Mated to the hybrids/C2 Bottom of the food chain
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Mated to the hybrids/C2 Bottom of the food chain
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C2 Bottom of the food chain

She entered the room, hoping the situation won't spiral into trouble on her first day of school. She sighed inwardly ‘way to go Evie’.

“Yes? What can I do for you.” A deep voice interrupted her thoughts, she looked up and her jaw dropped. The principal had his long blond hair tied back, his onyx eyes looked at her sternly as she gaped at him. He was so hot! Realizing where she was she quickly composed herself

"I was sent here by a teacher, sir," she replied, muttering under her breath, "though I have no idea what I did." As he read a file, a slight frown appeared on his face. "Miss Evangeline Clark?" he inquired. "Yeah, that’s me" she responded trying to not to let her eyes stray. The principal seemed too young for his position; she expected someone old, gnarled, and strict.

He stood up suddenly and bowed to her,

"Welcome to River Vale, miss Clark"

She blinked rapidly "No detention, no punishment?" she questioned.

"No, Miss Clark."

Cool she thought.

"Please call me Evie" she smiled shyly at him,

His demeanor shifted, asserting, "Well, Evie, you can get going now"

"Oh right!, Thank you Principal Thane" She replied after seeing his office plague.

Exiting the office, she leaned against the door,

Girl, get yourself together

But he is just so hot!

Yeah, but you were practically drooling over him at least maintain some dignity!

She shut out her wolf's voice and smiled stupidly bringing out the school map.

Someone was supposed to guide her but she had to find her locker first.

She walked down hallway looking at the number on the lockers until she found hers.

Just then the bell rang and the corridor became filled, she doesn't do well with crowds but now at least her student guide could find her.

She fumbled with the key and was about to open the locker when someone collided with her and she fell on her ass.

"What's your problem?" she spat out, standing up to face the culprit. In front of her stood a sandy haired boy with laughing hazel eyes and a smirk. "You were in my way, new girl. Could've just moved," he said nonchalantly, turning to leave. Clenching her fists into a punch, she wanted nothing more than to wipe that smirk, all breathing lessons be damned.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," a tiny voice said and Evie turned to see a short girl with pointed ears and blond pixie hairstyle. She stared haughtily at her with big brown eyes. She looked cute in her green hoodie and short black skirt but the only cute thing Evie wanted was the beaten pile of the cocky boy's body.

"Well, you're not me," She retorted, slamming her locker door in frustration. Counting to ten, she tried to calm down.

"You're the new girl, right? Evangeline?" The girl asked.

"Call me Evie," she said "and you are?"

"Claire, your designated student guide," she responded.

"Thanks for rescuing me from impending doom, Claire" Evie said sarcastically, strolling away from her.

"Don't underestimate them," Claire cautioned, trailing Evie.


"Yes, the 'they' in every high school—the offspring of the elite, running the show," she explained, leading them toward the cafeteria.

Seating themselves at a distant table, Evie observed the groups of supernaturals seated in the room and she could see the evident rank in the arrangement of seats. No two different types of supernaturals were seated together. Expect the ones who were obviously rejected. Like Claire and her but she was a new student so it is explainable.

"You are an elf right?" she asked, putting her plastic bag on the table.

"Is that supposed to be a question?" Claire replied, adding ketchup to her chips.

"Why not join the other elves? You look just like that girl over there," Evie pointed to a giggling group, who was laughing at something the blond haired girl said.

Claire, focused on her food, replied, "Oh, her?She's my half-sister."

"Really? Then why aren't you with them?" Evie questioned, stabbing her fork into her mother's incredibly hard cake.

"Are you always this dumb?" Claire finally looked up.

"I just wanted to know and if you don't want to say it's fine but you don't have to insult me"

"Sorry, it's a sensitive topic. I'm Alexander Petrichor's illegitimate child. Hailey is the official highborn, so she gets all the attention."

"Wait, Petrichor? Like the House of Petrichor?" Evie's eyes widened.

" I just said that" Claire said, unimpressed. "But yes, we're famous. My grandfather, not my dad, dealt with blood witches in the Sanguine War."

A male elf passed, mocking them "Freaks". Claire's hair turned red, and she hastily pulled up her hoodie over her hair.

"Did your hair just turn red?"

"Yeah, it's why I'm labeled a freak. My hair change color with my emotions. No elf can do that," Claire sighed.

" Wow, that's cool" Evie exclaimed

"No, it is not. It's the only thing I can do, and I can't even control it. So here I am stuck in the bottom of the food chain. You seated with me has made you tuck here to so welcome to the bottom of the food chain."

"I love it." Evie squeezing Claire's hands on the table.

Claire gave a slight smile "So which house are you from?"

" Urhmm, Clark?" Evie said, uncomfortable with the change of topic

"Clark? I have never heard of that name" Claire said, a curious look in her eyes. Saved from further questions by the bell, Evie hurriedly stood.

"I think that's my cue to leave, I can find my way now. Thanks for your help" she said, walking off.

"Hey! You don't even know where the next class is"Claire followed her hurriedly putting her last fries in her mouth"

"Fine, no more questions about you and you're going the wrong way."

Evie stopped, facing Claire, who smiled with an outstretched hand. Evie returned, a small smile as they walked to class together.


"Why is she even here? It's clear she doesn't belong. We're all highborn, even Claire is highborn though she is a bastard, but look at her – she's giving me the creeps, and her fashion sense is downright disgusting," Lola ranted, her eyes trailing the two duo out of the cafeteria.Winter tried to tune her out, annoyed that her father's council position d her from such petty noise.

"Just shut your hole Lola, you just keep blabbering on," Brittany interjected, bored.

Lola, undeterred, turned to Winter with a sweet smile, "It's your initiation ceremony today. What's the color code? I suggest we all wear dark red as a group. It'll be fantastic when we arrive together..." Winter glanced at her steely and authoritative, the gaze cutting through the air like a command, showing her dominance and leaving Lola stuttering in fear. Winter stood up from the table, her aura lashing out, Brittany followed her but not before she gave Lola the stink eye.

"She's always so stuck up. I was just suggesting, and her pet looks at me like I did something wrong," Lola muttered

"That's enough Lola" she was silenced by a deep voice. The imposing figure with red hair and green eyes commanded respect, silencing the vampire immediately.

Winter wished she could just skip school but she couldn't risk her dad getting angry.

"Hey, Win" A hand tapped her and she turned her eyes turning red ready to attack

"It's me" Brittany said, narrowly missing the swipe at her face."We all know Lola, she is nothing but a bird brain" she continued falling in step beside Winter. They walked down a set of stairs spiraling into a large room used for combat training. Winter could taste the blood lust of the different clans ready to show their powress on her tongue and it called to her. This was always her best class. As she stepped into the wide arena ready to spill some blood, the instructor stepped in her way

"No Princess, You are going that way" he said pointing to a chair nearby,

She looked at him and knew who had instructed him to do this. She swiveled to look at Zayn, who was looking anywhere but her.

Angry, she wanted to confront him but his father looked at her the scar on his face making his face menacing and so she sat down because she knew better than to go against a dragon.

A raven haired girl took a seat near her, exempted from the fight because she was new.

Looking at her closely, Winter thought there was something oddly familiar about her, but before she could place where she had seen the face, the girl stood up so suddenly moving so fast that she almost have sworn she was a vampire. The smell of blood made all the vampires in the room excited and then she saw Caiden, the annoyingly cocky werewolf holding his bleeding nose.

And Winter laughed for the first time in a long time.

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