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C9 With Mice

He turned on his computer and prepared to review a design, not caring what I was doing.

The hotel was built halfway up the mountain. The bathroom was facing the woods, and the scenery was quite beautiful. Although Guangzhou came early in the summer, but a cool breeze blew over, I still felt a little cold, plus the hot water on the mountain did not last for a while, which caused me to sneeze a few times. Jiang Mingming was outside, but he actually asked me if I was bathing in the bathroom with pepper.

I didn't want to reply to him, because every time I bickered with him, the loser would always be me. Say, Jiang Mingqing, as an elegant uncle, can't he say something pleasing to the ears?

Every time he opened his mouth, he would scold me while wiping the corners of his mouth. I couldn't win against him, so I could only get angry on my own.

I was about to dry it when I noticed a dark shape on the surface of the bath, and when I looked again, it was a big rat!

"Jiang Mingqing, there's a big rat here!" I screamed and pressed myself against the wall, worried that the rat would jump on me.

"Take a towel and drive it away yourself!" Jiang answered me at the door, but I waved the towel at the mouse several times. It didn't budge at all, just squatted there and watched me.

"It's useless. Look at it, it doesn't move at all. It has been here the entire time. I … I'm so scared. "

"Then take something and smash it open."

I looked around. The closest one was a wooden comb, so I slowly held it in my hand and aimed it at the mouse. I threw it at it – the comb missed its target, but the mouse jumped to the ground in fright. I guessed that it wanted to find a place to go out, but after searching for a long time, it couldn't get out, so it had to quickly walk up and down the toilet wall.

My heart is in my throat. I feel like it will be close to me soon. If it's in a bad mood, would it rush over to bite me? Then will I get plague? I didn't dare to think about it anymore, so I shouted for Jiang Mingqing to come and save me.

"You... Come on in and get it. I'm going to have a heart attack. "

"Didn't you say that if I dared to enter you would castrate me with a knife? I don't want to be the first architect eunuch in China. " Jiang Qing teased me in a weird tone, "Little mouse, you might have to grasp the opportunity. This is much more delicious than those rice dregs."

The rat seemed to understand what Jiang Mingming was saying, and turned its head to stare at my toes.

"Brother Clarity, good brother, I was wrong, I'm fine. Come in, hurry and take it away. I'm really scared of mice. I'm really in the wrong. I apologize to you, wuu …

Hearing that I was really crying, Jiang Mingming finally opened the door. Unexpectedly, the moment he opened the door, the mouse immediately scuttled over. I was so shocked that I immediately hugged Jiang Mingzhu tightly, hugging her completely naked to my body.

At this moment, Jiang Qing was completely stunned.

After the two of them froze for a few minutes, Jiang Mingming spoke first.

"Um, um, it's fine, the mouse is gone …"

"Are you sure?" I still didn't dare open my eyes. I was afraid that if I did, I would see the dark mass again.

"It really left. I just saw it jump off the balcony."

I slowly opened my eyes. The mouse had indeed disappeared. Only then did I exhale a long breath and relax my entire back …

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