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C2 Two

Early in the morning, I woke up when I felt some soft movements inside the room. I immediately opened my eyes then sat up and noticed Lucas already putting on his clothes, hair is still damp saying that he just finished his shower. Stretching my arms in air while letting out a quiet yawn then rubbed my eyes so I could turn to look at the alarm clock that was on the bed side table.

5:25 am?!

"Oh, good morning." Lucas went over to my side and bends down to kiss me. "You should sleep more, it is still early. I kept you busy you and occupied pretty well last night, huh?" There is a wicked smile in his face as his eyes jitters.

"Are you going somewhere?" I asked, my voice still a little groggy from the sleepiness.

"Yes, Silvia instructed us to go to work earlier than the usual starting today." He replied, rubbing my hair.

Silvia again

It's been two weeks since that woman came in this town and she totally changed the usual routine that they had before. Lucas was working earlier and has been getting home so late and it is really bugging me.

A received a pinch between my brows causing me to shake away my thoughts for a moment. "That childish frown is growing again...I keep on telling you everyday that there is nothing for you to worry about. Relax, there is nothing going on between us. Do not entertain such dirty thoughts that I will cheat on you with her." He explained, holding my hand and intertwining our fingers. "I love you."

I sigh in defeat and let myself get lost at his intense eyes, staring down at me. Just those three words are enough to melt the worries and heaviness inside my chest. "I love you."

Lucas dropped his head once again to my level, I cupped his head from his nape and pulled him closer and dipper to the bed. A small laugh and a smile was formed as he plunge his tongue inside my mouth to make the kiss more savage. I am not comfortable that he is working with Silvia but I trust him. That is the best thing to do. I know he loves me and there is no way I will let her even put a finger on him.

He's mine.

Call me possessive but that is just how I roll.

I fought my parents for him and no one is going to get him away from me as well. The kiss went deeper, he was only supporting himself by his one hand above my head but it seems like he is fighting me but he didn't win anyway.

Even if he is hurrying to go to work, he still couldn't resist the temptation in bed.

An hour later, he finally left for work. Well, he took his time making love to me. As a result, he ended up getting late after he wake up so early just to do his job well. My fault? Na ah, I don't think so. He can say no to me but he choose to be with me instead so I'm not guilty. A mischievous grin forms from me as I continue to work in the grocery store.

I was listing some of the products while someone asked for my help.

"Excuse me, lady. Can you help me with this one?" A strong baritone voice made me look up.

My eyes widen upon seeing the man who just called for me. I know this guy but I do not know his name. All I can think of is that he is here with something relating to my parents and my life before.

The man is simply wearing a black shirt and denim jeans, even if he is only wearing simple outfit, it is very obvious that he is not from around here. You can't clearly see his face because of the big sunglasses he's wearing.

"C-can I help you?" My voice came out softly.

"Yes, you can. I actually wanted to talk to you about something." He stated, his eyes never leaving mine. It is a little intimidating actually. "Natalia Berkeley."

My hearts pounds widely inside my chest, as if it wants to come out from my rib cage but I did my best to remain calm and act as if he doesn't have an effect on me. He knows my real name so this has got something to do with my parents, I'm sure of it.

"Sorry, it is still work hours so I have no business with you. If you wanted to talk something, talk to our manager." I quickly turn away. There is something in this man that tells me that I should stay with him longer.

"Is that how you treat the best friend that you haven't seen in 10 years?"

My feet froze on the spot at what he just said. My eyebrows touched in confusion. My best friend? I do not recall a best friend that I haven't seen aside from –wait. I turn my head over my shoulder as the wrinkle between my forehead deepened when the man removed his shades.


I do know this man.


His smile widens and opened his arms as if he wants me to run to his arms. Just like when we were kids. "The one and only."

But I remained stiff in my spot, nervous that maybe he is not alone. That someone is here with him to take me back home. "Why are you here?" I asked, stepping back a little.

He leaned his elbow on one stall and checked me from head to toe. "Is this how you greet me, Talia? Come on, run into my arms and give me a hug." His smile is very encouraging me but no. Yes, I miss him but I think 10 years is long enough for me to be uncomfortable to just jump into his arms.

Philip chuckles and walked closer to me. "Seriously, didn't you miss me? Cus' I missed you very much, Talia"

"I-I missed you too but...please, answer my question. Why are you here?" I urged him to answer.

"Well, I am here on a vacation since Dad finally transferred the Gomez Corp. in my hands, why not pay my place a visit?" He casually answered.

"No, I mean In this place. How did you know that I'm here?" I questioned. I just realized that we are in the middle of the path and we are attracting attention so I decided to take us at the storage room where we can properly talk.

"Hmmm? I was searching for you. You see, when I asked where you are, your parents didn't know. So I went through the effort to search for you. It took so long to finally know where you are but...hey, I am happy to see you. I wanted to know how you have been." He doesn't seem like he had some hidden intention but, I shouldn't just be calm just because of how I see him.

My eyebrows touched. "Have you told my parents about this?"

"Nope, I haven't told them yet. And it seems like...I missed a lot of stuff while I was away." He stated, crossing his arms and eying me gently, trying not to offend me with that stare. "Why are you in this place? I don't want to be rude but, I can't help but to be curious."

I sigh and scratched the top of my head, thinking of something to tell him instead of saying 'It is none of your business' "You just wasted your time searching for me, Philip." I murmured, looking back to the door if there are some customers needed some help in the grocery.

Philip looked at me with earnest. "Natalia, I wanted to see you. Fine, I won't ask anymore questions about what happened. Just give me the privilege to buy you some coffee? Or grab some lunch? When will you be free?"

Jeez, how can I get this man out of my sleeves? I am hesitating to accept him but I don't think it is bad. He's my childhood friend, my only best friend. Looking at him like this, it looks like I am looking at the younger version of him, asking for my help. His eyes were always the same...honest. The window of his emotions.

" me outside at 12." I agreed and went out of the storage room in a hurry, carefully not trying to be caught. Philip didn't follow me anymore, he just came back at the time that I gave him.

It's my lunch break and got out of the store and meet him there. He was sitting patiently for me by the bench and quickly smiled upon seeing me.

"There you are." He cheerfully announced before walking closer to me. "So, where would you like to get some lunch? Is there any restaurant around here?"

I am wearing my coat since it is very cold today so I rubbed my hands together before answering. "Let us just get some coffee."

Philip nodded and grinned. "Then coffee it is. Lead the way what coffee place you want. I am not very familiar in this city."

We both walked to the park where my favourite coffee shop can be seen. I don't want to go eat with him alone since I am not that comfortable. There are people around here knows me so I don't want to give them the wrong impression. We sat down on the grass by the lake of the park.

I secretly would look at him just to admire how grown he has become. I never thought that he could be this handsome. Everything in this physical looks has changed except for his eyes. They remained the same. It's been so long since I meet up with someone familiar to me. But I noticed him rubbing his arms because of the coldness.

"You should have brought a thick cloth or a coat to keep you warm." I said, rubbing both of my thumb on the texture of the cup.

"Nah, I'm fine." He wrinkled his nose. "Anyway, do you always hang out here? This is a relaxing place."

I nodded. "Yeah, I usually come here a lot just to get some coffee" I almost say 'cuddling with my husband.'

"You always love quiet places. Remember when we were kids that you love hiding at quiet places just to read some books and just escape from everything, right?" Philip sneered, recalling old memories.

Yes, I remember them all. I am always escaping with a lot of things as a kid. I hate it when people keeps butting in my life just to annoy me. It has been a habit of mine to escape and hide until I feel better.

Hiding is what I'm good at when I'm afraid or scared.

"How long have you been living here?" He asked, looking around to see the whole park.

"Years." I simply stated

"Do you have a plan on moving out?" He asked.

"Nope...I love it here." Because I'm with my husband. "I like it here. My personality suits this kind of environment so I am sticking here."

Philip nodded as he takes in the information then a genuine smile appears from him. "Have I told you how beautiful you became?"

I laughed and shook my head, while taking a sip on my coffee. "No need to tell me that."

"Well, someone needs to tell you so you can realize how beautiful you became, Talia." He murmured, looking at me intently. "I really wish we can hang out more but I have some business to attend to. But, I can come back for you...maybe next week?"

"You don't have to come back to me, Philip. Do what you have to do and forget me." I told him, honestly.

I am not blind or dumb. He wants me and it is very obvious in his eyes.

"Why?" he looks taken back. "I want to catch up things with you, Talia. "

"Philip, I don't think it is appropriate for us to hang out." I told him, to stop him before letting his feelings go deeper.

"Appropriate? I don't see any reason that forbids me see you and hang out with you, Talia."

Alright, moment of truth. "My husband won't like it."

The shock in his face was very obvious. He stared at me as if I said something horrible and it took him seconds before he can speak up again. "Oh, really? Who is the lucky guy?"

"Just someone." I murmured. Keeping everything private. I still can't trust him though and there is a possibility that he is being used by my father. He came to me just to see how I have been since they kicked me out.

But guess what? I am much happier.

I wouldn't trade what my life now from anything. Lucas is all I need to be happy.

"Then shall I meet this someone?" Philip asked, his eyes doesn't sparkle anymore unlike earlier.

His question is making me shorten my breath. "I-I don't know, he's very busy with work."

"Is he giving you the right attention?" He quickly questioned which I replied also in a swift.

"Yes...he is an amazing husband. He gives me all of his attention and love." I defended, stopping him from thinking something bad about Lucas. Philip needs to stick in his head that he doesn't have any chances to be with me. I can give him a chance if he is asking to be my friend again but nothing more than that. That's all that I can offer.

Philip just nods at everything I said about Lucas, but carefully trying to mention his name because I don't want him to be involved in this. A few minutes later and our coffee is already done, he asked if we can see each other again.

It took me a while to answer because as much possible, there should no longer be a second meeting between us. There is something about him and his sudden appearance that makes me uncomfortable. Maybe the idea that he is in my past is the one that is making me this uneasy. Just looking into those eyes of his, I can feel that he is here for a reason...a much deeper reason.

Crazy but, it seems like he is not the Philip who used to play with me when we were little. This man in front of me a stranger.

I gather all of my courage to finally say goodbye to him.

"When can we meet again?" Philip asked again.

I just shrugged my shoulders and hid my hand inside my pockets. "Let me think about it. Things are getting a little busy down here."

Philip is really hoping to see me again but I don't want to give him a definite answer yet because I will just go back on my words. So with a heavy heart, Philip finally leaves as he gets inside his car. Things will probably be more complicated if he sees more of my life. No need, he is in the past and that means he no longer concerns my future. I will forget him together with my family.

Night came, I was waiting for Lucas to arrive but it is already almost midnight. He didn't return any of my text and his phone has been turned off. I keep on looking up on the clock. The short and long hand are now both at 12 and it is way past his working hours. Not that I do not trust him but he could have at least texted or called me saying that he will go home late or he will hang out with some friends.

Maybe I will go call Logan, he works with Lucas and he is his closet friend.

"Hello, Talia?" his voice sounds husky as he if just woke up.

"Logan, sorry did I wake you up?" I bit my lower lip.

"Y-yeah but it's alright. What's wrong?" He asked, clearing his voice.

Wait, he's already asleep? Does that mean he already went home before Lucas did?

"Lucas isn't home you have a clue where he is?" now I am getting nervous. Did he caught in an accident or something? He wouldn't be late unless Logan is with him.

"Hmm? He is not? But he went home ahead of me." Logan replied, his voice sounded confuse.

My eyebrows are now together in one line. "Do you have any idea where he went? Did he tell you something before leaving?"

"Nope, he didn't. Sorry. I thought he is going home earlier because of you." Logan murmured.

"Ummm, no. He...he isn't home. Do you think he went to the bar or something?"

"Nah, he won't go there without me. Are you gonna search for him?"

"I'm thinking about it."

"If you are going to search for him, I will come with you. It's already midnight. It's not safe to go out alone." Logan offered and I can sense through the call that he is already moving.

But then, I heard the front door being unlocked. He is the only one who has access to the front aside from me so I'm assuming that it is already him. "Wait, he's already here, Logan. Thanks for the assist anyway. Good night!" I cheerfully stated before ending the call and twirling to face the door, ready to attack my husband with stabbing glares but it turned out, I was the one who gets frozen in shock to who greeted me by the door.

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