Mated to the hybrid alpha/C3 CHAPTER THREE
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Mated to the hybrid alpha/C3 CHAPTER THREE
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Alexa's Point Of View

Never in my life have I ever thought I would meet my mate one day. I had given up on it the very day darkness filled my life eleven years ago. I was taken as a slave and prohibited from leaving the palace until I die.

The probability of me finding him was zero. My peers back then hoped that one powerful wolf or alpha will sight them and claim them as theirs so they would leave the palace, free from captivity and suffering. I used to find their dream ridiculous. That is impossible, I used to say but little did I know I would meet him one day.

He's a hybrid at that. Half-vampire. I used to think they were myths. I mean, which wolf in their right mind would sleep with those repulsive creatures? I certainly wouldn't. I used to hear about them from the old slaves. They said hybrids were stronger than anything that had walked the earth. Because of the blood mix of two powerful beings, they tend to be faster, stronger, and more intelligent than vampires and wolves. Even more dangerous. If you ever run into a vampire and a hybrid, run from the hybrid.

Even with all these, they are so rare to find. So rare that you could only count two in ten years. I said I wouldn't have anything to do with vampires nor any one of their kind but here I am, over the shoulder of one of them.

"Put me down!" I fired.

"Keep quiet, would you? You'll wake up the tigers."


"What? You're afraid of tigers?" He taunted and I gulped.

If there's one creature I fear most in the world, it's tigers. I had a very horrific encounter with them when I was young.

"Why...why would I be scared of them? I'm not scared at all."

He hummed teasingly. "We'll be out of the forest soon."

"Yes, so we can go different ways."

He paused. I felt his hand on my waist as he brought me down to stand in front of him.

"Do you really think I'm gonna let you go again?"

I raised my brow. "Again? Have we met?"

What is he talking about?

He pursed his lips and trailed his eyes down my body. His eyes stopped at my lips and his gaze lingered on it.

As much as I hate him, I wanted him to continue staring at me that way. The desire swimming in his eyes makes my body tingle in excitement.

"No," he said, taking his gaze off me.

He passed by me and began to walk ahead of me. I quickened my steps to catch up with him. He isn't walking fast but his strides are wide. Stupid long legs.

We walked for a long time without anyone saying anything. He looked as though he was in deep thought. After a few hours of walking, I began to feel tired and sleepy. My legs were giving up little by little.

Gosh, can't hybrids read minds or something? He should know I'm tired by now.

I was so lost in thoughts I didn't notice he had stopped walking. I hit my head on his hard back.

"Why did you stop?" I snapped at him as I rubbed my forehead. He turned to me and his eyes zeroed at my feet. I looked down at them and my eyes widened at the cuts on them.

He turned his back to face me and bent down. "Will you still refuse my help?"

Do I really have a choice? Yes, yes, I do. No matter what, I'm not getting on a vampire's back. I hissed and passed him by.

Just then, I felt my body being lifted from the ground.

"What are you doing?!" I yelped. He put me at his back and I wrapped my legs around his torso subconsciously.


"Don't yell. You should have got on my back when I asked nicely."

I hissed and folded my arms. I refuse to wrap my arms around his neck.

"You will fall if you don't hold onto me tightly. Don't worry, I have no infections, you can touch me."


He suddenly tilted back and I quickly held him to prevent myself from falling. "Are you out of your mind?"

"I am."

I hissed and held him tighter. I almost saw heaven back there.

"I'll make the ride as comfortable as possible so you can rest."

I rested my head on his back and closed my eyes. I'm not gonna sleep. Who knows what he'll do to me in my sleep? I'm just gonna rest my eyes.

Or so I thought.


Darco's Point Of View

"I'm so sorry, My Lord. I shouldn't have let her out of my sight. I deserve to die, My Lord."

I looked down at the weasel bowing at my feet. I sat up my throne and turned to the nitwits that were supposed to be guarding her room.

"How did a female escape the watch of an able-bodied man?"

"S....sire, it was my fault. Sh...she used the-"

"How insolent!" I thundered, causing the ground underneath my feet to tremble. The rats were shaking. They are probably thinking about how their deaths would play out. I got off my throne and climbed down the stairs. I stopped in front of Kona, the one who was supposed to be guarding my toy's room. I bent to his height and pulled his chin up with my finger.

"Find her and bring her to me alive."

"What about the wolf, My Lord?"

Yes, the wolf. Her mate.

"Being him to me too," I said as I stood straight. "But if he resists too much, kill him."

"Understood, sire."

They all stood up and scurried out of the room. Bunch of idiots.

"My Lord," Raga called.


"Simon told me something about the wolf that took her. He said his scent was different."

I paused at his words. "Different?" I turned to him. "How?"

"That, I have no clue, My Lord. He told me he was incredibly strong and fast."

"How strong?"

"S... stronger than an average wolf."

"Really?" I said interestedly. "Looks like I have a job for you Raga."

"Your wish is my command, My Lord." He said as he got on his knee.

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