Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C13 What Could They Do?
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Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C13 What Could They Do?
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C13 What Could They Do?

Unfortunately, her plane was about to take off. Otherwise, I would have felt that Jiang Mingxin wanted to stand here and chat with her for the whole day.

"Uncle, I know who she is." I rubbed my arm that had just been pushed away by Jiang Mingqing, unhappiness written all over my face.

Jiang Qingming wasn't happy either. He felt that Mai Xin was definitely suspicious of my relationship with him.

"Don't be so long-winded. Take the subway back to school. I still have to leave in advance."

I spat at Jiang Mingqing's back.

Isn't that the woman on your computer that night? Real people are much uglier than pictures.

Tianzheng asked us to come early for an internship. Although it was an internship, I treated it as an official job.

On her first day at the office, Chen was wearing a tight sleeveless black dress over a small suit.

I quietly pulled Chen Xi to one side. "Haven't you seen Legend of Zhen Xuan? This is the first time I see the boss keeping a low profile. Otherwise, he would be like Xia Dong Chun, dying before even seeing the emperor."

"My mom forced me to wear it. She said that her friend's cousin worked as a janitor at Shen's house and told her that Shen Guan is still single." Chen Xi Xi Xi put on an appearance of being wronged, but I was teased by her to the point that I burst out laughing.

"Your mom is still straightforward. If you want to be someone's wife, then you have to be someone else."

Chen felt that what I said made sense, but I was already dressed, so he had to force himself to walk into the office.

I felt extremely awkward, but Chen Xixi didn't agree with it. It made the men beside me even more excited. A few of them simply raised their heads from their computers and stared at Chen Xixi without blinking.

Zhao Guoqian, our project leader, had to pretend to cough a few times, reminding everyone not to get distracted and to concentrate on the work at hand.

Zhao Guoqian was somewhat annoyed. Party A had always been trying to draw the map, so they couldn't wait to use it for an hour. Who knew that when Chen Xi came in, he would attract the attention of those who worked on it?

I didn't dare look up at Zhao Guoqian. Chen Xi was also a bit shocked. After all, we are still interns. If we don't perform well, we won't be able to sign the contract for three months.

"Why don't you two wear your badges, who's Su Zi Meng? Who is Chen Xixi? I can't tell. " Zhao Guoqian led us to his desk and took the opportunity to glance at Chen Xixi.

"Zhao Gong, I'm Chen Xi, and she's Su Zi Meng." Chen Xi spoke first and looked at Zhao Guoqian with a smile. Zhao Guoqian nodded and smiled meaningfully at me, "You're Su Purple Meng. Amazing. The current university students are not like the past."

Chen Xixi and I were so baffled that I later figured out he was hinting at being called to the office by Shen on the day of my interview.

This was a terrible start.

It was said that Party A was very abnormal and had to report to him on the progress of the design every day. Moreover, there were many requirements, and every time the map was sent over, there would be no less than 20 modifications, almost catching up to the repainting process.

Zhao Guoqian assigned a master to each of us, saying that we would learn from him first. In fact, it was just a handyman next to him, copying and sending e-mails, and even going to pour water and buy coffee for him. I even helped my master pack up his lunch.

Chen Xixi and I had been looking forward to finding a place to have a good dinner after we got off work, but Zhao Guoqian called us back.

"Su Zi Meng, Chen Xi, don't go. I'm going to eat with my clients tonight."

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