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C8 (eight)


I hold my hand down towards my lower abdomen, the feeling to retch overwhelms me, I've been in the bus for an hour , I'm headed for the school trip in Kentucky , I've avoided cramped spaces a lot ruthar likes being free once he stays in a place too long he begins to get the feeling of being caged

During my previous trips I've had fun times not minding anything being with William on the bus but this summer it all sucks , I think very hard

"I'm not jealous right? Am I getting the feeling to retch due to my being cramped with noisy kids on the bus or because of the scene before me?"

I look up right before me , there's William and Laura in the same seat, they both seem to get together well, they've been bickering , laughing and snuggling for an hour,

"When did they get this close or friendly?"

I'm tempted to smack one of them in the head , because if them I can't get my beauty sleep

" Oh please spare me, did I hear you say snuggling for an hour, stop being ridiculous all they did was talk and laugh , and whose beauty sleep I'm the furry one here but you look like the beast, if you don't mind I need MY beauty sleep"

"What's up with you lately?" I mind link ruthar

"You've been talking a lot lately, and I saw them snuggling. That isn't a lie it's a fact, just get away from me to your beauty sleep or something I need to get mine too, you must think you are the boss now the full moon is approaching right?"

"Yeah sure , whatever just quit being spooky and talk to William , I think he's got a thing for the pretty blonde"

He disconnects the mindlink not waiting for my sassy reply, hiss angrily William turns to look at me , he must have heard me hiss,

"What's wrong?"

He asks with the most sarcastic tone ever

I stick my tongue in my left cheek twice then raise my brows, he turns red in the face blushing knowing exactly what I mean,

"You are one sick soul"

"You didn't mind me being sick "

"Fuck off Arthur"

He says it silently a human wouldn't hear but being a supernatural I could hear without difficulty, he turns back this time putting in his earpods just like Laura did, I roll my eyes in my head

"He's going to pay for it "

I look sideways to see the girl I'm sitting next to staring at me

"Do you have something to say to me?"

I can tell She is embarrassed about being caught off guard , she opens her purse , brings out a handkerchief and stretches it towards me

" You're sweating "

"Oh am I ?"

I wipe my sweat , I can tell she's flustered I smirk returning the handkerchief to her , she smiles at me before turning on her phone

I smirk, I'll have anyone and anything I want but William he's acting so hard to get , I've got the looks, the builds, the aura, just not so much if the brains but who cares?


"She's new here, she needs time to adjust and balance her personal life and life as a hunter"

"That's the point snow, she's new if anyone should be dying to get accepted it's her, but she's acting all full of graceful air"

"Calm down Kaitlin, you were just like her , remember?"

"Do not make references like that I'm way better , besides why is she treated like a golden egg , you know something snow and you are keeping it from me,when did the elders become soft?"

"They aren't kailtin but keep your curiosity to yourself, it doesn't matter if I know something but here's a hint, stay away from her"

I watch a sour expression appear on kailtin's face

"I should stay away from her, snow do you have feelings for Laura?"

I move menancely towards Kaitlin, she doesn't flinch daring me with those sharp gaze of hers

"If there's anyone I'd have feelings for it would be you mi amor , remember you are stuck with me"

I pull her in placing a peck on her forehead, she looks at me filled with uncertainty,

"Don't look at me that way kait, you always want more don't you?"

She pushes me to the bed rolling over me ,she pulls my top over my head leaving me in my lingerine , she smashes her lips into mine then pulls it out immediately, I've been with Kaitlin for few months and I know well she's a teaser , she likes being the dominant one during training sessions and our makeouts she's always the teaser , doing things to make me beg

" I suppose you have few things in mind today?"

She Accesses me from head to toe

"You wore red, I like it"

She bites my lower lip looking into my eyes, she slides her hand to my belly button fiddling with my belly ring she slides her hand down To my lingerie she can feel the wetness oozing out of me , she rubs my clitoris making me moan in pure ecstasy , I thugs at her hair moaning louder, I pull her hard close to me,sucking on her tongue she bites my tongue in a seductive manner, my hands roam freely around her body, I dig my manicured nails into her back,

She pulls away from me instantly, I look up at her she's playing games with me

"Do the nails hurt?"

No it doesn't one bit, count this as a punishment,

She winks and walks out of the room, I slump in bed feeling so aroused, I circle the tip of my nipple and rub my clitoris with another, I thrust my fingers into my vagina and continue the process slowly at first but I increase the pace , I bite on my tongue not wanting to scream out loud, I continue the process this time faster and thrusting deeper, I feel myself close to climax eventually I cum spewing my cum all over the bed, I remove my fingers to sniff,

I feel tired but still aroused , I crawl on the bed close to my closet, I open a drawer to bring out my vibrator, I switch it on and spread my legs

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