Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C19 I Was Seconded to the Love Rival Department
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Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C19 I Was Seconded to the Love Rival Department
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C19 I Was Seconded to the Love Rival Department

Zhao Gong suddenly informed me that I had been temporarily seconded to the marketing department.

"Boss, why?" I'm not familiar with that part of the market, and I graduated from architecture, so when I submitted my resume, I also invested in the design department. " I feel that this secondment is a bit of a mystery, yesterday Zhao Gong said the design department is busy, today actually borrowed me to the marketing department.

"Everything will be decided by the organization. Don't you understand that?" Zhao Gong handed over the marketing department's work plate to me, "Boss Lu, if you were to go over and help, do you think someone at my level would be able to refuse? Besides, you're not the pillar of the design department, and I want you to work without it. "

It was actually Lu Manxin who wanted me to go over. I suddenly felt that something was wrong. Lu Manxin couldn't be planning on taking care of me after she sent me over, right?

But I really can't refuse this transfer. It's just as Zhao Gong said, I'm an intern who just joined the company. Even if the boss arranged for me to clean the toilet, I would still go.

Lu Manxin's office was decorated just like a coffee shop. When I entered, Lu Manxin even got up to pour me a cup of coffee. She had a coffee machine installed in her office, which was exactly the same as Jiang Mingxin's.

But maybe Jiang Mingming had learned from her. Didn't she say that loving a house doesn't work?

"Zi Meng, you are here for the benefit of the company. You know that S Real Estate Company is now the biggest company in Tianzheng Company, and they have assigned all the projects for us to do, but the investment for Phase 2 is even bigger. If our Market Department can successfully take it, then for Tianzheng Company, it would be like a flight." Lu Manxin was sitting across from me, smiling. He didn't look as painful as when he hit my shoulder.

Jiang Qing was infatuated with such a gentle and generous appearance.

"But I don't know much about markets." Wasn't S Company the same as President Jia's company? Could it be that Lu Manxin intends to hand me over to CEO Jia?

"No problem, everyone starts with a new person, I'll teach you." Lu Manxin took out a bag of clothes from the cabinet behind his back, "I bought a dress yesterday, but when I got home, I realized that I'm not really suitable for this style. Put it on later and let me clear my vision, Boss Jia."

"You still need to change your clothes." I glanced at the bag of LOGO, and guessed that this dress could not be bought back without a thousand dollars.

"Yeah, don't you know that the women in the marketing department have LVs for each of them? If you don't put yourself at a higher level, how could the customer be willing to deliver a higher level project to you? "

I suddenly felt that the dress Lu Manxin had given me was not a thousand pieces, but a million pieces.

But when I opened the bag, I was startled by the dress. First, it had a large V-neck, and I could almost feel the navel, and then it had a side fork that went all the way to the base of my thigh.

"CEO Lu, this skirt can't be worn out of the street." I looked troubled, but Lu Manchu smiled coldly and gave me another coat from the closet.

"Put this outside and you can go on the streets."

I was still unable to accept such a sexy outfit, but Lu Manxin urged me to quickly change into it. Her originally gentle face changed to a sharp expression as she harshly berated me.

"I have an appointment with Director Jia at 3 PM. If you are late, can you bear the responsibility?"

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