Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C18 The Remote Control Is Missing?
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Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C18 The Remote Control Is Missing?
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C18 The Remote Control Is Missing?

"I put all the remote control in the bamboo box under the tea table. I don't know if there's the remote control for the toilet you're looking for." There were a few on the tea table, a few on the sofa, and a few on the bedside table. I was afraid that Jiang Ming would not be able to find them, so I put the remote together, but Jiang Ming thought that I was being excessive.

"Who asked you to receive one? I just ran out with my pants up. " Jiang's toilet belt automatically cleans up, so he didn't even have a paper towel next to the toilet. As a result, he found that the remote control was missing.

I thought it was a remote control for an electrical device in the room, so I put it in the box.

However, when I thought about the scene of Jiang Mingqing carrying her pants and asking me for the remote control, I felt that it was too funny and couldn't help but tease him, "Uncle, did you shit your pants just now?"

"Are you sick? I'm warning you, these few days, the hygiene in the house has been terrible. The coffee machine has some dust on it, so clean it up properly for me this weekend. "

Jiang Mingming didn't reply to my WeChat. At this moment, I guessed that he had gone to take a bath.

Then Jiang Mingming would pick out a white shirt from the closet and match it with a pair of black slacks. Today, Friday, he would have lunch with his assistant at noon on every Friday to discuss the next week's work schedule.

I know all about Jiang's life now. I know about his eating habits, his style of dressing, and even his microblog account code — he was too lazy to sign in when I signed in with his house number one time.

Even after a few years of friendship between a man and a woman, I am still more familiar with him. Does Jiang Qing think that I am someone who is especially trustworthy? Or does he have feelings for me and decided to tell me so many private matters.

"Stop dreaming, Su Purple Meng, Jiang Mingxin likes Lu Manxin, how could he like you?" I slapped myself in the face to stop myself from indulging in hopeless fantasies.

Chen Xi Xi saw me in a daze, so he threw a pillow over.

"Hey, why are you staring at Jiang Mingqing's Weibo profile pic? You can't have really fallen for him, right?"

"How could that be? I hate him and hate him from the bottom of my heart." I repeated "hate him" three times, but she shook her head. She thought I was hiding my true feelings.

"Love is what you hate deep down, you don't even know this logic." "Follow your heart. I like reading. I never hide it."

As soon as I heard that, I covered her mouth and told her that I had just run into Lu Manxin at the door of Shen Wang's office.

"Oh, so the marketing department's Lu Chao is Shen Wang's ex-girlfriend. Why did they break up?" Chen seemed interested in Shen's past.

"How would I know? I only found out about it today, but don't ask about it anymore. Lu Man's heart looks so fierce, and his heart is so small. Shen Wang sent me home, and she roared like a lioness. I don't know what Jiang Ming likes about her."

"Tsk tsk, you still said you don't like Jiang Mingqing, but you've already drank half a bottle of vinegar."

I was blushing half from Chen Xi's words. Could it be that I really like Uncle Jiang?

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