Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C16 I'm Really in Love with Shen Wang
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Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C16 I'm Really in Love with Shen Wang
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C16 I'm Really in Love with Shen Wang

The next day I found out that Chen had not come to work.

Last night when I got home, I sent a text message to Chen Xi. It was midnight before Chen Xi returned, saying that they had changed places, and now they are going to a night play. She even blames me for leaving so early, but no one came with her at HIGH.

Then I texted her but didn't answer her call. This morning, as soon as I got to work, I couldn't help calling Mrs. Chenxi, who was busy, squeaking at me and hanging up.

I was so anxious that I was about to cry. All kinds of regrets I didn't take Chen Xixi with me last night. Unexpectedly, Chen Xixi suddenly appeared in the company.

She was still holding a brand-new bag, and I glanced at LOGO. Mother, is this the real Chanel?

"Xi Xi, you weren't taken advantage of by that person last night, were you?"

"Bullsh * t, his mouth was just a flowery one, he didn't dare to be serious. Later on, I came close to him and danced with him. After dancing for a few minutes, he stopped."

"Then how did you get this bag?"

"He gave it to us. We played until 3 in the morning and he had his men take me home. When he got off the car, he took out this bag from the trunk, saying that it was given to me by Boss Jia." Chen Xi Xi Xi Xi laughed so much that his eyes narrowed into slits, as if he had picked up a big bargain.

I told Chen to hurry up and pack the bag. I was already late, and I even took out such an expensive bag to shake around. Chen, however, gave me a blank look, saying that this was what she had earned from her labor last night, and that there was nothing to be afraid of.

"Oh yeah, Shen Wang went straight home last night? Where did you two not go and sit? "

"I went back by myself. He's still accompanying CEO Jia, how could he send me back?"

"That's more like it. I'm really infatuated with Shen Wang. I must get him." Chen Xi Xi Xi had a serious face and even made a pose of a superwoman. I was teased by her to the point that I started laughing out loud. Zhao Guoqian stuck out his head and glanced at us, and we immediately shut our mouths.

But Zhao Gong called me over.

"Xiaosu, I heard from ALEX that you were not feeling well last night?"

ALEX went to dinner with us last night, and then drove me back to my dorm. The two of us didn't say a word that night, and I didn't expect him to take the initiative to tell Zhao Guoqian about what happened last night.

"Oh, my stomach isn't so good."

"You really shouldn't drink because your stomach isn't good. It seems like Chief Shen really cares about you." Zhao Guoqian said something along the same lines. I had no idea what he wanted to say, so I simply ignored his words, lowering my head and remaining silent.

Seeing that I had stopped talking, Zhao Gong had no choice but to give up questioning me about what happened last night and asked me to send a piece of paper to Shen Dong's office.

Just as he reached Shen Wang's office, he heard a woman shouting.

"Did you know that you offended Director Jia last night? He sent me a text message saying that the girl Shen Wang brought was not allowed to be touched, so why did he not let you bring her over?"

"It wasn't me who brought it, but Zhao Quan. I originally planned to let Zhao Guoqian go with me, but who knew that he wouldn't go. Instead, he sent two little girls to accompany me in drinks."

"Have you fallen for one of the girls? I've never seen you take care of another girl in the winery. I was drunk to the point of vomiting, why didn't you protect me?"

"Can you please not bring personal feelings to work, and didn't we make that clear last month? I really don't want you to keep pestering me about this. "

Vast heart? How familiar was the name? I suddenly remembered the last time I saw her at the airport. Was it the same person?

The door suddenly opened, and an angry face appeared in front of me.

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