Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C8 It will be Just for One Night
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Mature Man's Favorite Sweetheart/C8 It will be Just for One Night
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C8 It will be Just for One Night

In the car, I knew that Nankun Mountain was not in Guangzhou at all, but in Huizhou, 120 kilometers from Guangzhou.

It was raining, and there was a traffic jam on the highway. We left at three in the afternoon and arrived at the hotel at eight in the evening.

"Uncle, aren't you hungry?"

"It's alright. Those of us in the business have long gotten used to having dinner together with supper, so we have to have some afternoon snacks. Otherwise, we'll be as hungry as refugees at night." Jiang Mingming opened the trunk and helped me take out my luggage, inadvertently allowing me to see the firm muscles in his abdomen.

I cried out. Jiang Qing looked at me in confusion. He thought I had discovered something strange.

"Uncle, you actually have a vest on you."

"Of course there is. Do you want to touch it yourself tonight?" I immediately shook my head and stepped back. I had never thought that I would have any intimate contact with Jiang Mingyang tonight.

I guessed that Jiang-ma would arrange for me to sleep with her, but it was also possible that she would give me a separate room. If that was the best, I could also enjoy a bath by myself.

I secretly prayed, but the front desk only gave me two room cards, so I could only quietly sigh. Sigh, looks like I'll have to sleep together with Jiang Qing's Lili tonight.

"Meng Meng, your room is at 301. This one is mine." When Jiang-ma saw me hanging my head and following behind her, she immediately pushed me out the door.

"What?!" I'm not sleeping with you tonight? " I was shocked by what my mother had said. Am I going to share a room with her tonight?

"Why did you sleep with me?" Mother Jiang looked at me with a puzzled expression, as if I had said something extremely illogical. "Meng Meng, don't tell me that you shouldn't be sleeping on the same bed as Ming Yue?"

Noticing the confusion on his mother's face, Jiang Mingming immediately ran in front of me, "Mom, I've made a mistake, she's sleeping with me tonight, it's getting late. Hurry up and wash your face and soak in the bath, I'll get the restaurant to deliver dinner to your room later."

Her mother wanted to say something, but Jiang Mingming had already closed the door for her.

"Jiang Mingqing, you liar!"

"Don't scold me yet, I'll help you get to the front desk before getting a room."

After hearing what Jiang Qing said, I finally felt relieved. I happily followed her to the reception desk. It looks like I'll be able to enjoy bathing in the large bathtub by myself again tonight.

Who knew that the room would be full today!

"You don't have a village in front of you, yet you still have rooms full of people! I don't believe that you guys still have more rooms! " I was frantic. I grabbed the arm of the reception desk and shook it. The reception desk was originally a girl who was even skinnier than me.

"Alright, stop pulling her. At worst, you'll just sleep on the bed and I'll sleep on the sofa."

"You all … That room... There are no sofas, only hammocks. " The front desk trembled as I said those words. My eyes were tightly shut, afraid that I would use force against her.

I suddenly covered my head with my hands and screamed.

I don't think he wants to sleep in the same room with me either. But in the face of such a situation, not to mention the fact that there isn't even a shop in the inn, the two of us can only pass by.

"Jiang Mingqing, I'm warning you, you're not allowed to peek, and you're not allowed to use any excuse to barge in with things, or else I'll have to use a knife." I waved a fruit knife in front of Jiang Mingliang, who rolled his eyes at me.

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