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C2 (two)


I walk angrily into my room, shutting the door behind,, do these people really take me for a joke, to hell with them , they can give the alpha position to whoever they seem fit,

I take off my shirt and pants staying only in my briefs.

"I can't believe it, even mum was involved. They think they can give my position away to my brother just because he found his mate before I did? Matter of fact I do not care"

The door to my room opens , I paused staying fixes in the middle of my room,

"You can come in William"

"I had to check on you to be sure , but I don't know it this is the best time"

" Best time or not, it didn't matter as long as I get to see your face"

I move closer to him, I smirk as I see him gulp hard, I walk past him and shut the door, locking it I proceed to move back to him each step I take he moves backwards in sync, finally he falls on the bed , I climb over him and place a peck on his forehead

"You shouldn't Arthur ,"

I smirk at him, and bite on his lower lip

" Do you think I'd give a damn about your opinion"

He shivers under my touch as I trace his jawline,

"I told you Arthur this needs to stop, you need to find your mate being with me is a waste of time"

I nod my head paying no attention to whatever point he's driving at I move my lips closer to his he close his eyes after seconds of waiting he opens them back, he proceeds to speak , I smash my lips into his, he kisses me back intertwining his tongue with mine at first we kiss slowly seconds later it becomes demanding as he tugs at my hair burning his hands deep into my hair, I kiss him roughly biting in his to give as he moans into my mouth I rub my member against his thighs as I feel his member harden too,

The door swings open making us jump in fear , he moves completely away from me and looks to the door, I on the other hand would care less if anyone finds out, we've been at this relationship for two years and he's still scared someone might find out, I look to the door to see my annoying twin brother Asher

" You two are still keeping up with this, I am disappointed"

I look up at Asher, knowing well the best thing he does is stepping on my toes, I'll try being better than him today just because of William

" Shut the door after you moron"

I walk away from the bed and move to my table, pour a glassful of water and swallow, I look directly at William hes shying away, Asher closes the door and walk towards the bed

"How long have you known?"

I ask looking into.his eyes, he smirks crossing his arms over his chests, what's with that memancing pose I ask myself,

"I've known since you guys started making out , I'd say for two years now"

I'm screwed I scream inwardly, for a twin Asher is my worst nightmare...

As kids we grew side-by-side , we loved each other , cared for each other, but puberty came and got us I'n a hard way,

It all began when It was turning age and I could shift, but Asher found it difficult to shift, he couldn't take on his wolf form, I stayed by his side always giving him motivational speeches until it was time for me to begin hunting and gradually I had lesser time for him, eventually months later he also began to shift into his wolf form but by then we were already drifting apart, gradually our growth spurt began and I as the first one grew bigger , bolder , and muscular than my timid brother, he on the other hand grew not much physically but more mentally, he had the brains of the family and I had the looks the moon goddess blessed my mother but to us it was a curse , it made us grow father apart,. Last year during the fullmoon festival Asher found his mate and they've been lovey dovey pretty irritating to watch but I've always had Williams.

Just an hour ago, there was a pack meeting and it was declared that if I don't find my mate within 3 fullmoons Asher would be made alpha, he'd take my rightful place as alpha all because he has a mate and I don't,

I tried questioning their decision and I was told

"The pack needs a new alpha and you don't have one "

It hit me really hard , but hit me harder when I realized my mum was all I'm with the plan, no one except I knew, William was also involved it makes me question whatever relationship we've had for two years straight up, I withdraw from my wonderland back to reality ,

I sit on the bed adjacent to William , I can tell he's really ashamed but i made the choice and I knew what the consequences of being caught meant when I asked him to be mine, he has always been the timid and shy type

I look back at Asher, still having his hands crossed over his chest and the smug smirk still playing around the corner of his mouth

"Go on talk, throw fits anything and if you know you have nothing to do walk back and out of my room now!!"

He looks amazed by my audacity, he seems to be having fun playing tricks with me but I wouldn't be a scaredt cat and fall for his games

"Don't get all worked up brother, I have plenty to say but not to you, I'd be speaking directly to your lover"

At the mention of lover, I clench my fist

"Whatever funny games you're playing won't work Asher get out and leave William alone"

He giggles for a while

"And you call me over protective , you seem to be forgetting the fact that William is also a friend to be and of course I'd do him no harm, we three grew up together, and like I said I'd direct my speeches to your lover not your dumbass"

I seem to clench my fist harder holding my wolf in, I might go awol any moment but I know now's not the time,

"I'm disappointed in you William, we grew together and I'm fond of you but if all the choices you could make all guys on Earth you choose this thing (points at Arthur), I'm sorry but when did your taste and class get this bad , my brother of all people , he stink, he's lazy, he's zero headed, low iq , he knows nothing and you choose him? I wonder if he threatened you into it , go on you can confide in me I won't judge him"

I give Asher a spiteful look what is he trying to prove here? But inwardly I ask myself did I force William into this rely? I know he loves me and cares for me a lot, but did I take him by force? The day I confessed to him did he accept me out of pity? Did I force the kiss on him? , I've been the bold one in the relationship taking steps I know he'd be scared to but did he really want it all, I ask myself questions as I wait patiently for William's answer

" Asher, Arthur forced me into doing maythings"

My heart sinks at the statement, I feel the surge to cry but I can't, not now,

"But I love him on my own accord"

Hearing the words made me go haywire, I love the fact that he used the word "love" not "loved" I look at him and he smiles at me I can see pure joy in his eyes , the feeling of being caged in a relationship is finally gone, the fact that he admits to someone that he loves me made him happy if theres anything I might think right now, it's the fact that I made the possible best and right decision two years ago by asking William to be mine

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