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C1 I'm in Trouble!

How does it feel to see a picture of a man you love hugging another woman?

I felt like strangling myself, or the pain would torture me to death sooner or later.

Thinking back to last month when I was still intimately holding onto Jiang Mingyi's arm while I was walking around, I looked up and asked him when he was going to marry me, and Jiang Mingzhu purposely made me angry, saying that unless I gave birth to a football team for him, he would not be allowed to do anything, and I really did hit him quite a few times, making Jiang Mingyi cry out in pain, begging me to let him go, but who would have known that it was another woman who gave birth to him right now.

Now it was my turn to beg for mercy, to beg for Jiang Mingming to let me go, not to appear in my mind all the time, to breathe, even to have a sudden hallucination that he was standing right behind me, tapping my left shoulder with his finger as he always did, and when I looked behind me, he stuck his head out from the right side and kissed my right cheek.

I wish I'd never met him before. I wish I hadn't cut his car a year ago so I wouldn't meet him and get involved in this complicated relationship.

A year ago, I hated Jiang Mingming so much that I didn't want to see him, but then I had to see him every day.

I've scratched his car and sprayed a lot of paint on it. I thought this was Guo Lu's car, but I was wrong. Not only was this car not Guo Lu's car, it was also several times more expensive than Guo Lu's car!

The whole situation went like this. That morning, Chen Xi and I ran into the elevator while talking to each other, and I accidentally stepped on Guo Lu's foot. I quickly apologized to Guo Lu, who probably also rushed to class, rolled her eyes at me and then ignored me.

I thought this matter was over, but after class, Guo Lu actually threw my dirty shoes on my table, saying that I stepped on one of her shoes and wanted to compensate her with a new pair of shoes. I definitely didn't agree to such an outrageous request. Thus, Guo Lu threw the pair of shoes at my face. The heels directly smashed a bloody hole into my forehead.

Guo Lu's dad started a real estate development company, and one in three people in our department will go to work at her dad's company. No one would be stupid enough to provoke the future boss's daughter on the eve of graduation.

But I couldn't swallow my anger, so I decided to secretly row Guo Lu's new car.

Chen Xixi and I followed Guo Lu to the entrance of a shopping mall. I guessed that Guo Lu had already walked into the shopping mall from the underground parking lot, so we walked into the parking lot.

At first, Chenxi said it was the first one on the left, but then I thought it was the middle one on the right. Guo Lu's new car was still not licensed yet, so it should be easy to identify them. However, there were three or four unlicensed new cars in the parking lot, and they were all two-door black ones.

"Lemon, I think it's the one on the left. Look, there's also a flirty red headset in the car. It's Guo Lu's style." I nodded. I think Chen's analysis is quite reasonable.

So I took out my keys and drew a circle around the car, then sprayed the window with Guo Lu, who had just gone to Korea for a nose augmentation surgery. Just as I was about to spray out the trunk, a man ran over.

"What are you two doing?"

Chen Xi Xi ran faster than me, I was captured alive by this man.

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