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C4 Interview

This price didn't seem too bad, it was a deal!


I told Chen that I had the money to buy a suit for the interview.

"Where did you get the money?"

"It was given to me by Jiang Mingqing."

"Ah!" He forced you? " Chen Xixi was surprised. She thought Jiang Mingming had given me a compensation fee.

"Forget it, I was worried that he would have a bad waist, otherwise I would have to accompany him to the orthopedic hospital for treatment." I pouted and made a contemptuous face. "I'm pretending to be his girlfriend to deal with that crazy mother of his who misses her grandson."

"Oh …" But let me tell you, these kinds of fakes can easily come true, and that's what all those Korean portraits are about. "

I was frightened by Chen Xi, and suddenly felt a chill on my back. But since I had already taken the money, could it be that I will return the money to Jiang Mingqing?

"Aiya, why would Uncle Jiang like a woman like me? Did you not see how picky he is? Every time he sees me, he would criticize my taste in clothes. I don't want to interact with these old men." As I told Chen Xixi, I consoled myself. Chen Xixi nodded. She had never had as many ideas as me.

Initially, Chen Xixi was going to invest in a real estate development company, so I suggested that she come with me to try out the construction design company. After all, she had to train for a few years in the B market, hone her design skills for a few years, and then enjoy her leisure time while waiting for her old age. Only then would she be able to walk the path of a female architect with no ideals and no goals.

Of course, if you have some ideals, you can open your own architectural studio, but I haven't thought about it that far yet.

It is said that the welfare of the company is very good. Every year, the company is chosen by the most famous cities in Europe, but the competition is also very fierce. Last year, the acceptance rate seemed to be 10 to 1, and the boss was fond of recruiting boys.

The interview was held at the Tian Zheng Company's headquarters, in the tallest office building in Guangzhou. The moment Chen Xixi and I stepped into the building, we were immediately shocked by the temperature inside.

This is simply the beginning of winter. In the entire company, aside from us, the graduates who are waiting to be interviewed, even the aunts who do hygiene are wearing long sleeves and a coat.

By the time I called my name, I was half full of my nose.

"Su Zi Meng, do you have a boyfriend?" After asking a few professional questions, the HR manager started asking about my personal matters. I firmly shook my head. Based on my online experience, the HR manager should be probing when you'd like to take your wedding leave.

"You're so pretty and yet you don't have a boyfriend. I don't believe you're lying." The HR manager crossed his arms over his chest.

"I really don't have a boyfriend, why would I lie to you? Besides, is it related to this interview that I have a boyfriend?" This interviewer is really too weird.

Seeing that I was angry, the HR manager smiled and I was asked to leave.

I sighed, guessing the interview was over.

Chen Xixi was luckier than I was. She was accepted on the spot, and I was among those who were waiting for news.

I dejectedly walked into the washroom. It seemed that this place really didn't suit me. It was both cold and unfeeling.

"Su Zi Meng, why are you hanging your head so low? I don't want to see a company that doesn't know talent." I comforted myself in the mirror, but just as I finished mumbling, I saw a man in the mirror!

It really was a man. Why would he appear here?

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