lot.”

“It’s a pleasure to serve you.” He bowed his head.

I rolled my eyes and chuckled. “Stop being too formal around me, Lucas. Jeez, the one that you should be bowing your head is towards my Dad. He thinks too mighty of himself.”

“Unlike you.” He replied, with a gentle smile.

I sat down on my chair and tried to look at my meals. They are all restaurant quality cuisine but it’s too many for me and I’m not the type of person who eats a lot. “Would you like to join me? I can’t eat them alone.” I tried offering but it is obvious that he won’t.

Caius chuckled, huskily and shakes his head. “Thanks for the offer but I’m not allowed to do that. I am just here to bring up the food and serve you.”

I made a disapproved look. “That sucks, you know. But at least you are not that nervous around me anymore. You can smile and look at me straight in the eyes unlike before, you stuttered and you look afraid to talk to me.”

“I deeply apologize for my behaviour. It’s just I’m scared that your Dad might find out that I talked to you and I could get fired.” He explained, laughing weakly as he rubbed his nape.

I laughed at his response. “Well, if that happens, I will step up and tell him that it was not your fault. It’s not the employees fault if they want to talk to their boss and besides…if ignored me that day, I might tell my Dad to fire you because his hotel staffs must be approachable and kind to their guest, right?”

Lucas smiled and nodded. “Exactly, Miss Berkeley.” Then he bows his head once again. “I’m sorry to cut our conversation but excuse me, Miss Berkeley. I have a lot of works to do downstairs.”

“Oh, my apologies.” I laughed and myself and stands up to walk him towards the door. “Sorry…my mouth just won’t stop from talking.”

“No worries. Even if it just a short time, I enjoyed talking to you, Miss.” He replied before making his way out of the penthouse with a soft smile on his face.

Honestly, Lucas seems to be not the kind of guy who plays along with his life. He looks decent and has a goal in life. But I wonder, why he chose to work here in our hotel where he can get a much easier job so he could focus more in his studies. He sure has his hands full at this state. Being a student in the morning and a hotel staff for the whole night. Does he even had the time to sleep?

And those just made me admire him more and more each day especially when I see him working. I want to know more of his personal side but I know I am stepping on the line too much. Yes, it’s not a good reputation for me if people have seen me talking to a staff but I don’t care. I like talking to the employees and if I were the one who manage them, I would increase their salary because it’s not a easy job. God knows how much they needed money just to get a better life.

Unlike me who already started a life where everything is served in front of me. My Dad is known for being a billionaire so it is obvious that I’m will never feel hardship as long as he is living and he is keeping his money. But despite that, Dad might be the best you have seen but he is not a loyal husband. He cheated on my mom so many times and I don’t know how my mom still manages to even stay with him in one bed.

My life wasn’t that perfect. It has its own dirt but I am working my ass off just to be better on my own cause. I want to be able to live and stand in my own foot and learn to stand up in times of hardship. That is what I wanted to learn.

“So, what do you feel about your paintings?” Lucas asked as we walk around the hotel garden as we circled around the colourful fountain. The sun is going down causing the sky to look like a wave of orange rays with clouds enveloping the cool air. I was looking up at the scenery above and thought that this maybe this could be a good artwork in my painting.

“Well, it’s not how I feel about my paintings that made me so passionate about it.” I murmured, still admiring the orangey sky. “It’s how I see things and how I play it in my mind then make it come real in my paintings. Like this one, the colours, the dimensions and the way the sky just became beautiful on its own nature…I love admiring the beauty of the things around me and my mind just won’t stop bugging until I put my hands to it. Painting them satisfies me as art itself with people appreciating it. I don’t care if I can’t sell my paintings, I don’t care if people don’t like it but as long as those who were inspired understands the beauty of it.” Without realising it, I didn’t know that I keep on mumbling about it causing me to cover my mouth and gasped. “Oh God, I’m sorry. I must have sounded crazy.”

Lucas had his eyes fixed on me the entire time, he had this unreadable expression in his face, his lips slightly parted but the sides of it curved. “No…I just can’t help but admire you as you speak about something you dearly loved. Tell me more.”

“Tell you more about what?” my head tilted in confusion.

“About yourself…what makes you happy, what makes you sad…what makes you love something.” Lucas and stopped in our tracks, leaning our backs on the high fences of the fountain, making it our own personal space and away from everyone. We sat down at the grass and continued talking.

“There are nothing more exciting in my life than my love for art, Lucas. Other than that, I’m just like everyone else.”

“No, you’re not.”

“What?” My eyes suddenly met his as they locked into mine directly, butterflies in my stomach all of a sudden as my hair raised through the sensation. There is this unspoken things that I can’t describe that is going on between us these past few days.

“You are not like everyone else, Talia.”

Did he just…?

Now my senses just went out hearing him call my name. This is the very first time he calls by my first name without Miss or anything.

“Y-you’re special.” He whispered, blushing like madness causing me to laugh.

“Oh my God, Lucas! Y-you’re blushing!” I chanted and laughed out loud causing him to look away in embarrassment. “Don’t be shy, let me see your face!” I teased, shaking his shoulder so he could turn to me.

I didn’t expect him to blush like that. Is he trying to flirt with me for a second there? Telling me that I’m special?

“Come on, Lucas…Look at me –“ I wasn’t able to finish my sentence when he swiftly turns his face to me, catching me by surprise as he suddenly pulled my face so our lips could make contact. My eyes were wide open at his actions and my head spins around.

Shit, I’m kissing Lucas. And this is my first time to be kissed by a man on the lips! My body begins to shake and tremble as I froze. Shivers runs to me body as they tensed up. I was too shock to even move. “

Lucas seems to be even more shocked when he pulls away. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! I-I am so sorry!” he begged, looking away and runs his hands through his head. “I-I-I am so sorry! If you didn’t like, I am not going to do it again! I am terribly sorry! Please forgive me...!”

I know I sould be kissing him back or something but a laugh roared from me, seeing him so nervous. “It was good.”

“W-what?” His jaw dropped as his eyebrows touched in shock. “Y-you liked it???”

I nodded and blushed as well. “I-I don’t know how to kiss back. It’s my first time.”

“Shit!” Lucas shouted like he needs to get it all out. “God, Talia…why do you have to be this cute?”

C-cute? That was my first impression of him. “You are the one who looks cute…you look so scared when you pulled away!”

“Of course! I’m afraid that the woman I like might be scared of me now that I kissed her.” He explained, face is still bright red but his eyes holds the seriousness. His hands are form in a first as he rubbed his head harshly. “I’m making my actions without thinking.”

Wait, what did he say? “Y-you like me?”

Once again, his eyes widen and more loud curses escapes his mouth making me laugh at him even more. “My mouth won’t shut up. Jeez, this is what you have been doing to me, Talia.”

“So, you like me?” I still can’t move on from that topic.

Lucas sighs and nods his head, his eyes were filled with honesty. “Yes…I like you, Talia. I may be just an employee in your hotel but I couldn’t help it. I just…the first time I saw you enter the hotel, I was already attracted to you in an instant. And then you tried talking to me, I just can’t help but be nervous. I don’t want to messed up in front of you because that would be a total turn off.”

“Nah, I find it cute.” I laughed at him then smiled at him sweetly. “I like you too, Lucas.”

“Y-you do?”

“Yes, I like you very much.” I honestly speak, wrapping my arms around him for an embrace. He locked me in his arms and held me tighter. Finally, in the arms of the man I have been admiring from afar then slowly pulls away.

Our face was just inches apart and the sudden feeling of I want to taste his lips again filled me. And I think he is thinking the same thing. His face comes closer and he still hasn’t let go of his hold. But then just as our lips are about to came in contact, someone was calling my name.

“Talia!” My body shakes in fear as I hear that thundering voice of my Dad.

Crap, he caught us!

I quickly pulls away from Lucas for a reason that I don’t want my Dad to be mad at him. “D-Dad.”

He came storming to our direction, leaving a group of men in business suit. I guess he is entertaining those important guests that he had there. “What are you doing here? And who is this guy?” he eyed Lucas poorly and I feel bad for him. He shouldn’t be treated this way.

“I was just strolling around the hotel, Dad.” I matched his presence because I’m used of dealing with him. “Lucas is one of your best employees so I just went to get to know him.”

“He is just a staff here, Talia. Don’t waste your time in putting some effort to know them.” Dad stated harshly and his eyes are filled with disgust as he looks at him.

I took a very deep breath, trying to control my temper and yelling at him but Lucas quickly interrupts us by bowing his head first. “I’m sorry, I will no longer come near your daughter, Mr. Berkeley.” He respectfully said before walking out from us, leaving me this very heavy weight on my chest.

“Don’t come near them again, Talia. Instead of talking and spending time on your rubbish things, you should be helping me and your mother at a time like this. Don’t tell me you came back here just to linger around the hotel? No, you will work here and participate with us.” He strongly demanded, not giving me any chance to speak.

He has always been this harsh to me though. I don’t even know what Mom sees in him but Dad’s mind is just the business and his money. He doesn’t even care about me. He only appreciates me if I do what he wants and that is to study this stupid hotel. But I don’t want any of this!

I wished I should have just stayed in Paris than be here with that monster.

But coming here, I was able to meet Lucas. Someone that can add joy in this horrible life. I think it is better to live in Lucas’ world, where he can freely decide for himself. No one is dictating him what to do and what is right just to make someone happy. I just want that life.

But nothing stopped me from seeing Lucas. We secretly see each other when we can without being spotted. It is actually a good thing that Dad didn’t fire him yet because of the scene the other day. He almost see us kiss and God knows how mad will Dad get if he seen something like that. That would totally be the end of my world.

But Dad has always been suspicious. He caught us for the second time and that triggered his anger more. He fired him on the spot but I did my best to defend him.

“Dad! Lucas didn’t do anything wrong! Please, don’t treat him like that!” I grabbed his arm as he starts to walk out from me. We caught us outside the hotel and having a quick hotdog sandwich at the park. I just don’t know how he finds out that we are here.

“Then how should I treat him? Treat him like a king?” His nostrils flared.

“Treat him as a person.” I said, with deep seriousness and not breaking the courage in my eyes.

But Dad got angrier. “I will treat him like a garbage like everyone else! I wouldn’t go nice to someone that I don’t need in my life. It’s not my lost if I fire him and that is exactly what I am going to do. And you, you stupid child, grow up! You are not a fucking kid anymore so stop being selfish and work in this hotel!” He poke his finger on my temple, deepening it harshly as if he was shove my head.

“Mr. Berkeley.” Lucas’ baritone voice made my heart skip a beat. No, don’t talk to him or it will get worst. “I know I’m the least person you want to hear but please believe me when I say this…I love your daughter.”

My eyes widen at the sudden confession. Lucas stood in front of as if he is trying to shield me from my own father. “Lucas…”

“You son of a bitch…!”

“I love your daughter, Mr. Berkeley. She is a very beautiful and passionate woman. She doesn’t treat people different and speak to everyone with respect. Her works are the best, no one can match up to that amazing gift that she possess. So I wanted to thank you.” Lucas gripped my hand tightly but his eyes are intense as if he is ready to fight. “Because of you, Talia worked hard and became strong…stronger than any woman that I know. She is one of a kind…and I love her more than you can imagine.”

Tears starts to form as my vision blurs. Lucas, how can you do this to me? You are being unfair for making my heart pound like this so badly.

Dad glared at Lucas and to me as well. His eyes are flared with anger. “Love is not gonna save you from this miserable life, Talia. Open your mind and see everything around you. So I’m giving you a choice…stay with us and your mother or you stay with that rat.” Every word that spats out of his mouth is like venom stinging in rage.

“D-dad…” I cried and shook my head. I can’t believe he is willing to throw me away. “Please, Dad…don’t do this. I love you and Mom…”

“Then choose.” Dad’s face was cold. “I don’t want a daughter that would fall easily to a temptation of love.”

Lucas looked at me through his shoulder with softness, his thumb is caressing my hand as if he is gonna respect whatever decision that I make. And with that look, I have no hesitation and no doubt who to choose. “I choose him, Dad. I love Lucas and I want to be with him.”

His eyes narrowed and scoffed. “Then so be it. You are no longer my daughter…you will never receive anything from me and your mother. So don’t you dare come back crying to us.” With that, Dad turned to leave us.

And my life changes after that…

Back to reality

“You seems to get dizzy a lot these past few days, Talia. Are you sure, you are alright?” My friend, Lisa asked. I actually am helping out in her family’s grocery store so that I could help Lucas in financial support. I were just moving some boxes at the storage area when my vision suddenly becomes blurry, causing me to hold onto the wall to maintain my feet on the ground.

“This is nothing, don’t mind it.” I shrugged it while wiping my hands because the boxes are kinda dusty. I went back to the counter and started arranging the baskets over there just to be clean.

Well, Lucas always keeps me up all night so maybe I just need some sleep. We have been married for almost 3 years now since my Dad kicked me out of our home and denounced me for being his daughter. Yes, I was hard for to accept because not just I lost a home and my parents, I also lost my dream to be a famous artist. They took all of my money, probably kept or burned my passport and I don’t even have any access in my bank account already. Dad took everything away from me.

I didn’t know what to do. I feel so lost, like a homeless dog. But, I can’t thank Lucas enough for keeping me safe and for taking care of me. He blamed himself for the reason but he showed me how much he loves me and how willing he is to take responsible for me. The warmness of his heart is the reason why I’m still fighting. He didn’t give up on me so I will never give up on him.

Not long, we ended in into a province. We were living like normal people just like how I prayed for. It was a huge adjustment for me because we got to stay at the subway’s bench at our first night of being alone. Good thing we ended up here in Gaffan City, a small city that is hours away from Crimson, where the hotel Lucas happened to have a friend living here and he let us live in for them for the first few months until he finds a real job. Then he saved up a few money then we got a small apartment.

Just a one bedroom apartment with no kitchen. We just made it possible to make it like a real home and it does.

I like living here more than at the hotel. In here, I get to be free. Lucas never made me feel a hindrance because he is taking care of me too though instead, he showed me how thankful and happy he is for us. When we finally had our own home, we got married right away. Not a big wedding but it is just a simple with just our new friends invited.

Now, I’m very happy. I don’t need to go back to my parents. But still, I can’t deny how hard it has been for me and Lucas to get through that. It was so hard, I never experienced how hard to survive a day with just a few money inside your pockets, I never experienced any hardship.

I may have missed my parents and my friends in Paris but, there is nothing I can do now. All that is left, is to accept this life and be with Lucas. That’s what I choose.

“Hey, Talia. I heard the building that your husband is working at is under the Wellsburg Corporation.” Liza’s mother, Maria mentioned while I help her arrange the cans of meatloaf on the shelf.

“Yeah, those rich bastards is trying to turn this city an urban one.” I stated.

“What kind of building they are trying to take in this time?” Liza asked.

“Logan said that it was a hotel.” I replied, bitterness rolls through my tongue just saying the word hotel. It just sends me bad memories.

“Hmmm…a hotel. As if a hotel is gonna be successful in our area. They must have thought this through that this is a province. Hotels won’t click in here.” Maria retorted which is I agree. There are many hotels that were built here but they closed it down because they just got broke. No one is even coming into the hotel. Because there is no reason to begin with,

Why? There is no reason for people to use a hotel in this place. There are no tourist spots and this is just a small city. People would rather stay in hotels in the larger urban cities than here.

“It would be better if they put up a mall…just so that our city will be improved.” I murmured my own opinion. It is kinda boring here because shopping is my favourite thing to do and not even a single mall was placed in here.

The grocery store closed at five in the afternoon. So sometimes, I have time to cook for dinner and have some cuddling time with Lucas.

I was just frying some meatloaf when Lucas comes home. He looks tired but the smile in his face never falters. He sniffed and hugged me from behind. “Welcome home.” I greeted with a soft giggle but his hands starts to wander off my waist which is very ticklish. “Lucas, I’m cooking.”

He laughed huskily in my ear and kissed my cheek. “I am not hungry for food, Talia. I’m hungry for you.” He bites my neck playfully but I elbowed his stomach in return. “Ouch, so feisty.”

I transferred the meatloaf on a plate before serving it on our table. I bought some vegetables so I decided to make some vegetable salad for dinner with meatloaf on the other side. Lucas is always looking forward when I’m making dinner. His plate is wiped clean when he’s done and always asks for more.

The television is on so his eyes are now focused on the news.

“So, how was work?” I asked, like I do everyday.

“Great, nothing bad happened to me.” He answered with a grin. “Our new boss came to observe us today too.”

“New boss?” I was washing the dishes this time.

“Yep, Mr. Wellsburg’s oldest daughter was our new boss. Silvia Wellsburg.” He replied, “She is nice but she seems to be too young to handle or manage a hotel in her own.”

“Silvia Wellsburg?”

Wait, Silvia? She and I went to the same school when we were kids. Her parents are super rich just like mine but unlike her, she was a very spoiled brat and she had her parents wrapped around her finger.

She was never a friend because of her attitude especially when we were in high school.

She was loved by all men and they will bow down to their knees just to sleep with her.

And I'm not comfortable that my husband will be working with her. She might seduce him and lure him away from me! I can't handle that! I will kill them both if that happens anyway so good luck for us.

I don't want to be a murderer so I just need to talk to Lucas.

"Is something wrong?"

"Don't fall in love with her."

Lucas laughed at what I said. "What?"

My jealousy is killing me. "She's beautiful, right? Don't fall for her if she seduces you."

A teasing smile came out from him. "You don't have to worry about that, kitten. You are much beautiful. Infact, you are the most beautiful woman in my life and you will always will be. Nothing can change that." he kissed me right on the lips. "The only one for me."

The eager kisses continued as I felt my back hit the wall, he trapped me there and made me wrap my legs around his waist, making me feel his growing friend .

A moan escapes me and he kissed me deeper, plunging his tongue inside me as we taste each other. With this kiss, I know it's only me.


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