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C6 (six)


I stretch lazily, as I open my lids slowly, I adjust to the r dim lighted room, I can barely see things clearly , I move my hand unconsciously to feel something soft , I look down to my hand, it's a bed

An alarm rings in my brain all of a sudden , it's a bed but not my bed, the memory of the previous events and my blackout hits me, instinctively I search around for a weapon, anything , but all my attempt ends in failure , the only thing in the room is a bed and a sofa,

Someone turns on the light switch a I squint my eyes away from the light and slowly open them back ,gradually my lenses adjust to the light I see the woman from the previous night before the door,

I spring at her ready to strangle her on sight, i feel two hands , soft but strong pull me away from her

"You might want to calm down Laura, we are not your enemy"

I halt that speech. I remember it somewhere , finally it comes to me the memory of my encounter with the woman who had a dragon tattoo she said the same thing, I turn to look at whoever held me, she's a brunette five feet tall, her hair probably died pink,

"And why should I believe two maniacs who abducted me?" I ask with an angry expression

She lets go of me and gradually takes off her top, I look at her like she's insane, what is she trying to prove? She's not going to strip before me, right? , I stare at her bare back in awe

"Holy shit!!!!!" , I exclaim in shock she has the dragon tattoo hers broader, bigger , and brighter, she turns to me as I stare at her chest , she has nothing on and it makes me go red in the face

"Get a hold of yourself girl, you have important matters to sort out here" I mentally warn myself ,

"Do you understand me now?"

She asks narrowing her eyes at me, she can probably tell I have series of questions to ask, she smiles at me

" Judging from your look I can tell you are surprised, I've been there trust me and there are hundreds of our kind in the world , I'm snow by the way and my friend over there is Kaitlin"

I Frown, not liking the word "friend"

"Oh you mean your friend who tried to murder me ?"

"She didn't try to murder you, she did murder you, you died "

"I what?" I ask panicking,

"No, I can't die now I'm 19 for fuck's sake, I have a brother and parents I attend highschool , I have a life, I fidget

"Laura, you died but you aren't dead"

I look at snow, what does she mean by that, she' is beginning to sound like a crazy teenager,

"Are you guys a psychopath or something, ?"

"No Laura, you see when you died it triggered the hunter side of you , I can tell you hardly know anything about yourself, your human self died last night but your hunter self remains alive didn't you notice earlier ? "

I bite on my lower lip trying to make sense of the conversation but I bet nothing

"Laura you could see without the lights on in the room" she yells out loud frustrated

It dawns on me , all of a sudden, the feeling of being refreshed , the dim lights

"Oh no" I yell brushing my hands on my face,

"You caused this "

I lunge at Kaitlin once more this time snow doesn't flinch, I throw punches, couple of kicks , and fists into thin air, after all attempts to get to her proved abortive , i finally give up, painting heavily,

"She told you we are not your enemies"

I look up at Kaitlin with a smug grin on her face ,I'm so embarrassed that I couldn't even get my finger on her, I look away from her facing snow, she stands there with the same expression

"How did she even get her dragon tattoo not to talk of the Slayer, she couldn't even get close to me , you should've seen her last night crying for help she couldn't even hunt down a newly turned wolf , how did she kill the previous ones?"

I could sense pure sarcasm in her voice, but I could pay less attention to her but did she mention a newly turned wolf, i

"Edna was a wolf"

"Yes she is, not was darling , it wasn't hard to tell, she couldn't control her urges newly turned wolf's are nothing but horny , and they go crazy when they catch a scent of arousal during that period , she is newly turned and couldn't keep her identity hidden for an hour around you, she called the shots , you pulled the trigger"

I lower my head in disgrace , it's really embarrassing the fact that everyone knows how aroused I was

"Are there more? "

"You mean more wolves ?"

I nod in response to snow's question

"Why do I feel the urge to kill, the urge to hurt people?"

"Oh please , spare me those, they aren't people they are nothing but animals, you should be able to control your urge to kill , we are better than those things"

"You said there are more like me , "

"Yes there are Laura , you would be introduced to them soon but till then when you spot a prey do not make hasty decisions, Kaitlin would be in charge of your introduction but before then , have a nice nap"

On hearing the nice nap I scream

"Fuck, I'd be dead if I get home late, I need to leave now!!!"

I hear a scoff coming from Kaitlin ,

"Scaredy cat, we've got it handled already "

I grumble lowly at Kaitlin , why does she not like me ?

"And how did you do that?". I ask glancing daggers at Kaitlin"

" It's okay Laura, I've had it covered , Nevermind Kaitlin's attitude, she's like that with new ones"

"And I wonder why you have a soft spot for her, you aren't into her by chance right"

I watch as Kaitlin accuses snow

"If I have a soft spot for her that's my problem to deal with kait now get out and let her have her rest, she died today leaving her human side and you know well what it means to annoy a turning hunter "

Kaitlin shrugs at first , before thumping the ground angrily and moving out of the room leaving I and snow all alone, I look at and away from her awkwardly

"It's okay to feel shy, I was at first too, take your time take a nap or something it's time Kaitlin would fetch you"

And with that she moves out if the room, I slump into bed, thinking hard , I wasn't completely alone, I have a family true ones , then sudden realisation hits me ,

"If my bloodline descends from hunters then mum and dad have been killing too?"

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