Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C7 Uncle Changed His Words to Raise the Price
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Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C7 Uncle Changed His Words to Raise the Price
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C7 Uncle Changed His Words to Raise the Price

"Eldest Miss, an hour ago you said that you had set off, but now you have just arrived. Are you getting excited about your salary so that you can take a half a day trip to Guangzhou with a taxi?"

"The traffic jam is not something I can decide." I curled my lips, looking very wronged.

Just as we were about to enter the restaurant, Jiang Ming suddenly stopped me.

"Su Zi Meng, what route are you following today? "And your pants, why do they look like men's trousers, and there's a tag on the back. Did you just steal them from a clothing store?"

"This is the latest fashion model, what do you know about it?" I quickly stuffed the tag back in and pretended that nothing had happened. Jiang Mingqing kept shaking her head, saying that she really couldn't understand the thoughts of us little girls.

Mother Jiang had already been waiting inside for a long time, and the dishes on the table were already filled up. I quickly apologized to her, but she didn't seem to mind at all, even helping me open the soup cup so that I could drink it while it was still hot.

"Guang Ming, you should drink the soup as well." Jiang Ma moved the other bowl of soup closer to Jiang Mingqing, "Your soup today is Du Zhong's Pig Waist Soup."

Jiang Mingqing spat out the soup. As I was secretly rejoicing, her mother told me quietly, "Meng Meng, your soup was reserved specifically for you. I just brought it out today. It's very fresh."

"What is this?" I took a few sips, but the taste was strange.


"Wah!" I vomited. There was actually such a disgusting thing in my bowl.

Jiang Mingliang lowered his head, laughing so hard that his entire shoulder was twitching.

When Mother Jiang saw that I had vomited, her expression immediately turned ugly. "Aiya, Meng Meng, I finally managed to get this for you. This is very good for a woman's womb, it looks so thin, but what if your uterus is also very thin? Can you bear a healthy child in the future?"

I sullenly looked at Jiang Mingming. Jiang Mingming only wanted me to play his girlfriend, but didn't tell me to eat the placenta. This is too embarrassing.

Fortunately, Jiang Mingliang still knew that he had to save me, so he immediately found a topic to talk about the 'placenta' issue.

Who knew that this f * cking topic would be brought up to them again …

"Ming Yue, I want to go to Mount Nan for a few days to play. How about you take a few days off from work to accompany me there?"

Jiang Ming didn't know what his mother was planning, so he agreed without even raising his head.

Mother Jiang raised her eyebrows and then kindly pulled my hand, "Meng Meng, you can come with us."

"Ah!" Me too?

"Mom, Zi Meng is currently writing her graduation thesis and is extremely busy. I really don't have time to go over." Jiang Ming quickly stopped her. He was still thinking of sending his mother away in a few days, so he sent her a text message saying that he had broken up with me. In the end, he still wanted to take me to live in Nanqun Mountain for a few days.

"You can write in a hotel. Besides, aren't you a master's in architecture?" It's decided. You can't be trying to make your mother unhappy, right? " His mother glared at him, and he let out a long sigh. Ever since he was young, he knew that as long as his mother made a decision, he would not be able to resist at all.

The corner of my mouth twitched, and Jiang Mingming thought I was going to comment. He took my hand under the table and whispered, "Four hundred days, OK?"


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