Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C15 You Are One of the People of Shen
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Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C15 You Are One of the People of Shen
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C15 You Are One of the People of Shen

Chief Jia's face had already turned into a monkey butt as he stared at me and Chen Xi Xi. Chen Xi Xi and I felt that something was wrong.

"Xi Xi, I finally know why Zhao Gong sent us here." I whispered to Chen Xi Xi Xi, but Chen Xi still looked at me blankly.


"Didn't you see CEO Jia's expression? Isn't this what Zhao Gong wants? Isn't this called a beauty trap?"

"Ah, then what if I am Xi Shi? "Haha …" Chen Xi was still laughing happily. I immediately broke out in a cold sweat. I was still thinking about how I could slip away later.

Shen Guan seemed to read my thoughts, and when they looked at each other a few times with a smile that I could not decipher the meaning behind, I had to lean my head towards the window — to be honest, the scenery here was really good, lights were flashing under my eyes, the entire city was visible, the rich people were able to enjoy it more than us.

"Miss Su, I heard you know how to dance. Do you want to dance with me for a while?" Director Jia leaned over and spat on my face when he said that.

"Ah …" "Ah … I'm not very good at dancing, Director Jia, you might have remembered wrongly."

"Your Chief Shen personally told me this. How could it be wrong?" Chief Jia looked meaningfully at Shen Wang, who quickly came back to his senses. He could only continue, and ask me to accompany Chief Jia for a dance.

I had to force myself to dance, and he pulled me into his arms.

I suddenly came to a realization and used the heel of my high heels to stamp on Boss Jia's foot. This caused Boss Jia to suffer greatly and immediately released me. I pretended to be concerned about him and apologized profusely.

"Sorry, CEO Jia, I really don't know how to dance, just look, I stepped on you until you got injured."

"It's nothing, it's nothing. This kind of injury is nothing." When Director Jia saw my pitiful appearance, his heart started to itch again. He pulled me by the hand and sat on the sofa.

I tried to pull my hand away, but Director Jia was dead. I didn't have the strength to fight him, so I just sat beside him.

Chen Xi was not much better off. Seeing that he couldn't dodge, he could only laugh and drink with the man. The man saw that a little girl dared to drink with him, so he agreed and the two of them started punching each other.

I was really impressed with Chen Xixi, but luckily she had good alcohol tolerance, I had never seen her drunk before.

The waiter brought me a new bottle of red wine, and I suddenly thought of a good idea.

"Director Jia, let me toast you." I raised a full glass of wine. Seeing that I took the initiative to raise my glass, but he wanted me to share a drink with him, I didn't dare to reject and could only follow him.

I raised the wine cup to my mouth and tilted it, pouring the entire cup onto CEO Jia's body …

This time Chief Jia was angered by me and he looked like he was about to explode. Shen Wang quickly walked over and said that I might have drank too much.

I immediately covered my head, pretending to be very uncomfortable.

Director Jia laughed coldly, "Looks like Chief Shen is really concerned about this Miss Su."

"There's no need for that. Zi Meng may not be in good shape tonight, but I'll definitely bring her here to drink with CEO Jia the next time she gets better."

Director Jia smiled and held my hands down, "Since you're Chief Shen's man, I definitely won't touch you. But in the future, Chief Shen will bring people to clarify which ones are not allowed to move, and which ones are not."

After CEO Jia said this, he glanced at the lively Chen Xi.

I gave Chen a quick look and told her to come with me, but Chen didn't see my hint and even took off her coat when she was having a good time.

Shen Wang moved closer to me and whispered, "Ignore her. You can leave first."

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